Pigeon Bids AT Breeding Loft

13 Dec 14:00 -
23 Dec 14:00

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We should mention them in one breath, namely AT Breeding Loft (Thierry Aerts) and Hadrien Marsille. 
Together they found the perfect combination concerning breeding and racing. Thierry is the man behind the impressive breeding loft and on the lofts of Hadrien the birds are succesfully raced. 
Highlights of this loft in 2022 are:

1st National champion KBDB 1/2 Fond old + yearbirds 2022
1st National champion KBDB Youth '19-'20-'21-'22
10th National ace KBDB yearbirds 1/2 Fond '22

Exclusive for Pigeon Bids they offer 6 birds. Hereby 3 original PEC birds (direct children "Prince Porsche", a full brother to "Porsche 911") and 2 children of "Porsche RS" (father to 3rd, 14th, 78th national winners and 10th Nat. ace KBDB - grandfather to 1st Nat. Souillac)