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Published on: 01/09/2018 15:36

wins Barcelona International

The wet dream of every long distance racer…winning National Barcelona or even better International Barcelona. Do we dare to compare it with winning the jackpot? The chance that you can realize this in a human live is very small.

It was a very emotional and overjoyed Freddy and his wife that welcomed us to celebrate this victory. Freddy, together with his team mates Frank and Marijn have been practising pigeon sport in very professional way the past few years. Every single one has his task, taking care of the pigeons is Marijn’s department, the entire administration is Franks’ part who also likes to take part of the external happenings and the coordinating role is Freddy’s.

Freddy, a successful business man, isn’t afraid of any new initiative, has courage and vigor to get things moving and just can’t deliver up half. It is in or out. Freddy also has a real livelong pigeon past. Started off with pigeon sport from home, then because of his busy professional live a few times in tandem and now since a few years a very strong formula of putting forces together. But he knows a pigeon, knows how to handle a pigeon and also knows how to get the best out of it. Marijn is also a driven winner, one that takes care in a maniacal way of the pigeons and this with success. And Frank is his utter faithful companion who stands at his side all the time and takes care that this tridem fulfils all their duties and tasks. Everyone his task, everyone his opinion, putting thoughts together where it can, fire up and encourage each other, but all with only one goal ahead, namely racing top.

In the past they already did this with a lot of bravura, General Champion Belgische Verstandhouding, 1stNational Brive, 1stAce bird Long Distance KBDB and so much more.

‘Lloyd’ realizes the unthinkable and unexpected namely the International victory on Barcelona

“They are going to come on Saturday…but only next Saturday’ is what Freddy told joking about his basketed pigeons on Barcelona. Two pigeons had a accidented Barcelona last year. It was a very hard and though edition in 2017 with a lot of obstacles and two pigeons got home injured. Also ‘Lloyd’ was found on the grass field after one week…Brave as he was, he found his way home while injured on his chest and was being picked up by Marijn, sewed up and taking care of very well. He was rather heavy injured on the left side of his chest, but his wing wasn’t injured. It looked like a shot wound, but the real cause will stay a riddle for ever.

He already had shown what he had as perseverance and courage. He recovered slowly and was being prepared for the race out of Spain.

It was a very honest, hard Barcelona. The pigeons had very nice, sunny, warm weather over the entire line. It wasn’t one for softies, that’s for sure and the pigeons at the top of the race would be the once with the right shape and right capacities to score in this kind of circumstances.

‘Lloyd’ his in heritage is a bit a-typical for an extreme long distance pigeon. He is a mixture of long distance (Meirlaen) crossed to one day long distance strains (Vandenabeele x Florizoone and Aelbrecht). He is also named after the grandson from Gaby Vandenabeele. When Gaby went to visit Freddy with his grandson last year, Freddy promised to name a pigeon after Lloyd. It became a cock with Tsunami blood in his veins and this is how ‘Lloyd’ was being baptised last year in Knesselare.

No one would expect that he would take care of this kind of payback onto his injury, but thanks to a perfect care, patience on recovery and a good preparation he made it and won the international victory on the race of the races.

‘Lloyd’ is as 1st given also the proud winner of the ‘Gouden Vleugel’ at the Bruges Barcelona club !

To be continued ?

That there is quality and knowledge present on the lofts in Knesselare is nothing new. The past years the shape was always already present at the first half of the one day and long distance races with very nice results that followed on the Vierzon’s, Limoges’ and Brive’s of the respectful seasons. This year they tried, in consultation with Marijn, Freddy and Frank to get the pigeons in their top shape a bit later in the season.

But how do you do that? You can try to take care of them in an optimal way, adjust here and there and help out nature but getting shape on demand is a magic formula that only few know how to handle. Freddy whispered to us during our visit that the pigeons trained harder the past few weeks and that the signs of top shape were showing. This is how they hope to score even more on the coming one day long distance and long distance races. Nothing is being left to coincidence to realize this.

Without bedevilment you can’t keep up

One thing stroke us really hard during our visit namely the bedevilment. You can, when you own the necessary means, take care of a lot of practical things like a good accommodation, a perfect environment, getting pigeons at the best of the best within our country…or the world, but that doesn’t give a single guarantee to get the top results. When Freddy went with us to show ‘Lloyd’ on the loft, he was like a young lover taking about the pigeons.

How it is possible that this breeding result, that is a-typical one, can lead to this kind of victory, how pigeons are enormously driven by their territory and some other wisdoms. It was like a child that had been waiting for a very long time to get the perfect present. The amazement, that passion, that drive, is what you need to endure and to aim for successes.

That bedevilment is part of every single one in this team, every single one with his own talents.

A very nice victory, eternal fame in pigeon world.

A big congratulations from the entire Herbotsteam !

Geert Dhaenens

BE15-4014328 'Lloyd' 1e Internationaal Barcelona

Team De Jaeger Freddy (Knesselare)

wins Barcelona International