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Published on: 01/09/2018 6:15

1st NATIONAL BOURGES 19,129 year birds 2018


For the 3rd time in a row we have to go to Kevin Saudoyez to congratulate him for a national victory. In 2016 he won 1st National Chateauroux against 18,363 year birds (and also the fastest against all 31,939b), last year he hit the rose on national Chateauroux against 4,391 year birds and last weekend it was the 1st National Bourges against 19,129 year birds. At 12h08 and 56 seconds his chequered white hen “B17-1001053” came in. Kevin didn’t have to wait long for the rest of his Bourges racers to get home. The arrival times of the Saudoyez pigeons are really impressive : 12h08 (1st Nat. Year birds) – 12h11 (6th Nat. Year birds) – 12h17 (37th Nat. old), 12h18 (57th nat. old), 12h19 (58th Nat. old), 12h19 (84th Nat. Year birds) – 12h20 (101st Nat. Year birds) – 12h20 (107th Nat. Year birds) – 12h20 (93rd Nat. old) !

SINCE 2008

Kevin explains: “Pigeon sport was a totally unknown sport for me and for my family. It was my brother that came home in 2007 with 2 ‘found’ pigeons. We fixed some planks together and the first ‘pigeon loft’ was a fact. My father told this to one of his colleagues at work, Derouquiere Olivier, and he offered 6 late youngsters and a sputnik. The pigeon germ could start doing its work.
In 2008 I completed my first loft list and I got from Olivier 21 early youngsters to race. I will never forget my first race…it was a race from St. Quentin and I won immediately 1st and 2nd prize ! I won 3 x 1st prize that first year.
In 2010 I made a step towards the greater middle distance. The first national race I entered was Bourges. I won the 27th and 64th national with siblings. These two pigeons are now the base of my current colony. I looked out for reinforcement and found those at ao.. Danny Le Turcq, Damien Baert, Flasche and a few others but especially the reinforcement from the pigeons from Bros. Van Gestel was a hit in the rose. The past few years I also exchange and co-breed successfully with Danny Dusousoit from Beloeil. Also my national winner has an original Dusousoit pedigree.”


“My system is a mixture between total widowhood and sliding doors. I started of this season with 39 cocks and 39 hens. The cocks reside on a loft with boxes and the hens on a loft with chapels. Only one sliding door parts them from each other. Before basketing, one week the door opens, the other week it stays closed. When I let them together it is sometimes long and sometimes very short. I work with a lot of variation in my system.
At basketing for Bourges National the doors stayed closed…the hens were taken from their chapels and the cocks out of their boxes. Simple, quick and apparently equal efficient.


At the contrary to the other years the racing pigeons were being coupled very late. The calendar was already turned to February when they were coupled. The racers could raise a couple of youngsters and the sexes were separated before there was a new nest.
To slow down their upcoming condition a bit the cocks and hens were being darkened from 15/02 until 15/03. Both cocks and hens train twice a day. The hens 45 minutes and the cocks one hour. If necessary I take out the flag. I have to leave for work at 9 o’clock and that’s why the hens have to train really early. At around 6 o’clock - when possible – the hens start to train and it struck me already that they were in top shape. They trained daily 45 minutes without touching the roof. Even when it was foggy they took off without any problem. I’ve seldomly seen that happening.
In a matter of feeding I use the mixtures of Colombi ( a local manufacturer). I follow a 3-phase system where I make use of the mixtures “Energy”, “Sport Légère” and “Récuperation”. I also give a lot of side products and these come from the Beyers range. In a medical way I fully trust on vet Van Renterghem. I go for a consult every month and only on his advice I will cure or not.
Yearly 120 youngsters are being weened. These have to get the necessary experience in their birth year. For the hens it is – if possible – 4 national races and for the young cocks 2 national races.


The National Bourges winner (B17-1001053) is a marvellous hen. By hand the perfection itself…nothing to remark. Her home coming was one as it should be, straight out of the right direction and immediately on the shelf. Not a single second was wasted.

053/17 won in 2018:
Noyon: 190/1,303b.
Pont: 330/1,420b
Ecouen: 194/1,225b
Toury: 62/701b
Toury: 192/715b.
Bourges: 1st NAT /19,226b.

Kevin…once again a big congratulation and off to your national victory number 4 .

Stefan Mertens


Saudoyez Kevin

1st NATIONAL BOURGES 19,129 year birds 2018