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Published on: 06/11/2018 22:32

Everybody knows the Tornados of the Van Eynde - Goovaerts colony. Marc's brother Rudy also lives in Putte and is equally obsessed with pigeon sport. Today, the continuity is ensured with son Andy. As it happens, Marc's "Gouden Tornado couple" put in a good showing the last few years, the heavy middle distance being their favorite territory. In 2018 they did it again. But Rudy's colony is every bit as good.

Here is a list of the last few years

1 Prov Vierzon 1,889 yearlings 2017
1 Nat (z) Chateauroux 1,247 old with “Super 54” Mother “Blue Tornado”
2 Nat (z) Bourges 4,254 old 2018 with “Blue Tornado”
3 Nat Chateauroux 5,884 yearlings 2014
3 Nat (z) La Souterraine 960 old with “Super 54” Mother “Blue Tornado”
5 Nat Bourges 9,256 old with “Super 54” Mother “Blue Tornado”
7 Nat Chateauroux 17,281 youngsters 2018 with son “Broer Blue Tornado”
8 Prov Argenton 1,722 yearlings 2018
9 Nat (z) Bourges 3,991 yearlings 2018
10 Nat Chateauroux 14,955 yearlings 2017 with “Chateauroux Boy”
19 Nat (z) Chateauroux 6,297 yearlings 2017 with “Romina”
19 Prov Blois 2.661 yearlings 2017 with “Chateauroux Boy”
21 Nat Argenton 16,496 youngsters 2018
25 Nat Chateauroux 12,855 youngsters 2018

A booming top colony that can present such good papers in a few years time is the unique opportunity to purchase from the best pigeons.

Especially for you, Rudy is putting 7 top pigeons up for sale including 6 proven performance pigeons and a proven top breeder! The best you can find ...

6166902/2016 "Blue Tornado" cock

Was top notch of this colony in 2018 with 2 x TOP 7 national (z), and the mother of the best racing hen of the last few years and is proving it now in the breeding loft as well.

1 Bourges ’18 255d 466km
2 NAT (z) 4.254d
3 Prov Chateauroux ’18 2.373d 514km
7 NAT 18.799d

Father "B 12-6024703" Son Tornado Tim
Grandson "Tornado Gouden Koppel" Van Eynde Goovaerts

Moeder “B 13-6094054” Super 54
1 NAT (z) Chateauroux 1.247d
3 NAT 5.884d
3 NAT (z) La Souterraine 960d
5 NAT Bourges 9.256d
77 NAT Bourges 10.141d
Ras “231/86” J & J Engels

These pigeons can definitely fly to the National top, but would they also be good breeders? A brother of "Blue Tornado" produced youngsters in the winter of 2017-2018 and this would test their value. On the Chateauroux after Bourges, they hit bull's eye: their 1st youngster was a child of "Broer Blue Tornado" and won 7th Nat Chateauroux 17,281 youngsters.

Who will be the owner of this young golden breeder for the coming years ...?

6167435/2017 “Broer Blue Tornado” Cock

Father of “6123147/2018”
2 NAT (z) Chateauroux 4.523p 515km
7 NAT 17.281p

The other blood line we would like to introduce, is the one by K Van Den Eynde x Raymond Davis. This match produced several top pigeons that are present in this sale.

We will start with "Chateauroux Boy", in 2017 10th National Chateauroux against 14,955 pigeons and always ready to go for 200-500 km!

6166964/2016 "Chateauroux Boy" Cock

2 Soissons ’18 302p 198km
10 NAT Chateauroux ’17 14.955p 514km
10 Soissons ’18 526p 198km
19 PROV Blois ’17 2.661p 451km
20 Chevrainvilliers ’17 919p 342km
62 Chevrainvilliers ’17 3.466p 342km
90 PROV Vierzon ’17 1.889p 464km
110 NAT (z) Bourges ’18 4.254p 466km

His nest sister is 6166963/2016 "Romina" Hen

9 Chateauroux ’17 500p 514km
19 NAT (z) 6.297p
212 NAT 26.695p
14 Chevrainvilliers ’17 919p 342km
16 Chevrainvilliers ’17 629p 342km
45 Momignies ’17 566p 114km
55 Ecouen ’18 4.372p 273km
63 NAT (z) Chateauroux ’18 2.453p 514km
133 NAT (z) Argenton ’18 3.096p 543km

And another brother is 6166929-2016 "Blue Raymond", the perfect pigeon in hand to be introduced into the breeding loft.

7 Momignies ’16 230p 114km
17 Chevrainvilliers ’17 629p 342km
27 PROV Vierzon ’17 1.889p 464km
28 Chevrainvilliers ’17 919p 342km
111 NAT Argenton ’17 11.506p 543km
139 NAT (z) Argenton ’18 3.096p 543km
220 Ecouen ’18 4.372p 273km
182 NAT (z) Bourges ’16 7.858p 466km
272 NAT 28.078p
194 NAT (z) Chateauroux ’18 6.297p 514km

Father “B 11-6323814” Blue
Strain 1 Prov Montlucon

Mother “B 15-2034930” Blue white feather
Orig. R Dehaes
Son 055/10 3 x 1st middle-long distance

Buelens Kim