“Brutus” of MARC & GEERT POLLIN (Jabbeke) 4th National ace KBDB Marathon

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Published on: 22/10/2019 12:11

Jabbeke: Marc & Geert Pollin…. a fixed value in the international pigeon sport … For more than 30 years at the top, an evolution from speed over middle distance to long distance, a record of achievements with national victories, ACE pigeons, Olympiad pigeons, winners in all top rankings from middle distance to long distance and still to be found alive and kicking on various stages each year. Also in 2019 they had a very good racing season. They won following KBDB championships:
2nd general provincial champion KBDB West-Flanders ‘19
2nd provincial champion Great middle distance old birds KBDB West-Flanders ‘19
2nd provincial champion Great middle distance year birds KBDB West-Flanders ‘19
3rd provincial champion marathon old birds KBDB West-Flanders ‘19
3rd provincial champion All Round young birds KBDB West-Flanders ‘19
4th National ace marathon KBDB ‘19

And when we have a close look at the national race results, we find the name Pollin at following top places:
5th national Narbonne 3,935b.
19th national Tulle 6,206b.
39th national Tulle 7,155b.
42nd national Narbonne 3,873b.
52nd national Pau 2,797b.
56th national Aurillac 3,886b.
66th national Aurillac 3,886b.
67th national Souillac 3,737b.
93rd national Montauban 5,408b.
95th national Limoges 13,569b.
103rd national Limoges 13,569b.
103rd national Perpignan 3,915b.
129th national Argenton 23,528b.
169th national Vierzon 24,055b.

And the results on National zone level are even more impressive:
1st Chateauroux 1,814b.
1st Aurillac 215b.
4th Aurillac 215b.
2nd Tulle 389b.
4th Vierzon 1,885b.
4th Tulle 318b.
4th Argenton 278b.
5th Argenton 1,701b.
5th Chateauroux 175b.
5th Chateauroux 120b.
6th Chateauroux 175b.
7th Bourges 253b.
9th Montlucon 469b.
10th Issoudun 395b.
10th Bourges 253b.
12th Limoges 1,060b.
12th Tulle 318b.
13th Chateauroux 175b.
15th Souillac 287b.
16th Limoges 1,060b.
16th Libourne 445b.
17th Argenton 1,701b.
18th Argenton 1,164b.
19th Chateauroux 1,814b.
19th Chateauroux 1,642b.
19th Montauban 498b.
20th Vierzon 1,885b.
20th Tulle 389b.
20th Souillac 303b.
21st Tulle 389b.
22nd Libourne 311b.
23rd Chateauroux 1,513b.
23rd Limoges 815b.
25th Issoudun 395b.
25th Tulle 318b.

A breeding loft with quality in abundance
Marc has always honoured the adage not to sell the trees but only the fruits. Of all national winners (7 in total) only one pigeon was sold, namely New Belgian Pride, 3rd national Agen, 1st national Libourne and KBDB ACE pigeon long distance yearlings. All other winners were maintained. A number of breeding lines were maintained based on a few top pigeons such as Mortifer, Dortmunder, Nai, Provinciaal Poitiers, Cadel, "12" and a few more. The last few years, these were complemented with Bruce, Montauban II, Joe, Nest brother Joe, 2nd nat Tulle, Provincial St Junien, Mister Joske. But flanked by a host of equally strong top hens. At Marc and Geert's some hens are played as yearlings and old hens between the young pigeons, and with much success. So they formed breeding pairs with hens that regularly flew in the national top 100 on the heavy middle distance.

They own a truly impressive breeding loft. In most cases, top-performance pigeons were matched with strong hens. So it is no surprise that new top flyers are born every year. We have been persuaded that, if all goes well, the coming years the colony will not be outplayed from the national top.
The quality of the breeding loft has also led to good results for other fanciers (Norbert and Stefaan Ally's national winner Neymar is a 50% Pollin, Team Dejaegher's ace pigeon long distance Fury is a 50% Pollin, and many others in Holland and abroad succeed with this strong strain).


Brutus - BE16-30.25.288
4th National ace KBDB Marathon ‘19
3rd provincial ace Marathon old birds KBDB West-Flanders

Wins in 2019
5th National Agen 3,935b.
16th International Agen 12,090b.

42nd National Narbonne 3,873b.
122nd International Narbonne 9,813b.

Wins in 2018
45th National Angouleme 4,525b.
120th National Jarnac 5,371b.
378th National Gueret 5,331b.
627th National Bourges 20,284b.

“Brutus” is a full brother of 1st national Montauban winner “Montauban II”

Duyvertje – BE17-30.02.930 – original Denduyver F. & K.
1st Provincial ace great middle distance 2018 KBDB West-Flanders
5th National ace KBDB great middle distance‘18
8th provincial ace All round 2019 KBDB West-Flanders

1st National (z) Chateauroux 1,795b.
44th National Chateauroux 27,081b.

3rd National (z) Argenton 1,078b.
21st National Argenton 19,859b.

34th National Chateauroux II 13,098b.
169th National Bourges 4,253b.
187th National Bourges 19,133b.

Son “12” – 020 - BE19-30.15.020
3th provincial ace All Round young birds KBDB West-Flanders

2nd Fontenay 382b.
3rd Clermont 830b.
3rd Fontenay 543b.
5th Saumur 2,491b.
7th Clermont 201b.
15th Clermont 620b.

“Nephew New Belgian Pride” - BE18-30.40.056
(out “Brother New Belgian Pride” x “granddaughter Dortmunder”)
2nd provincial ace Great middle distance year birds KBDB West-Flanders

2nd Vierzon 511b.
3rd Chateauroux 138b.
8th Tours 2,666b.
53rd Poitiers 2,371b.

“Grandson Dortmunder” - BE17-30.00.072
(out “Son Dortmunder 090” x “Daughter Hamilton”)
2nd provincial ace Great middle distance old birds KBDB West-Flanders

1st Chateauroux 1.814b.
2nd Blois 263b.
4th Chateauroux 231b.
41st Bourges 1,885b.