Stabel & Zn, Goirle, set another highlight in 2018 with a 1st National NPO Orléans!

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Published on: 13/01/2019 6:00

They already performed amazingly over the past years and again in 2018 they managed to win big. With as highlight the 1st National NPO Orléans, several pure 1st prizes against thousands of pigeons … and again with off-spring of their own very strong strain of pigeons.

Short Introduction

On the results we are known as Comb. Stabel & Zn and this consists of father and son Louis Eugene. But we can safely say that wife / mother Annet Oomen is also part of the combination because she does the necessary work during the day when we are at work. Therefore we play with a team of pigeons called Annet Oomen.

Louis is 67 years old and has been enjoying his retirement since July 2017. He is married with Annet who is 62 years old. Eugene is 39 years old and works as project manager renovations and building for a childcare company: “I am still single and like fishing in the winter”.

As a team, we live for the pigeon sport!!!! Louis started at age 18 in 1969 after a serious accident with pigeons. Before that he used to go to his uncle’s loft to see the pigeons come home. From the beginning, the results where good on the various disciplines. After having married Annet, he has raced at the current address in Goirle as from 1979. The first years he had to work a lot of late shifts so he did not have enough time for pigeons. The early pigeons arrived at a neighbor’s loft and that is why in 1983 he decided not to work in the evenings anymore and invest this time in the pigeons. This lead to an immediate improvement of the results.

The first major success was achieved in 1984 with the 16th National Bergerac 15,069 p. with a pigeon from H Verhoeven, Goirle. The same pigeon won the 7th National St Vincent 19,344 p. and the 3rd National Dax against 13,308 pigeons and was a car winner in 1985. In 1986 a 1st NPO Orleans 6,275 pigeons, in 1988 the 1st nominated old pigeons championship in Midden-Brabant, in 1989 for the 1st time 1st all-over champion in Goirle and in 1990 1st National champion youngsters. Eugene came into the sport through his father. Given the long-standing interest they installed a loft for Eugene in 1989 and he only raced some youngsters. This quickly resulted in some nice results and in 1990 he started racing some widow pigeons. In the years 1990-1992 the 1st general championship was won in Midden Brabant among the youth and in the Vredesduif competition he also won the 1st championship.

In those years, and considering the good results, there were various members of the association in Goirle that did not accept that an independent youth member won championships among seniors. Thus a proposal was passed in the association at a meeting in 1991 that youth members could not win championships in the senior division anymore. This was unfortunate because in 1992 Eugene could have won the 3rd General nominated championship. However, this rather big disappointment was answered by winning the 1st National Orleans Rayon 1c 9,569 p.

In the Goirle club they compete against 100 members (65 racers), and many of them are strong lofts, such as W. Zoontjens, Verhoeven, Reijnen-Bolton, Schellekens and others.

The federations and combines we race with are the following:

  • Combine HVB – Hart van Brabant (225 members). A federation of 5 clubs in the eastern part of region 4. Here, they race short and middle distance with old birds and up to 320 km with young birds.
  • Section Union/Rayon 4 (400 members). A combine of 13 clubs. Here they race from 100-1000 km.
  • Province of Brabant 2000 (1600 members). The district comprising regions 1+2+3+4 as shown on the map where we race every race from 230 km onwards.
  • Semi-National. This is a union of the provinces of Zeeland, Brabant and Limburg.

Base pigeons

The base of the loft was established in the early eighties, when Louis bought 28 pigeons from A Sas from the Belgian town of Poppel (a ‘van Loon’ based loft). After several years there was only one pigeon left and that was NL 80-846054 named the "Sas Duif" which later became the bae hen of the loft. No less than five different descendants of several generations of her’s won either NPO or ZNB races. Besides these last ones, in the early years there was a more than significant contribution from the NL 81-1956448 from Verhagen van Gorp from Goirle. Another great breeder came to the loft in 1986: the NL86-1339142 from Jan Verhoeven & ZN from Goirle.

The following years they invested in several strong pigeons (which is still going on). Instead of putting them immediately in the breeding loft, these newcomers were often tested in the races and some were allowed directly into the breeding loft. With varying degrees of success but often with excellent results. We will not mention names because there are many we performed well with and we afraid to forget to mention any.
Over the years we have developed a strong new strain, which crossbreeds very well with new pigeons. Maybe that is also the reason why we have stayed at the top of the rankings for so many years now.

There are about 20 breeding couples and 35 widowers for short, middle and long distance whose hens stay at home.
We also have about 80 widowhood hens that are paired to 32 cocks that are not flown either. And for ourselves we breed about 230 youngsters. In total, a sizeable colony. We race them all in 100 to 700 km races.

Top pigeons

Too many to mention, we like to refer to the catalog for all the top pigeons from the loft. Please click here for the catalog.
We would like to introduce 2 top pigeons, 2 that managed to win a 1st Provincial race namely NL16-3630598 “Reuske” and NL17-3730873 ‘Mandy’ . Let’s start off with ‘Reuske’

NL16-3630598 “Reuske” : 1 Provincial Creil 7,034b 312km

Wins 3x Top 39 Provincial

1     Prov. Creil      7,034b 312km
3     Pithiviers        1,611b 424km
23   Pont St. Max.  6,215b 303km
46   Morlincourt     2,766b 260km
54   Sens                 1,178b 390km
57   Morlincourt     4,673b 260km
107 Peronne           5,200b 232km
121 Quièvrain        4,764b 156km
149 Bierges            6,254b 92km

She is a daughter to ‘De Reus’ winner of
2 National Ace bird MD Europacup
1 Ace bird Middle Distance
5x 1st prize without doubles

And is father of oa.
1 Provincial Creil 7,034b
1 against 1,419b – 2 against 10,964b
1st Ace bird

Her mother is top breeding hen “Jaqueline 370” who is mother to a.o.
1st Ace bird Middle Distance
3rd Ace bird Section 4
1   Provincial Creil 7,034b
3   Pithiviers           1,611b
4   Morlincourt       2,173b
6   St. Quentin        2,936b
10 Peronne             2,428b
16 Sens                   1,352b
23 Pont St. Max.    6,215b
and so many more….

NL17-3730873 ‘Mandy’ : 1 Provincial Pont St. Maxence 11,447b 303km

1   Prov. Pont St. Max 11,447b 303km
2   Creil                          1,329b 312km
16 Prov. Creil               15,184b 312km
33 Quièvrain                   1,502b 156km

And is herself already mother to 18-378 winner of:
21 National Orleans 7,008b
12 Bierges 1,335b
22 Bierges 3,860b

On the father’s side she also has the good genes of ‘Jacqueline 370’ running through her veins (see above) and on mother’s side the winning blood of the base strain of ‘Esmee’ can be found. The ‘Esmee’ strain is a unique one, not only has base breeding mother ‘Esmee’ has brought many top pigeons into this world but her daughter ‘Esmee 212’ and ‘New Esmee’ are both super breeding hens as well. The list of winning children is endless.

Again the Stabel family made a wonderful selection of children of their best breeders to offer online exclusively for Herbots. These youngsters are being offered together with the 2 1st Provincial winners mentioned above. More than enough reasons to have a look at this great auction and to reinforce your loft.

List of top results

Unique results:
27 years in a row over-all champion in Club
12 years in a row over-all champion Combine Hart van Brabant (250 members)

Nobody ever did better!!

Top 10 results NPO/Provincial 2015-2018

Pont St Max 1/11.447 p.
Creil 1/ 9.126 p.
Creil 1/ 7.034 p.
Orleans Nat. S1A 1/ 7.008 p.
Fontenay NPO 1/ 6.916 p.
St Just Cim. NPO 1/ 5.822 p.
Orleans NPO 1/ 5.110 p.
Creil 1/ 5.090 p.
Morlincourt 2/17.537 p.
Creil 2/12.648 p.
Fontenay 2/10.960 p.
Creil 2/ 7.034 p.
Orleans NPO 2/ 5.110 p.
Creil 2/ 5.090 p.
Creil 3/23.378 p.
Creil 3/12.648 p.
Creil 3/ 5.090 p.
Limoges NPO 3/ 2.640 p.
Sens 4/17.226 p.
Creil 4/ 5.090 p.
Chateauroux NPO 4/ 3.828 p.
La Souter. NPO 4/ 3.785 p.
Creil 5/23.378 p.
Sens 5/17.226 p.
Pont st Max 5/12.470 p.
Chateauroux NPO 5/ 1.303 p.
Creil 6/23.378 p.
Morlincourt 6/22.467 p.
Pont St Max 6/12.752 p.
Sens 6/ 8.621 p.
Creil NPO 6/ 9.912 p.
Morlincourt 7/22.467 p.
Pont St Max 7/12.752 p.
Pont st Max 7/12.470 p.
Morlincourt 7/11.928 p.
Creil NPO 7/ 9.912 p.
Creil 7/ 9.489 p.
Sens 7/ 8.621 p.
Creil 7/ 6.183 p.
Morlincourt 8/22.467 p.
Melun 8/18.466 p.
Pont St Max 8/12.752 p.
Morlincourt 8/11.928 p.
Issoudun NPO 8/ 7.275 p.
Orleans NPO 8/ 5.110 p.
Creil 8/ 6.183 p.
Morlincourt 9/22.467 p.
Morlincourt 9/17.537 p.
Sens 9/17.226 p.
Creil 9/14.578 p.
Pont St Max 9/12.752 p.
Fontenay 9/ 9.425 p.
Gien NPO 9/ 5.921 p.
Quievrain 9/ 4.264 p.
Chateauroux NPO 9/ 3.489 p.
Limoges NPO 9/ 2.640 p.
Pont St Max 10/12.470 p.
Melun NPO 10/ 7.249 p.
Chateauroux NPO 10/ 3.489 p.

Top 10 results Provincial/National 2015-2018

1.National ace-pigeon autumn races
1.ace-pigeon Yearling National Pipa Ranking
1.Provincial Champion long distance Brabant 2000
2.National champion long distance (nominated)
2.Provincial ace-pigeon young Brabant 2000
3.National ace hen WHZB-TBOTB
4.Provincial champion nominated Brabant 2000
5.National champion middle d. (nominated)
5.Provincial ace-pigeon long distance Brabant 2000
5.Provincial champion YB Brabant 2000
8.National ace-pigeon autumn races
8.ace-pigeon YB middle d. National Pipa Ranking
8.ace-pigeon short/middle d. National Pipa Ranking
8.Provincial non-nominated YB Brabant 2000
9.ace-pigeon middle distance National Pipa Ranking
10.ace-pigeon old National Pipa Ranking (12 prizes)
10.Prov. non-nominated middle d. Brabant 2000

References other lofts

During the years a lot of fanciers raced well with our pigeon and we never sold a lot of them. Fanciers in The Netherlands, Denmark, Great-Britain, the US, Poland, Morocco, Saudi-Arabia etc. raced well with our pigeons. But we did not keep a list of these results so they are not easy to mention. However, these are some results in big competitions:

1st National Ace middle distance WHZB (50% Stabel)
1st NPO Orleans 8890 bs. (50% Stabel)
1st NPO Orleans 14570 bs. (50% Stabel)
1st Creil 10351 bs. (direct Stabel)
2nd NPO Limoges 3828 bs. (50% Stabel
3rd NPO Montluçon 11960 bs. (direct Stabel)
3rd NPO Chateauroux 3360 bs. (50% Stabel)
5th National ace long distance WHZB (50% Stabel)
5th Provincial ace Short (direct Stabel)
11th National Ace-hen (Direct Stabel)

Some references in 2018:

1.Ace pigeon middle distance Section Rayon 4 Ton van Abeelen 50%
2.NPO Issoudun 7.219 p. A Klerken (1/666 p.) 50%
2.Provincial Melun 7.249 p. Ton van Abeelen 50%
3.Provincial Morlincourt 17.537 p. Comb Paenen de Beer 50%
3.NPO Orleans 4.733 p. Strijbosch-Spierings 50%
3.Ecouen 1.101 p. Bart Verbeek 50%
4.National ace YB middle d. Pipa Rankings Ton van Abeelen 50%
5.NPO Orleans 4.733 p. Ton van Abeelen 50%
6.Provincial Pont St Max 12.470 p. Ton van Abeelen direct
6.Provincial Melun 7.249 p. Ton van Abeelen 50%
9.Provincial Blois 2.714 p. Bart Verbeek 50%
10.NPO Sens 5.204 p. Ton van Abeelen 50%
10.Quievrain 2.129 p. Comb Paenen-de Beer direct
11.Provincial Ace YB Brabant 2000 Ton van Abeelen 50%
21.Provincial Peronne 9.215 p. A Schaerlaeckens 50%
23.Quievrain 3.069 p. Comb Paenen-de Beer direct
28.NPO Orleans 4.733 p. A Schaerlaeckens 50%
29.Provincial Peronne 18.948 p. S de Rooij 100%
35.Pont St Max 3.828 p. Comb Paenen de Beer 50%
38.Provincial Rekkem 10.434 p. S de Rooij 100%
42.Provincial Nanteuil 3.161 p. Comb van Raak (1/207 p.) direct
43.NPO Montlucon 3.762 p. Andre Klerken 50%
44.Provincial Pont St Max 8.001 p. Ton van Abeelen 50%
47.NPO Gien 3.917 p. A Schaerlaeckens 50%
62.Provincial Pont St Max 8001 p. Ton van Abeelen 100% Stabel

What a fantastic loft, what an amazing pigeons. A big congratulations Stabel family for all these achievements !