Bart & Nance Van Oeckel, the Diamond Loft has 4 diamond breeding lines

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Published on: 10/05/2019 8:00

No need to introduce Bart & Nance, no need to introduce their 4 diamond breeding lines ‘Gaston Jr’, ‘F16’, ‘Zwarte Diamant’ and ‘Crazy Boy’. We do need to give an update on the achievements of their off spring as these continue to be amazing!

‘Gaston Jr’ BE08-6031121

This breeding cock is already from 2008 and is a product out of a direct Gaston Vandewouwer pigeon namely ‘Gastonnetje’ BE06-6034891 and a grandson of the worldfamous ‘Kaasboer’ coupled against one of their base breeding hens ‘Super Kleintje’ from Jef De Houwer who is mother of top pigeons like for example their other top racer and breeder ‘F16’. Children ‘Gaston Jr’ managed to set especially in 2018 amazing results as they won 1 – 3 – 9 National on own loft !

‘Gaston Jr’ raced himself at the Van Oeckels’ and by winning underneath results he made it to the breeding loft:
1 Provincial Salbris
14 Provincial Argenton
17 Provincial Chateauroux
25 Provincial La Soutteraine

He proved himself being a good breeder by becoming father of ‘Super One’ in 2013. After that also ‘Super Two’ and ‘Super Three’ followed. These pigeons were all raced at the loft of Kobe & Kato Herbots in Velm and won:

‘Super One’ BE13-6070610 (raced @ K&K Herbots, Velm)
4th National Ace Bird LCB 2013
1 Momignies 66b
1 Soissons 167b
2 Soissons 347b
2 Guèret 518b
3 Momignies 137b
4 Argenton 1,890b – 44 National 19,303b

‘Super Two’ BE15-6059099 (raced @ K&K Herbots, Velm)
6 Best youngsters over 5 Nat. Races
3 National Argenton 11,215b

‘Super Three’ BE17-6057702 (raced @ K&K Herbots, Velm)
1 Provincial Ace bird Limburg
1st Provincial Chateauroux 1,482b

This last one is also a full sister of ‘Lady Gaston Jr’ as she is also a product of ‘Gaston Jr’ x ‘Gucci’ .‘Gucci’ on her turn is a daughter of ‘Miss Turbo’ another top racing hen from the Diamond Loft who won herself 3 x 1st Ace Bird Club Turnhout ’05-’06-’07 and has as most famous grandchild the 1 NPO against 14,502b @ Pieter Veenstra.

‘Lady Gaston Jr’ BE17-6057266
This direct daughter from ‘Gaston Jr’ won 1st National Chateauroux III in 2018 as a year bird and was the fastest against 24,708 pigeons. Next to this achievement she already showed herself before by winning:

2 Local Bourges 2018
6 Local Melun 2017
8 Local Blois 2017
19 National Z Argenton 2018

‘Gaston Jr’ became father, grandfather and great-grandfather of many, many other top pigeons. We like to highlight a few of them starting with his latest top daughter who won the 1st National Chateauroux III in 2018 namely ‘Lady Gaston Jr’.

And to highlight a few more, I’ll give you underneath 3 :

‘Sunny Chateauroux’ BE16-6056412
Another direct daughter ‘Gaston Jr’ who won:
3 National Chateauroux I 18,480b
21 National Z Tulle 2,275b
29 Chevrainvilliers 1,140b
36 Provincial Vierzon 1,889b…

‘Baby Gaston Jr’ BE16-6056432
This direct son of ‘Gaston Jr’ won:
12 Best Pigeon Middle Distance PIPA ranking over 3 national races in 2018
6 National Z Argenton 2018
6 Provincial Jarnac 2017
7 National Z Chateauroux II 2018
9 National Chateauroux III 2018

‘Schoon Madammeke’ BE16-6076059 raced@ Eddy Janssens
Also on other lofts off spring of ‘Gaston Jr’ are doing great. Eddy Janssens, Zandhoven, has a granddaughter ‘Gaston Jr’ namely ‘Schoon Madammeke’ and she already won:

2nd Olympiad bird Old Poznan 2019
1 Melun 1,225b
1 Vierzon 643b
4 Chevrainvillers 622b
6 Chevrainvillers 604b
7 Chevrainvillers 1,482b
7 Melun 750b
9 Bourges 3,821b
11 Souppes-s-Loing 837b
15 Souppes-s-Loing 1,406b
19 Pont-St. Maxence 1,623b
59 Chateauroux 4,391b…

Mother to ‘Schoon Madammeke’ is ‘Nance’ (BE15-6059382), a direct daughter ‘Gaston Jr’ coupled to ‘Witty’ (BE10-6143155) a daughter out of the 1st National Limoges 11,869b x 2nd National Chateauroux 17,109b at LBJ Geerinckx.

And we could continue for a while like this highlighting children and grandchildren from ‘Gaston Jr’, underneath we would like to give a ‘short’ overview (only top 35 is shown otherwise the list would be too long) of direct children ‘Gaston Jr’.



‘F16’ BE09-6107016

This ‘F16’ became the most famous son of the ‘Zwarte Diamant’, not only by racing himself incredible but also proved to be an amazing breeder. Bart Van Oeckel made the very smart decision to keep both father and son on his breeding loft and he still is benefitting this decision! Unfortunately ‘F16’ passed away suddenly in 2018, but Bart made sure he kept a lot of his children on his own breeding loft to make sure he can keep the amazing genes and bloodline from ‘F16’ for the rest of his career as he knows as no other that his offspring are amazing and made him and Nance famous within the world of pigeon fanciers.

The latest results of direct children F16 are:

F-Chateauroux Girl - Daughter F16
6 National Chateauroux III 2018
7 Provincial Blois 2017
14 Chevrainvillers 2017
34 National Argenton 2018
122 National Chateauroux 2018

F-Rainbow - Daughter F16
1 Provincial Le Mans 2018
5 Provincial Argenton 2018
12 National Argenton 2018

All other results are to be found when you click underneath link:




‘Zwarte Diamant’ BE05-6054296

‘Zwarte Diamant’,(BE05-6054296) a marvellous cock from 2005, went directly to breeding loft and even until today he is a wonderful, strong pigeon by hand and most important of all – he was fertile until 2018, the things that really distinguish the best breeders! He is a direct Geerinckx – pigeon, son of the ‘Blauwe Ijzeren’ (BE96-6618311) coupled against a daughter ‘Goede Rode’ (BE89-6358226) – 13 x 1st prize on Noyon (short distance – about 200km) and came onto the loft trough Jos Vissers. I deliberate put their birthdates with them to show that it is a strong strain that all bred very good and very long – you can’t ignore the good genes. But no-one could except that the ‘Zwarte’ Diamant’ would be this good as a breeder. It just didn’t stop with his marvellous children like ‘F16’, ‘Magic Diamant’, ‘Miss Poznan’,…but it continued in 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation. The list of his descendants is that long that it is impossible to talk about all of them and not at all at their own loft but on many other lofts.

‘Miss Poznan’ – BE08-6031114
‘Miss Poznan’ is a ½ - sister ‘F16’ and has as mother ‘Zus Goudhaantje’, she is a full sister of ‘Goudhaantje’ from Rudi Diels who is 1st Olympiad bird Ostend 2007 – 3rd National Ace bird KBDB ’05 – 4th National Ace bird KBDB ’06 and also grandfather of 1st National Ace bird KBDB Middle Distance 2011. This full sister ‘Goudhaantje’ turned out to be a perfect match to ‘Zwarte Diamant’ at the Diamond loft and they became the parents/grandparents/great-grandparents of several top birds like this ‘Miss Poznan’ for example.

Most important results 'Miss Poznan' BE08-603114:
1 Olympiad bird Cat. C Poznan 2011
3 European Ace bird Dortmund 2010
8 National Ace bird KBDB 2010

That this breeding line (‘Zwarte Diamant’ x ‘Zus Goudhaantje) do give its wonderful genes to other generations can also be showed by the breeding results of a full brother ‘Miss Poznan’, named very easy ‘Brother Miss Poznan’ BE13-6321457. He is the father of a.o ‘Hongary Diamant’ 1 Provincial Montélimar 755km – 6 Chateauroux 557km - …

Bart and Nance didn’t race any direct children from ‘Zwarte Diamant’ since 2014 anymore as he is getting older and doesn’t breed that easily anymore. All his direct children that will be born will be placed directly on the breeding loft (if he will give any children as he didn’t fertilize yet in 2019). Grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on…are off-course still to be found within the racing team.

Latest best results of grandchildren ‘Zwarte Diamant’ are:

F-Chateauroux Girl – Granddaughter ‘Zwarte Diamant’
6 National Chateauroux Blois III 2018
7 Provincial Blois 2017
14 Chevrainvillers 2017
34 National Argenton 2018
122 National Chateauroux 2018

F-Rainbow - Granddaughter ‘Zwarte Diamant’
1 Provincial Le Mans 2018
5 Provincial Argenton 2018
12 National Argenton 2018

Also :
5 Provincial Blois 2018 402b
10 National z Tulle 2018 1,877b
25 National Chateauroux I 2018 18,799b
28 Provincial Blois 2018 1,581b
32 National z Argenton 2018 4,781b
34 National Argenton 2018 5,782b
78 National Chateauroux I 2018 18,799b



‘Crazy Boy’ BE11-2014215

In 2015 ‘Crazy Boy’ (original Erik Limbourg) moved to Oud-Turnhout to become a base breeder for the long distance racers. He won himself :
1 National Z Souillac - 2 National 5,282b
1 S-Provincial Chateauroux - 2 Provincial 1,580b
3 S-Provincial Montluçon 818b
8 Provincial Cahors - 28 National Z 2,363b
9 Provincial Limoges - 4 National Z 2,174b
10 National Bordeaux - 12 I. National Bordeaux 10,622b

He started to breed and this coupled to the best, already proven, breeding hens on the loft like for example ‘F-Super One’ (BE14-2199513), a co-breeding with K&K Herbots with as father ‘F16’ and mother ‘Super One’ (see info ‘Super One’ above). ‘Crazy Boy’ and ‘F-Super One’ are for example the parents of ‘Crazy 28’, which makes if you have paid attention that in this ‘Crazy 28’ you can find all 4 top and base breeders from the loft of Bart & Nance Van Oeckel. What a nice way to conclude this report…

BE16-6056028 ‘Crazy 28’ – Daughter ‘Crazy Boy’
Also Granddaughter ‘F16’ – Great-Granddaughter ‘Zwarte Diamant’ – Great-Granddaughter ‘Gaston Jr’

12 National Ace Bird KBDB GMD Year birds 2017
1 National Z Chateauroux 1,547b 557km
33 National Z Bourges 4,831b 507km
59 National Z Bourges 4,546b 507km
67 National Z La Souterraine 3,447b 622km