The first half season turns out to be amazing at the Eijerkamp family – Brummen

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Published on: 19/07/2019 15:44

We couldn’t find enough superlatives after the amazing season in 2018 where they destroyed every single competitor on almost all the different categories that is being raced at the Eijerkamp family. Nestor Hans Eijerkamp (84) who has placed almost 70 years ago his first steps within pigeons sport is still enjoying daily all the joy that pigeon sport brings him. Due to some physical limitations he can’t unfortunately practice pigeon sport anymore but the daily business is being talked through with his son Evert-Jan (57) who was infected with the pigeon germ since a very young age. Evert-Jan might even be more fanatic than his father ever was and despite the busy occupations he has running the 2 big stores in Zutphen and Veenendaal, with more than 300 people working there, his hart and passion is with the pigeons. The ideal way for me to relax from my day-to-day business according Evert-Jan. Hans and Evert-Jan are being supported by a team of specialists and they have been racing for years in Brummen under 2 different names, Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp as well as Lotte Eijerkamp. Both lofts enter all the races that the program offers with exception of the marathon races. Specialization in optima forma where the level is set high as both Hans and Evert-Jan are born winners who want to be on both their business side as sportive side the best in what they do.

Season 2018
To have a brief look back what the season of 2018 brought with no less than 23 victories in big competition without doubles inclusive 4 NPO-victories. Unseen where the young birds where they managed to win on two different NPO races places 1 to 14 and places 1 to 11. With ‘Luka Modric’ they had a true ‘white raven’ on their loft as this super pigeon won 4x 1st National Ace bird in 4 different competitions with the young birds. With the eye on the future this top pigeon got a place on the breeding loft. Next to these they also won several Top 10 places on a national level with individual pigeon championships. Also very honoured were Hans and Evert-Jan by winning the title of National ‘Gouden Duif’ winner on the short distance races.

Season 2019
With the season cut in half the amount of victories is already on 10 in the big competition on the Eijerkamp lofts :
1. Prov. Morlincourt 359 km 23,392 b
1. Tienen 166 km 3,734 b
1. Tienen 166 km 2,469 b
1. Quievrain 256 km 2,053 b
1. Niergnies 299 km 1,597 b
1. Chalons 373 km 1,728 b
1. Bierges 187 km 1,321 b
1. Quievrain 256 km 1,274 b
1. Morlincourt 359 km 583 b
1. Reims 352 km 525 b

A few super results we can’t deny you :

22-6 Tienen (166 km) 3,734 b 205/94
1-2-3-4-5-7-10-11-28-35-36-37 and so on…

6-7 Tienen (166 km) 1,908 b 38/30
1-2-3-4-6-8-9-11-13-14-15-16 and so on…

25-5 Quievrain (256 km) 1,274 b 53/46
1-2-3-4-5-67-8-9-10-12-13-14-17-18-19 and so on…

11-5 Morlincourt (359 km) 23,392 b 127/83
1-10-54-57-64-65-86-89-91-94 and so on…

13-7 Bierges (187 km) 1,321 b 43/29
1-2-3-10-21-52-59-63 and so on…

22-6 Tienen (166 km) 919 b 205/94
1-2-7-8-19-11-12-13-14-15-16 and so on…

6-7 Chateauroux (670 km) 4,829 b 49/26
5-7-9-18-19-30-62 and so on…

Toppers of the season 2019
With ‘Calisto’, Beetle’ and ‘Xenon’ they have three absolute top pigeons on their lofts and these pigeons will end up high in the different national rankings and ace pigeons. We like to introduce them to you.

NL17-1819934 ‘Calisto’
This first top pigeon wins until now 14 prizes on the 14 races he entered and makes that he is for now 1st Prov. Ace bird Department 8 over all races
His nicest scores are :
1. Geel (133 km) 6,739 b
1. Chalons (373 km) 1,728 b
2. Tienen (166 km) 885 b
3. Tienen (166 km) 2,469 b
6. Morlincourt (359 km) 2,050 b
7. Niergnies (299 km) 5,184 b
9. Tienen (166 km) 2,882 b
13. Prov. Reims (352 km) 6,950 b
17. Laon (328 km) 2,755 b
18. Laon (328 km) 1,034 b

Father: B10-6146241 ‘Olympic Leo’, 2nd Nat. Ace bird Germany 2012 and 1st Olympiad bird Allround Nitra 2013 at Wolfgang Roeper. ‘Olympic Leo’ is son to the ‘Roeper’ couple and was bred by Leo Heremans out of son ‘Jan’ x daughter ‘Olympiade 003’.
Mother: NL13-1804103 ‘First Olympiade’. Daughter ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’ x ‘Kim’, one of the best daughters out of the famous ‘Euro’. The ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’ was bought at EUR 210.000 on the second total sale of Leo Heremans after he became Olympiad bird for Belgium in Poznan 2011.

NL18-1627902 ‘Beetle’
This top hen was as youngster already 5th National Ace bird in the ‘De Allerbeste’ competition and wins this season until now 14 out of 14 and is for now 2nd Provincial Ace bird in Department 8 over all races. The best scores of ‘Beetle’:

5th Nat. Ace bird youngsters ‘De Allerbeste’ competition 2018
8th Nat. Ace bird youngsters ranking 2018
1. Niergnies (299 km) 1,597 b
2. Niergnies (299 km) 2,748 b
5. Tienen (166 km) 2,882 b
6. Bierges (187 km) 833 b
7. Prov. Chalons (373 km) 17,360 b
7. Geel (133 km) 1,292 b
10. Prov. Morlincourt (359 km) 23,392 b
16. NPO Troyes (449 km) 3,836 b
25. Prov. Reims (352 km) 6,950 b
47. NPO Peronne (336 km) 5,900 b
96. NPO Nanteuil (408 km) 2,961 b

Father: NL12-4148200 ‘Vetblauwe Jackpot’, new super breeder and father and grandfather to more than one 1st prize winner and ace birds. He is a son to t ‘Jackpot’ x ‘Kadootje’, daughter ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’. The ‘Jackpot’ is one of the best sons evert out of the ‘Olympiade 003’.
Mother: NL15-1897807 ‘Uniek’, daughter to super couple ‘Barend J’ x ‘Aniek’ who are also parents and grandparents to more than 10 different 1st prize winners. ‘Barend J’ is a grandson ‘Golden Dirk’ and ‘Tips’. 2 topbreeders with the golden blood of Koopman. ‘Aniek’ is daughter to ‘Zé Roberto’ x ‘Euro Lady’, daughter to the famous ‘Euro’.

NL18-1820066 ‘Xenon’
This top hen wins until now 3x TOP 10 on the NPO races and is for now 2nd Provincial Ace bird in Department 8 on the one day long distances. The nicest results ‘Xenon’ are at the moment:

1st Semi-Nat. Ace bird Northern Union 2018
1. Semi-Nat Chateaudun (567 km) 5,989 b
7. NPO Fay au Loges (549 km) 6,957 b
8. NPO Chateauroux (670 km) 3,989 b
18. NPO Bourges (620 km) 2,242 b
23. NPO Chateauroux (670 km) 3,891 b
62. NPO Gien (552 km) 5,615 b
17. Tienen (166 km) 3,918 b
26. Tienen (166 km) 1,654 b
53. Niergnies (299 km) 1,892 b
68. Chimay (262 km) 4,330 b

Father: NL15-1706564 ‘Tanguy’, direct G. and S. Verkerk out of ‘Gavin’ x ‘Bonita’ who is a direct daughter to ‘Olympic Solange’, 1st Nat Ace bird WHZB and 1st Olympiad bird Allround 2009.
Mother: NL16-1253971 ‘Inbred Don Leo’, a super Eijerkamp - van Loon hen out of a half-brother x half-sister coupling, both children out of ‘Don Leo’, who was 4th Nat. Ace bird one day long distance NPO and became base breeder of the amazing Van Loon strains on the Eijerkamp lofts.

With such amazing top pigeons it is off course ‘easy’ but this doesn’t take it for granted that it all runs without any problems in Brummen and this is way they keep on focussing 200% to be able to keep these results in line.

And Hans Eijerkamp, keeping pigeons keeps him young and active, despite the fact that he will have a hip surgery soon he stays on top of everything that happens within pigeon world as he is sometimes very active via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the internet and follows everything in matter of his biggest passion, the pigeons.