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Published on: 01/09/2018 14:17

1st International Narbonne 15,501 old birds

Joost and his wife Elsie add just another one! This was my first thought when I was following the arriving’s out of Narbonne on Saturday evening. A few weeks ago they were already on the highest international level when ‘Floorke’ won the 1st International Barcelona hens. It starts to get a bit Mexican like this. National championships, national ace birds and (inter)national victories…it just never ends over there. Joost his new top pigeon is called ‘Celsius’. We don’t have to look far to declare his name. The month of July will go in the history books as one of the hottest months ever in Belgium. After the release on Friday morning at 7h15, the Narbonne platoon got a vivacious race served. This with temperatures that flirt in France and Belgium all the time with 30° Celsius and as a spicy adding some thunderstorms. In short, only the strongest could place themselves within the top of the results.

“Celsius”: 4178447/14

The international winner, as ‘Celsius’ isn’t only the fastest pigeons of Belgium but also of the entire field of participants, got a speed of more than 1,102 m/m for a distance of 853km . When he clocked at about 20h09, Joost his heart skipped a beat. ‘Celsius’ was the first pigeon clocked above the 1,100 m/m…and it would also stay like this.

Describing a pigeons in words is never easy but this international winner made it very easy. Seldom seen such a complete long distance pigeon: slim and rank build. The ideal muscles to race for hours, a nice balanced out wing but especially his head says it all…so smart and such an appearance! Last year he showed himself already when he won the 75thNational Agen against 4,405b (110thInternational against 12,007b).

An inheritance to dream off

Off course ‘again’ there is a lot of ‘Joost’ (1stInternational Perpignan) in ‘Celsius’ his pedigree. How many cracks did this proven top racer and top breeder already gave to the world? This in first, second and third breeding line…unbelievable. This is how ‘Celsius’ his mother is a daughter ‘Joost’ who was coupled against ‘Benjamin’ (Sister ‘Witterug’ 18thNational Bergerac with a pinch of Oscar Brackenier). ‘Celsius’ his father comes out of a pure Dutch long distance strain. His father is a son of the famous ‘Dax Gladiator’ from Kurvers-de Weerd. You can also find ‘Ballerini’ from Wijnands & zoon and a sniff of the ‘Blauwe Vanoppen’ in his pedigree.

Care and motivation

‘Celsius’ is on a loft where they race on total widowhood. He was motivated extra by this system or let’s say agitated. His ‘steady girlfriend’ became in love with another cock on the loft. It was just ‘new love’ but ‘Celsius’ noticed it anyway and knew he had to come home really fast or he would lose his big love…And look, a bit of jealousy can do a lot, namely winning an international race.

As feeding method Joost uses I.C. Black Label System from Versele-Laga since a while now And it is common known that he has been using for years now the products from Belgavet, together with Wonderpigeon. To keep his colony ‘healthy’ and in top shape he makes use of the consults from vet Pascal Lanneau from Zwevegem. He passes by every Sunday during the racing season to check-up all the racing pigeons. Depending on the diagnose, they treat or they don’t treat. When there are contaminations they give a tricho - and/or coxi – pill.

Two more Narbonne stars

Next to ‘Celsius’, who won the international palm, there were two other top pigeons that claimed some attention on Narbonne. Two other pigeons were able to reach the loft that same evening and they both were even year birds. The first year bird that got home was a blue white pin cock with band number 4017313/17. He clocked at 21h36 and was good enough for the 3rdNational and also the 1stProvincial. In his pedigree we again find the strain of the ‘Joost’. This trough ‘Hugo’ who won the 1stInternational St. Vincent against 10,737b in 2015. His mother is ‘Chrigi’, a sister of the 1stNational ace bird ELD. You can find Chris Hebberecht blood running through her veins as well as the old strain from Joost himself.

The second pigeon(4017312/17), who became the 5thnational and 2ndprovincial is a hen. She arrived when it was almost totally dark (22h16), what a character that pigeon must have had, strong ! Her father is the “Super Bordeaux” (3rdInt. Bordeaux 6,710b.) coupled to a “Daughter Geert” who is a half-sister of “Amalia” ( 1stNat. Ace bird GMD 2011).

As they were the only two year birds that could reach the loft that evening they were all alone on the loft the entire night. With as a consequence that Cupid made his move and maybe a super breeding couple for Narbonne has been made…

Joost the “General”

After four, there is five, indeed Joost De Smeyter already won 4 nationals. Now that his fifth national victory is in he called himself while laughing ‘the General’ as they also have 5 stars. Joost and Elsie, thank you for your hospitality and the nice chat. In the meantime you can practice a bit on the trampoline so you will be in the air all together, that is a bit nicer for the photo.
Hopefully we see you soon for number six…but which rank is that??

Congratulations from the entire Herbots-team !




1st International Narbonne 15,501 old birds