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Published on: 01/09/2018 13:22


Beveren-Leie: Chris Debacker is without a doubt one of the top fanciers within our national pigeon sport. Since 2002 the amount of provincial victories went easily above 20 and now with Gueret a first national victory can be added to the palmaris of this kind West-Flanders fancier.

Results from 2017 have proven already that there is more than class present at the Debackers’ loft. No less than 6 provincial victories were set in that season. We like to give you once again an overview of the impressive list: 1st  – 2nd  Prov. Fontenay 10,081 young birds – 1st , 3rd , 7th and 8th Prov. Fontenay 5,581 young birds – 1st  Prov. Orléans 1,422 old birds – 1st  Prov. Fontenay 9,803 young birds – 1st  Prov. Tulle 1,966 year birds – 1stand 9th Prov. Chateaudun 3,277 young birds.    
And now in 2018…already several 1st prizes and chain results were set, but with Gueret National the jackpot is won.


Chris tells : “The entire story starts in 1977. No one in my family was a pigeon fancier although my grandfather could tell a lot of stories about it. I was 9 years old and fascinated how the birds could find their way to their loft time after time again. Racing them was something I couldn’t speak about, highly forbidden by my parents. Nevertheless…we tried once to race them without them knowing. When I was 12 years old I lost my father. My mother really didn’t want me to race the birds. But then the retired legend Georges Busschaert came knocking on our door to ask whether I could help out taking care of his pigeons. This was a gift out of heaven for me. I could learn the tricks of the profession from a ‘big’ fancier ! Also at the other long distance champion Hubert Cnockaert from Beveren-Leie, I spent many pigeon hours. We went on a role often together with Roger De Smet (Matthijs). Also there I learnt a lot about how to race and take care of the pigeons.  After a while all pigeons from Georges Busschaert were sold and I had to go along by myself again. I raced from my parental house but the results weren’t coming. Studying and racing pigeons was something that clearly couldn’t go along. After my studies and military service I bought and old house in Beveren-Leie. First off all lofts were build. In 1991 the first youngsters were being raced there. The results weren’t good yet but they increased bit by bit. After the reinforcement with pigeons from Stevens Luyten out of Nijlen a big step forward was set. The goal was winning championships. In 1994 I became a champion for the first time with the young birds in Beveren-Leie. Until 2000 nearly only short distance was raced. Year after year the championship titles were won. And this with the very fast pigeons out of Nijlen accomplished with pigeons from Camiel Vanwynsberghe from Waregem.

In 2001 I made the step towards the middle distance races. With as many wins as fails, it became a season to forget quickly. I needed to add new blood urgently in order to manage the longer races. Rick Cools was a former ‘student-friend’. In these years you had to beat the tandem Cools-Blancke. A few hens were bought and it was immediately a hit in the rose as ‘Lambik’ was born in 2002. He won the 1st Provincial victory and became 2nd Provincial ace bird. From then on mainly the middle distance was being raced. Also that year a round of youngsters was bought at Luc Beernaert from Ooigem who had the pure Vandenabeele blood in his loft. 
So I can reassure you that the base of my current colony is based on Vandenabeele pigeons through different fanciers and trough a cooperation with Rik Cools. This cooperation contains that every year 20 cocks from Rik move to my loft and that 20 hens from my loft go to Rik. The hens are being raced and go after their sportive career back to the breeder unless the racer wants to buy it. A perfect agreement that never takes care of any commotion. 


The ones who follow this colony since a few years already will confirm that Chris can race both hens and cocks really well and even youngsters aren’t a problem in setting great results. The national victory is won by hen “Cilleke” (B17-3048323), an original Rik Cools hen. Chris explains : “as mentioned before Rik and I exchange each year young cocks…well…this hen was seen as a cock when she was young…but ‘he’ turned out to be a ‘she’.

My hens team exists out of 14 pigeons. After the season of 2017 they got a ticket direction aviary and stayed there until the 2nd week of March. Then they moved onto the hens department. During the 1st week of April they were being coupled and did their first races on a nest position. When the youngsters were 2 weeks old (this was on week before Bourges Nat. I), the youngsters and cocks were taken away and the ladies were on widowhood from then on.
The hens have 2 departments at their disposal. One department with boxes and one department with chapels. During the week they reside on the department with the chapels. Only before the race and at homecoming they can go into the boxes where their home staying partners wait. 
The hens train twice a day. In the morning it is a free training and they hardly fly for 5 minutes. In the evening I use a flag so they have an obliged training of 30 minutes.

In a matter of feeding I use the protein poor Vandenabeele mixture and I feed them the last 3 days before basketing a mix of 50% Sport Premium and 50% Vandenabeele.

In a matter of side products I give them at homecoming either Electro Forte (Herbots) either Belgasol either RecupFly (Pro.bel.Fly). On Tuesdays I provide vitamin B12 from Chevita and also the product PowerFlyFem.

In a medical way the racing hens were vaccinated against paramyxo, small pocks and parathypus and they were being cured three weeks ago with doxycycline. Against trichomoniases I give them weekly yellow drops at basketing. 

To mention in between: “Cilleke”, the national winner Gueret, raced as a youngster Bourges National but failed huge. She was taken in at a fancier from Limburg (totally the other side of the country). The parents in law from Chris live in this province and went to get ‘Cilleke’. Chris confesses: “if my parents in law shouldn’t have lived over there, I would never went to get her.”

Chris…a big congratulations from the entire Herbots team and now you started winning a national you can quickly win a second one…we surely grant it to you !

B17-3048323: 1st NATIONAL GUERET 8,362 YEARBIRDS