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Published on: 08/03/2019 11:11


November 2018… the end of a world colony is a fact… Gaby Vandenabeele said goodbye to his beloved pigeon sport after more than 40 years. A tough decision that left no other option as the health of Gaby doesn’t allow it anymore to race pigeons on a top level. At the moment there isn’t a single feather (with exception of a few pigeons that don’t fertilize anymore) to be found at the lofts of Gaby. November 2018 was definitely the end of this world colony that during the period 1988-2018 no less than 7 national victories and 100 provincial wins could mark down on its palmaris.

Everything started with the base breeding cock “De Kleinen” (B81-3238253). His influence in the current strain was of an unknown value. Afterwards, his son “Wittenbuik” (B88-3206112) took over the severe inheritance of his father perfectly. His offspring made the name Vandenabeele known worldwide. The most famous grandson from “Wittenbuik” was without a doubt “De Bliksem” (B98-3158062) and what this guy gave to the world was without boundaries. Seldomly so many people were this successful with pigeons out of the notorious “De Bliksem” breeding strain. Also on our own loft we could enjoy a 1st and 4th National Ace bird KBDB with ‘Yvan’ (a grandson ‘De Bliksem’). When everybody thought no better pigeons could be born, a son of ‘Bliksem’ namely ‘Rudy’ (B06-3008003) became the new base breeding father of the Vandenabeele colony. He became father to amongst other “New Bliksem” (B13-3056024 – 1e Nat. Tulle) and “Super Romeo” (B12-3088052 – 1st Nat. Ace bird KBDB Long Distance Year birds). It doesn’t surprise anybody that many fanciers managed to win amazing results with offspring out of these new breeding pearls.

During the former years we visited Gaby, his wife Christine and their daughter Ilse many time and bought off course many pigeons for our international customers. Every visit again we were impressed with the quality of the Vandenabeele pigeons and that’s why we always have, here with us in Halle-Booienhoven, a department with original Vandenabeele pigeons. Not just a group of Vandenabeele pigeons but thoroughly selected pearls that don’t only have a perfect pedigree but are also a feast for the eye. We went for pure quality and not really for quantity for our Vandenabeele pigeons as we know that Gaby also likes it that way. “A selection can’t be hard enough” quoting the grandmaster from Dentergem.

At the moment 10 original Vandenabeele breeding couples reside on our lofts whereof 5 direct children out of the base breeder “Rudy”, 3 children out of the national ace bird “Super Romeo” and 3 children out of the national Tulle winner “New Bliksem”. As mentioned before, all these Vandenabeele pigeons are really well selected and are from extra ordinary class!

Would you also like to benefit from these exclusive couplings, don’t hesitate for a moment and please contact us: Tel.: 0032 475 45 50 95 Tel.: 0032 475 45 51 95

Prices for direct children:
PAIR: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6                                                                                   500 EUR / 1 youngster
PAIR: 3 (parents 1 Prov. ace pigeon Allround Y.B. K.B.D.B. 2017)     1000 EUR / 1 youngster
PAIR: 7, 8, 10                                                                                         400 EUR / 1 youngster
PAIR: 9                                                                                                   350 EUR / 1 youngster

Sporty greetings,
Miet & Jo Herbots