Public Auctions

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Published on: 09/11/2018 10:00

You can still find the Public Auctions of La Colombophilie Belge on this website, 

Pre-bidding is possible on some of the pigeons in a public auction. It is always possible to consult the entire auction programme, you can find the link at the auction info. 

At the moment there are two public auctions: the first part of Dieter Ballmann and the second part of Dieter Ballmann.
If you have any trouble finding them, it is easy this way:

You can find the "Public Auctions" under the "Buying & Bidding" tab.

Just make sure you have checked "Public Auctions" bar, otherwise you can only see the online Pigeon Bids.


Our public auctions work with pre-bidding on the website The pigeons are assigned to the highest bid, i.e. if no one offers a higher bid in the auction room, the pigeon is attributed to the person with the highest internet bid who has to pay an additional (surtax) 20%. Public auctions always take place under the supervision of an official bailiff or notary at a rate of 20%. The buyer will be notified by mail on the first working day after the auction. With this formula we give the prospective buyers, who do not have the opportunity to be present at the auction, the opportunity to buy the presented pigeon.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.