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Published on: 01/09/2018 15:20


Moorsele: The ones that follow the results within pigeon sport very well, know the name Mispelaere Jacques and Gino very well as in 2010 and 2013 their name was also already at the top of a national race. In 2010 they won the 1stNational Libourne against 6,757 year birds. The average speed of the Libourne winner was 1,196 m/m. Three season later (2013) the 1stnational Poitiers against 13,814b (fastest against 26,948b) and this against a speed of 1,112.39 m/m and now they win 1stnational Brive at an average speed of 1,165.85 m/m or to say it in other words: the Mispelaere pigeons are made for the heave work.


The Mispelaere family have been pigeon fanciers since many generations…father Jacques has been running around in a pigeon loft since he was 8 years old and his son Gino has been possessed by pigeons also since his childhood. In 1996 father and son decided to race in combination and this with the necessary successes as a result. Gino starts of his story:’ What the base of our colony is? Well, in 1996 we bought on a provincial championship day a voucher from Godfried Vanderstichele (Pittem). That hen (B96-3075651) became the base breeding mother of our colony. She became mother of amongst other: 5thnational Brive (2002), 5thnational Dax (2004), 23rdnational Cahors (2005), 39thnational Guerret (2000) and 44thnational Limoges (1999). Also successes were set with pigeons from Lernout Marc (a.o. out of his “Dax”), Platteeuw Didier (Zillebeke – a.o with pigeons from Michel Stevenlinck), Latruwe Gerard (Ruddervoorde) and during the sale of the summer youngsters from Norbert Ally we bought a cock. This one became father of our national Poitiers winner.


The season of 2018 was started off by Jacques and Gino with 24 widow cocks, nicely divided amongst 10 year birds and 10 old birds. They also have 7 late cocks but these guys only had to race a few short distance races. If you would like to know the entire loft occupations, then you have to note down another 11 breeding couples and about 60 young pigeons.
Gino tells: “Only about 5 widow cocks had a winter breeding. The others had to wait until March before they saw their hen. They could breed for a few days and then the widowhood was a fact. The reason that we don’t breed early is that our lofts are near a football field. During the winter period it happens that the field lights can shine any moment of the day with result that also our widow cocks lofts are being enlightened. If you are breeding then, you have some of those heroes that leave their nest and then I can go scrape the eggs from the wall the next day. Just to mention, our widow cocks never breed, not even after the season.
In a matter of care we don’t do anything special. We have had for years an easy and simple system that is being followed strictly. The medical guidance is set to a minimum, this season we only cured against head diseases for 5 days after Limoges. The feeding goes from light to heavy and there for we use three different kind of mixtures from Van Robayes namely Sport – Super Diet and Premium Power Non Stop. In a matter of side products we make use during the season of Zell-Oxygen and brewers’ yeast. Weekly the also get a yellow drop in the beak. .
The widow cocks train twice a day for about one hour. In the morning with closed windows and in the evening with open windows.


“De Brive” is a marvellous cock by hand. Perfectly built and foreseen of a thick pack of feathers. He is a summer youngster and never saw the inside of a basket in his birth year. As a year bird he was trained and closed his season with Bourges National in August.
“De Brive” wasn’t being motivated in a special way…he got to see his nest dish at basketing and that was it. Gino: “when you believe in a pigeon as a fancier and you can have the necessary patience, you can be rewarded in a marvellous way. Oh yes…during the transport to Brive he must have pushed his first pin.’


Striking to this national Brive race is that both the winners with the old birds and year birds (Tom Van Gaver) is a direct child from a national winner! Father of the winner at the old birds is “B11-3003150” (1stNational Poitiers 13,814b.) – mother of the winner at the year birds is “B08-4061030” (1stNational Argenton 11,001b.) … coincidence or not !

Jacques and Gino … a big congratulations from the entire Herbots team !

Stefan Mertens

B14-3148578: 1st NATIONAL BRIVE 9,278 OLD BIRDS - FASTEST OF 13,690b