Bjorn Rombouts, Westmalle; a short distance champion pur sang!

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Published on: 04/10/2019 12:13

It happens once in while that you have to right ingredients at the right time and place and then you have a recipe that just can’t fail. I found such a recipe; you take one young, ambitious pigeon fancier and give him a few pigeons to test out. He mixes, weighs them, tries,…until he finds that perfect combination. He continues on perfecting this recipe and before you know it you don’t have one but 2 different but as equal superb pigeon families who race like hell and give generation after generation super results !

This is what happened in Westmalle, a small village in the north of the province of Antwerp at Bjorn Rombouts. Bjorn started racing pigeons in 1992 following the example of his father. His first pigeons came from Lier market (Leo Tielemans) and afterwards via the Brothers Van Haeren. Later on he bought here and there some pigeons to strengthen his loft from : Louis Maes, Swa Vandenlangenbergh, Jozef Goovaerts (De Kaasboer), …and later the pigeons from Stickers-Donckers and Dirk Van Dyck made their way on to the loft. He choose to race the short distance races, nevertheless that his pigeons have been tested on the middle distance and long distance races and with only a few pigeons that have been tested there were immediate results like for example : 8 National Bourges – 14 National Argenton - ….so they can take on the longer distances as well!

After he found the right recipe he was able to place himself a few times within the best of the best of the short distance racers and won underneath championships:

1° Provincial Champion Short Distance youngsters 2007
1° Provincial Champion Short Distance Old 2016
1° Provincial Ace bird Old Short Distance 2016
8° National Champion Short Distance old 2016
8° National Ace bird Year birds Short Distance 2016

And this with 2 pigeon families so let us have a closer look at them.

Family 1 : BE10-6345930 x BE12-6158260 aka Father x Mother ‘8-Ball’

We mentioned above that Bjorn went to the super short distance fanciers Stickers-Donckers to get some pigeons, this was done by eggs from the breeders which were layed under other couples. No it is so that Stickers-Donckers didn’t keep track of which eggs from which pigeons were laid where….with as a consequence that they don’t know the exact heritage of these pigeons. The only thing we know for sure is that they are direct pigeons out of the breeders from Stickers-Donckers and that these were out of their best shows underneath results…This is how BE10-6345930 (Part I – Buy 2) came crawling out of one of these eggs, he was a late youngsters 2011 ringed with a ring from 2010. The BE12-6158260 (Part I – buy 3) is a product of one of Bjorn’s own recipes and we find following 4 topbreeders in her pedigree : Dirk Van Dyck, Marcel Wouters, Frans Vandenlangenbergh and Louis Maes. These 2 coupled against each other gave golden eggs.

They are the parents to ao:

BE15-6202587 ‘8-Ball’Part I – Buy 1

1 Quièvrain 682b 120km
1 Quièvrain 551b 120km
2 Quièvrain 588b 120km
3 Quièvrain 1,238b 120km
3 Quièvrain 572b 120km
3 Quièvrain 266b 120km
5 Quièvrain 342b 120km
7 Quièvrain 1,059b 120km
10 Quièvrain 405b 120km
11 Quièvrain 1,037b 120km

BE13-6178457 ‘Full brother 8-Ball’ Part I – Buy 5
Super racer & breeder
Won himself:
33x prize – 19x per 10
1 Quièvrain 66b 120km
2 Quièvrain 703b 120km
2 Quièvrain 260b 120km
4 Quièvrain 408b 120km
5 Quièvrain 695b 120km
7 Quièvrain 559b 120km

Father to ao : 1/625b- 1/415b – 3/556b – 4/632b – 4/628b -…
Grandfather to ao : 1/1,467b – 1/932b – 1/563b – 2/632b…

BE16-6033100 ‘Full brother 8-Ball’ Part I – Buy 20
28x prize – 12x per 10
3 Quièvrain 563b 120km
4 Quièvrain 710b 120km
8 Quièvrain 1,376b 120km
12 Quièvrain 986b 120km
15 Noyon 213b 225km
17 Quièvrain 504b 120km

BE16-6033021 ‘Full brother 8-Ball’ Part I – Buy 27
17x prize
2 Quièvrain 710b 120km
4 Quièvrain 265b 120km
5 Quièvrain 493b 120km
9 Quièvrain 614b 120km
9 Quièvrain 632b 120km
11 Quièvrain 544b 120km

BE18-6023322 ‘Full brother 8-Ball’ Part – Buy 4
21x prize – 9x per 10
3 Quièvrain 986b 120km
3 Quièvrain 543b 120km
5 Quièvrain 373b 120km
11 Quièvrain 645b 120km
13 Quièvrain 1,082b 120km
51 Quièvrain 1,141b 120km

BE17-6021758 ‘Full brother 8-Ball’ Part I – Buy 25
2 Quièvrain 291b 120km
7 Quièvrain 525b 120km
21 Quièvrain 1,520b 120km

BE17-6021842 ‘Full sister 8-Ball’ Part I – Buy 13
Mother to ao:
BE18/309 : 27x prize – 8x per 10
BE18/308 : 12x prize – 6x per 10
BE16-6033099 ‘Full sister 8-Ball’ Part I – Buy 17
Mother to ao:
1 Quièvrain 977b 120km
6 Quièvrain 434b 120km
13 Quièvrain 344b 120km
15 Quièvrain 805b 120km

The are the grandparents to ao:

BE14-6223561 ‘561’ Part I – Buy 6
Super racer & breeder
Won himself:
31x prize – 25x per 10
1 Noyon 625b 225km
1 Noyon 415b 225km
3 Noyon 566b 225km
3 Noyon 535b 225km
3 Noyon 356b 225km
3 Noyon 327b 225km
3 Noyon 208b 225km
4 Noyon 632b 225km
4 Noyon 340b 225km
5 Noyon 307b 225km
6 Noyon 917b 225km
6 Noyon 540b 225km

Father to ao : 1/1,467b – 1/932b – 1/563b – 2/632b…
BE16-6033066 ‘066’ Part I – Buy 9
17x per 10
4 Noyon 628b 225km
5 Noyon 431b 225km
6 Noyon 605b 225km
7 Noyon 746b 225km
9 Quièvrain 504b 120km

BE18-6023335 ‘355’ Part I – Buy 18
1 Noyon 977b 225km
6 Noyon 434b 225km
15 Noyon 805b 225km

BE17-6021790 ‘790’ Part I – Buy 16
1 Quièvrain 309b 120km
6 Quièvrain 563b 120km
22 Quièvrain 977b 120km
17 Quièvrain 2,332b 120km

BE18-6023309 ‘309’ Part I – Buy 14
26x prize – 9x per 10
7 Quièvrain 563b 120km
8 Quièvrain 553b 120km
11 Quièvrain 402b 120km

BE18-6023255 ‘Daughter 8-Ball ‘Part I – Buy 12
5 Quièvrain 402b 120km
9 Quièvrain 730b 120km
23 Quièvrain 1,520b 120km

BE17-6021821 ‘Red&White’ Part I – Buy 19
19x prize – 9x per 10
13 Noyon 344b 225km
17 Noyon 280b 225km

The are the great-grandparents to ao:

BE16-6176542 ‘542’ Original Part I – Buy 7
1 Quièvrain 1,467b 120km
1 Quièvrain 932b 120km
1 Quièvrain 563b 120km
2 Quièvrain 632b 120km
20 Quièvrain 1,560b 120km

Son ‘561’ : 31x prize – 25x per 10 : 1-3-3-3-3-3-4-4-5-6-6-6-…
Grandson ‘457’ : 33x prize – 19x per 10 with 1-1-2-4-5-7-…prize.

Familiy 2 : Basebreeding couple BE09-6075795 x BE10-6200357

This is also how cock BE09-6075795 (Original André Lambrechts) and hen BE10-6200357 (Original Scheyltjens from Beerse) on to the loft of Bjorn. The BE09-6075795 (Part II – buy 1) was flown and was a topper, he won underneath results :

1 Quièvrain 1,219b 120km
1 Quièvrain 128b 120km
1 Quièvrain 126b 120km
2 Quièvrain 361b 120km
2 Quièvrain 208b 120km
2 Quièvrain 138b 120km

So reason enough to move onto the breeding loft, his wife became above mentioned hen BE10-6200357 who showed herself from her best as well by winning underneath results as a young hen:

16 Noyon 1,471b
41 Noyon 1,752b
55 Noyon 1,362b
56 Noyon 1,361b
93 Noyon 1,338b
She laid her last eggs in 2018 to fly off to eternal racing…

And these two stuck like butter on bread. The did become the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents of many, many, many, 1st, 2nd , 3rd , …prizes, head prizes so to say.

Underneath an overview of their most important off spring who are to be found in the total sale that is now online. Some of them raced, some of them were placed onto the breeding loft immediately and some of them possess both qualities.

They are the parents to ao:

BE12-6158237 ‘Son 795x357': Part II – Buy 2
51x prize – 32x per 10
1 Quièvrain 492b 120km
1 Quièvrain 540b 120km
1 Quièvrain 149b 120km
1 Quièvrain 186b 120km
2 Quièvrain 849b 120km
2 Quièvrain 210b 120km
3 Quièvrain 170b 120km
4 Quièvrain 211b 120km
4 Quièvrain 695b 120km
18 Quièvrain 1,991b 120km

BE15-6202599 ‘Son 795x357’ Part II – Buy 3
27x prize – 19x per 10
1 Quièvrain 369b 120km
2 Quièvrain 695b 120km
2 Quièvrain 572b 120km
3 Quièvrain 664b 120km
3 Quièvrain 345b 120km
4 Quièvrain 1,467b 120km
8 Quièvrain 703b 120km
10 Quièvrain 594b 120km

BE15-6202004 ‘Son 795x357’ Part II – Buy 17
Super breeder
Father to ao.:
’18-288’ : 1/342b – 4/402b – 24/1,141b – 63/1,149b - …
’18-289’ : 1/402b – 16/342b – 17/1,149b - …
’18-340’ : 10/402b – 20/553b – 34/1,141b – 64/1,384b - …

BE13-6178414 ‘Son 795x357’ Part II – Buy 9
Super racer & Breeder
2 Quièvrain 1,221b 120km
2 Noyon 218b 225km
7 Noyon 360b 225km
8 Noyon 263b 225km
10 Quièvrain 416b 120km

Father to ao:
’16-020’ : 1/614b – 2/1,213b – 4/226b – 5/424b – 8/326b - …
’18-309’ : 27x prize – 8x per 10
’18-308’ : 12x prize – 6x per 10
BE16-6033098 ‘Daughter 795x357’ Part II – Buy 26
Super breeding hen
Mother to ao:
’17-091’ : 1-2-2- ….
’18-324’ : 16x prize – 7x per 10
BE13-6180204 ‘Daughter 795x357’ Part II – Buy 27
Super breeding hen
Mother to ao:
‘14/573’ : 1-1-2-2-6-6-6-9-...

BE15-6202089 ‘Son 795x357’ Part II – Buy 20
Super Breeder
Father to ao:
’16-024’ : 1-1-1-1-2-3-4-8- …
’18-341’ : 3-5-…

BE15-6202554 ‘Daughter 795x357’ Part II – Buy 7
summer youngster 2016 – old ring 2015
Super breeding hen
Mother to ao:
’18-290’ : 1-1-1-1-2-2-3-4-…
’18-291’ : 4-6-8-…

The are grandparents to ao:

BE18-6023290 ‘Grandson 795x357’ Part II – Buy 4
21x prize – 17x per 10
1 Quièvrain 1,059b 120km
1 Quièvrain 613b 120km
1 Quièvrain 353b 120km
1 Quièvrain 349b 120km
2 Quièvrain 482b 120km
2 Quièvrain 453b 120km
3 Quièvrain 857b 120km
3 Quièvrain 402b 120km
4 Quièvrain 779b 120km
11 Quièvrain 520b 120km
18 Quièvrain 1,082b 120km

BE18-6023291 ‘Granddaughter 795x357’ Part II – Buy 5
18x prize – 11x per 10
4 Quièvrain 453b 120km
6 Quièvrain 779b 120km
8 Quièvrain 353b 120km
44 Quièvrain 1,149b 120km

BE16-6033020 ‘Grandson 795x357’ Part II – Buy 8
10x per10
1 Quièvrain 614b 120km
2 Quièvrain 1,213b 120km
4 Quièvrain 226b 120km
5 Quièvrain 424b 120km
8 Quièvrain 326b 120km
11 Quièvrain 916b 120km
22 Quièvrain 632b 120km

BE18-6023253 ‘253’ Part II – Buy 11
19x prize – 11x per 10
5 Quièvrain 986b 120km
5 Quièvrain 543b 120km
12 Quièvrain 520b 120km
17 Quièvrain 830b 120km

BE18-6023288 ‘Grandson 795x357’ Part II – Buy 18
1 Quièvrain 342b 120km
4 Quièvrain 402b 120km
24 Quièvrain 1,141b 120km
63 Quièvrain 1,149b 120km

BE18-6023340 ‘Granddaughter 795x357’ Part II – Buy 19
10 Quièvrain 402b 120km
20 Quièvrain 553b 120km
34 Quièvrain 1,141b 120km
64 Quièvrain 1,384b 120km

BE18-6023341 ‘Granddaughter 795x357’ Part II – Buy 21
5x prize – 3x per 10 (only raced 5x)
3 Quièvrain 353b 120km
5 Quièvrain 1,149b 120km
101 Quièvrain 1,141b 120km

BE13-6178424 ‘Daughter Super 237’ Part II – Buy 12
Mother to ao.:
’16-547’ : 2/1,376b – 2/424b – 2/326b – 2/226b – 6/551nb – 16/931b - …

BE17-6021859 ‘Grandson 795x357’ Part II – Buy 23
16x prize – 8x per 10
7 Noyon 367b 225km
14 Noyon 628b 225km
22 Noyon 928b 225km
27 Noyon 275b 225km

Does there need to be any sand….
And then you have the top pigeons that are a mixture of the combination of the two above families like ao:

BE14-6223561 ‘561’ Part I – Buy 6
Super racer & breeder
Won himself:
31x prize – 25x per 10
1 Noyon 625b 225km
1 Noyon 415b 225km
3 Noyon 566b 225km
3 Noyon 535b 225km
3 Noyon 356b 225km
3 Noyon 327b 225km
3 Noyon 208b 225km
4 Noyon 632b 225km
4 Noyon 340b 225km
5 Noyon 307b 225km
6 Noyon 917b 225km
6 Noyon 540b 225km

Father to ao : 1/1,467b – 1/932b – 1/563b – 2/632b…
Son ‘457’ : 33x prize – 19x per 10 with 1-1-2-4-5-7-…prize
Grandson ‘Super 237’ : 4x 1st prize – 2x 2nd prize - …

And then, then there is an end to this beautiful song….Bjorn decided to quit racing totally….not because it didn’t go well obviously, not because he doesn’t have enough time…no, because he lost to many top pigeons due to wrong releases. He is sick and tired of putting his heart and soul and energy in pigeons that are lost in one blink of an eye …beginning of 2019 he raced a bit but by July he had lost that many good widow cocks due to bad releases that he couldn’t find the energy anymore to keep up. Next to this fact he lives in a very forest environment where his pigeons are a feast for the predators….sad, so sad that a good, young, ambitious and extremely sympathetic pigeon fanciers decides for the above reasons to stop.

Now we can only hope that people who buy his pigeons are equal successful as he was so his lives work isn’t totally lost at all.

Bjorn, hope all will go well and hopefully we will see you on a regular base here or there with a pigeon fanciers where you will go to watch or help out a bit and off course, see you at the several different championship days !