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Published on: 07/01/2019 21:45

1) Please provide us with a description of yourself, your educational background, your occupation, your daily routine, work, family ,social activities etc.
My name is Frank Elkemann and I was born Decembre 08, 1973.I am living and
working in Ahaus, Germany.First I worked as a fitter in a kitchen company because I did a training as a carpender.Then I moved to another company.Now I am working on a CNC machine full time. My working time is changing (from 5am-13pm or from 13pm-21pm). After my daily work, I am spending my time at the pigeon loft or doing something with my girlfriend.

2) How did you get interested in the sport of racing pigeons?
Josef (66 years old) has been associated with the pigeons since his childhood.So his Father always had to fly pigeons on the family farm . In 1965 Josef joined the municipal Pigeon Club.His Son Frank (45 yearsold)followed the steps of his father FROM his 4 years and helped him with his work WITH all his feathered friends.

3) What Club, Federation and Combine do you fly in?
My father and I are flying in the club "DV05225 STURMVOGEL" in the Federation "AHAUS" + - 65 lofts in the Combine "AHAUS FG" + - 185 lofts in the biggest competition "Provincial" + - 523 lofts (Aktive-Passive)

4) What One Loft Races do you fly in?
My pigeons fly from my house and my father´s pigeons flies from his house.

5) Please provide us as complete as possible the history of your birds and your line?
In the 80's we had Hyskens van Riel Pigeons, Gebr. Janssen Pigeons, Thei Hartogs Pigeons and Fabrys. We played really well with the pigeons for many years. Pigeons from Flor Engels and Flor Vervoort were added in 1999. The Flor Vervoort pigeons were real grenades, they were the Fieneke 5000 line and the Gran Canaria Olympics. Pigeons from Günter Prange "RINGLOSEN & 01-36 & 00-1009" came in 2005. Gerald Koopman "Little Dirk & Amore" Gaby Vandenabeele "Strong Inbreeds Bliksem" Leo Hereman's "OLYMPIADE 003 & JAN"Jan Hooyman's "Harry" Gebr. Herbot's "Yvan" Patrick Boeckx "Sagan Dynastie" We are always looking for fast pigeons in Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands.

6) How many birds do you keep?
Over the winter I keep + - 34 pigeons "Breeding Pigeons" My father has + - 60 race pigeons over the winter.

7) Do you race Old birds and young bird race series?
I only race youngster. It is not possible to race old birds for me because of my work. My father races Cocks-Hens and youngster.

8) Are these sprint, middle distance or long distance pigeons ?
Our pigeons fly distances from 100 to 750 km. They are very strong from 250 - 500 km.

9) List of your top race results ?
2016 not raced - without 2018

10/09/2017 Rottendorf "Provincial" 336 Km 7,325jong 27/17 Prize
Results: 1-93-102 etc.

06.09.14 Rottendorf "Provincial" 336 Km 11,339jong 40/22 Prize
Results: 1-4-49-53-63-89-128 etc.

23/08/2014 Alsfeld "FG" 216 km 8,228 jong 48/43 Prize
Results: 1-4-8-12-57-59-60-164-166-209 etc.

06/09/2014 Rottendorf "RV" 336 km 2,764 jong 40/22 Prize
Results: 1-4-29-30-36-50-68-97 etc.

06/09/2014 Rottendorf "FG" 336 Km 6,524 jong 40/22 Prize
Results: 1-4-39-41-50-71-96-139 etc.

23/08/2014 Alsfeld "RV" 216 km 3,227 jong 48/39 Prize
Results: 1-3-6-9-50-51-52-139-140 etc.

04/08/2013 Lüdenscheid 105 km 2,893 jong 44/31 Prize
Results: 7-8-10-15-17-23-50-112 etc.

17/08/2013 Haiger 168 km 2,746 jong 44/23 Prize
Results: 1-2-22-80-82-98 etc.

07/09/2013 Haiger "RV" 168 km 1,869 jong 38/26 Prize
Results: 1-8-8-11-37-44-53-53-60-60-64-69-88-89-116- etc.

07/09/2013 Haiger "FG" 168 km 4,510 jong 38/31 Prize
Results: 11-21-21-24-69-81-95-95-102-102-107-116-138-139 etc

14/08/2010 Hammersbach "RV" 249 km 2,483 jong 26/10 Prize
Results: 1-43-81-148 etc.

14/08/2010 Hammersbach "FG" 249 km 6,759 jong 26/11 Prize
Results: 1-60-116-221 etc.

28/08/2010 Butzbach "RV" 219 km 1,316 jong 23/17 Prize
Results: 1-5-10-21-30-37-40-42-51-54-166 etc.

28/08/2010 Butzbach "FG" 219 km 3,008 jong 23/19 Prize
Results: 1-5-16-41-58-79-84-92-107 -113 etc.

28/08/2010 Butzbach "Provincial 219 km 7,789 jong 23/19 Prize
Results: 3-9-23-87-120-168-179 etc.

04/09/2010 Uffenheim "RV" 357 km 1,167 jong 28/18 Prize
Results: 5-6-9-13-17-23-40a-40b-44-52-98 etc.

04/09/2010 Uffenheim "FG" 357 km 2,947 jong 28/18 Prize
Results: 5-6-10-14-19-28-60a-60b-69-84-190 etc.

22/08/2009 Aschaffenburg"RV" 275 km 3,386 jong 37/26 Prize
Results: 1-11-12-13-16-41-42-63-84-87-97-167 etc.

22/08/2009 Aschaffenburg"FG" 275 km 8,416 jong 37/26 Prize
Results: 1-13-18-19-26-90-91-133-192 etc.

06/09/2009 Rottendorf "RV" 336 km 1,936 jong 32/17 Prize
Results: 7-16-20-33-46-110 etc.

06/09/2009 Rottendorf "FG" 336 km 6,136 jong 32/17 Prize
Results: 34-48-63-97-140 etc.

06/09/2009 Rottendorf "Provincial" 336 km 13,937 jong 32/16 Prize
Results: 52-78-105-154-245 etc.

08/09/2012 Schlüsselfeld "RV" 365 km 1,508 jong 44/16 Prize
Results: 1-17-42-63-69-100 etc.

08/09/2012 Schlüsselfeld"FG" 365 km 4,388 jong 44/20 Prize
Results: 1-19-59-104-115-etc.

10/09/2017 Rottendorf "Local" 336 km 654 jong 27/17 Prize
Results: 1-14-15-22-39-45-64-77-78-80-89 etc.

10/09/2017 Rottendorf "RV" 336 km 1,704 jong 27/15 Prize
Results: 1-54-58-98-134 etc.

10/09/2017 Rottendorf "FG" 336 km 3,794 jong 27/17 Prize
Results: 1-79-87-164 etc.

10)Are other fanciers doing well with your line? If yes who?
The references !! But not only on their own punches are the pigeons of Josef & Frank Elkemann successful. Also with other breeders their pigeons go as they are in them. The most well-known example is as mentioned at the beginning Heinz-Willi Ritz from Jüchen. So he presented with originals of SG Elkemann & Sohn in 2012 and others: 1st best youngster of the Federation +- 45 Lofts 3rd best youngster of the Federation 16th best youngster of the Federation
For this Heinz-Willi Ritz wrote the following letter:

Heinz Willi Ritz ( Legend in the Pigeon Sport )visit the Loft Elkemann References from SG.Büter!! The SG Snippe-Büter from Nordhorn presented in the special class females 2009 at the Olympiad in Dortmund with a daughter from the original bird of the SG Elkemann (B-5229 - Original Flor Vervoort) the female 02540-03-490 with a total of 48 prizes (15,143 km ) and 93 points! She also won 2 x 1st Prize.

References from Poland !!

Hello Frank,
As already said, we are very happy with my father, the female of you 02540-13-249) 1.Preis / 1896 pigeons. All 3 children (the 4th brought by Habicht home) of the "Kannibaalin" flew very well, especially the "1623" flew 2 times right top, ie. 1st prize / 3406 pigeons / 79 breeders / flight 209,000 km / speed 1229.41 met / min (his nest brother came in 5th on our stroke) - 1 week later 16th prize / 3245 pigeons / 77 breeders / flight 248,120 km / speed 1210.34 m / min (his nest brother came as the 4th on the beat) We would like more such doves
Greetings to the SG Elkemann,
Krystian and Roman Sobolewski (Poland)

References from Greece !!
Dear Frank,hello,yesterday 13-09-2014 l had a successful day in one of the most famous one loft races in europe, Balkanic Fair Play one loft race in

Romania..My pigeon came 1st place in the final race 500km.The father from my pigeon,GR-2207233-14 is DV 2540-13-0275 who is granchild from your basic top breeder WONDERE FLOR B 01-6135229. It was the first youngster from your pigeon,the success did not take longto come to me and l would like to thank you for this top pigeon.Thank you very much Frank,greetings,vasilis pislinas,Greece

References from Italy !! Good morning Frank, I wanted to thank you! My pigeon "Bleu Thunder 'it finished 14th Grand Average Derby Arona Tenerife, latest edition. The pigeon is 50% original Elkemann. Great-Grandson“WONDERE FLOR B 01-6135229“

11)Do you fly natural or widowhood?
I only race youngster,but I darken the youngster untill June 23rd. My father does the widower with the hens and cocks.

12)How many birds do you breed each year?
I breed a maximum of 100 youngster for 2 lofts every year.

13)Please provide photos of yourself, your loft, exterior and interior

-In the Garden -

Race Youngster Loft - Breeding Loft -Lots of Space!!!

-Youngster maximum 60 Places

14)What feeding program do you follow? Supplements? Medications?
All our pigeons are getting the same. The food is from the company versele laga Breeding food -VERSELE-LAGA Start Plus Zucht Race food – Hirn 1 -Hirn 2 and Hirn 3.. Medications: Belgica de weerd

15)Do you vaccinate? Do you do regular testing? Do you undertake a preventative medication program?
All our pigeons are vaccinated. paramyxovirus -Salmonella- pox

16)What is your training program?
The training program of all our pigeons: 2*4Km - 2*8km - 2*10km –4*25km – 4*45km

17) Can you mention any mentors or fanciers that you model?
I do not have any mentors or fanciers and prefer to do it myself. If it does not work, it does not matter because it is learning by doing.

18) Can you give brief history, results, photos of your most important winners and most important breeders.