The Late René MERCIER

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Published on: 30/10/2018 9:12

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The colony of the Late René MERCIER has been one of the best colonies of Belgium for a few decades. The colony of Zénobe and René MERCIER scored very well on the middle-distance races and they made the legendary clubs of the « ENTRE SAMBRE & MEUSE” tremble, when they won 1 NATIONAL BOURGES YEARLINGS. After the death of his father, René took over the colony successfully. René always preferred quality to quantity.

Being a fabulous championships racer, he always went to the club with a little basket. He loved participating in each and every race and with great success!!!!! He always preferred the middle-distance races, on which he made his reputation. But as a good championship racer, he also performed excellently in the long-distance races : 1 NATIONAL MARSEILLE 2000 - 3 NATIONAL MARSEILLE 13 - 35 NATIONAL MARSEILLE 12. The middle-distance races were his real passion, though, and he dominated the region in them, especially in the national races with the following performances these last few years: 4 NATIONAL BOURGES, 16 NATIONAL BOURGES, 3 ACE MIDDLE DISTANCE LCB, etc.

Quality above quantity !!!!

Throughout his career, the most important aspect of this colony was selecting those birds that were capable of winning several top results in one season. To arrive at this level, no exception for severe selection and only the prizes per 10 passed the selection. That is reason why, throughout the years, our friend was able to form a limited colony of +/- 36 widowers and 12/13 breeding pairs, which has become exceptional nowadays. Even more exceptional is the fact that René was capable of competing against the very best with such a “small colony”. On NOVEMBER 3rd, you all will have the opportunity to have a go at purchasing part of this rigorously selected colony, the superb quality of which we do not have to mention!!!!!!


The present base is still the old strain of the tandem Zénobe & René MERCIER. Of course, throughout the years, some new introductions arrived at the loft. The most remarkable are:

- the LEURQUIN Philippe pigeons (LD-strain HAUSOUL, TOSSENS, ROOSENS, etc)

- the fabulous hen 6126084-05, BASIC HEN, DIRECT MEULEMANS, Granddaughter « PANTANI », 27 Nat Marseille 3246 + 28 Nat Marseille 4356 + 63 Nat Montauban 8774, a truely golden breeding hen, mother and grandmother of many cracks in René’s loft but also in the loft of the late Robert Chantrenne.

- the PIRLOT René, from the total auction, a son of the 17 NATIONAL BARCELONA, which developed into a top breeder.

- the Léon CROWET, received as a gift, 2 youngsters, which directly moved to the breeding loft, where they became very valuable.

- some introductions, although remarkable: VERSPREET PH & L, MICHAUX François, MUREZ MARICHAL, introductions that are starting to show their qualities.

- the last successful introductions are the QUENON Emile pigeons, a colony based on the Paternoster birds, Debiève via Mirabelle and MERCIER. René went to look for several reinforcements that became true cracks in the races.

On NOVEMBER 3rd, you can all have a go at purchasing part of a colony that has been rigorously selected throughout the years, a selection based on their results. We do not need to remind you that the quality is fabulous!!!!!!

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