DBA China

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Published on: 01/12/2018 12:00

From Friday November 23rd till and with Sunday December 2nd, they organised a 10-day journey in China. They did this together with the FCI, the German Racing Pigeon sport and One Pigeon China, to promote the pigeon sport all over the world. During this period, there also were two pigeon markets; one in Xian and the other one in Nanjing. It all was well organised and already the first day, they welcomed us in presence of the Belgian ambassador; Mr. Mark Vinck, who took the time to be present and to make the mutual relations stronger and also to support the fame of the Belgian pigeon.

On Friday, there was the market in Xian, an old Chinese town with a rich culture. It was the very first time, they organised a pigeon market here. This was a very positive aspect because the Chinese fanciers of this region, had the opportunity to get in contact with foreign fanciers from Europe and the well-known scene. On commercial level, it probably wasn’t fabulous but of course, the confidence has to grow. Nevertheless, the ambience and the interest was positive and besides this, we must admit that the organisation had an eye for detail (as we usually say “the Chinese way”). Everything with flowers and even on the water bottles, we found the emblem of the DBA and the pigeon sport. Even the floor was covered with drawings of our famous Belgian cartoonist Walthery.