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Yves Vandepoel has a lot of success with his Leo Heremans Collection

03 Mar 2020

At this instant we have an internet auction of 16 direct Yves Vandepoel pigeons. This auction is focussed on the succes story of Leo Heremans. Leo has been one of the best colonies troughout the years on the short distance races and Yves invested strong in these pigeons. Off course this brought him successes so we can only state that his investments paid off. 

This auction ends on 04/03/2020 at 14u00, click here to go directly to the auction

Yves is solid when it is concerned in getting the best of the best and couple these to each other. This is also what he did with the worldfamous Leo Heremans pigeons which gave him a lot of succes in just a matter of a few years. (Grand)children to “Olympiade 003”, “Jan”, “Zus Euro”, “Di Caprio” ( Dirk Van Dijck ) moved to the Geetbets and these pigeons were being coupled to each other to keep the golden breeding lines from Leo Heremans. An ideal strengthening for you breeding loft as these pigeons proved around the world that their genes keep on being strong troughout the various generations. 

To give the perfect example we have : 
BE 11-2007582 Lady Bolt 

A classfull hen that won herself the 1st National Chateauroux 4.316b, 30 Nat Issoudun 5.670b and 35 Nat Argenton 5.841b and 49 Nat Chateauroux 4.757b. A palmaris to bow for, the signal to bring these pigeons to the breeding loft where she became in the meantime grandmother to  “Victoria Bolt”,  this hen won the 1st National Chateauroux 1,712b (fastest against 13,962b).  

On mothers' side you find the strains from “Wellens” and “Wonderaske” from Leo Heremans. 

In this auction you can find 2 direct children to the national winner “Lady Bolt” 

BE 18-2148286 “Jeanine” ( coupled to a son “Jan” )

BE 18-2144494 “Capri Girl ( coupled to a son “Di Caprio” )

We would like to tell you a bit more about this son "Di Caprio”.

BE 11-6048723 is bred out of “Di Caprio” x “Kleindochter Olympiade 003” 

He is in the meantime father to the 11th National Argenton 24.078b, 31st National Chateauroux 10.454b, 44th National Chateauroux 14.955b and 49th National Argenton 13.730b.  A classfull breeder 

In this sale you can find a few children to this super breeder coupled against the best from  Leo Heremans 

BE 17-2155793 “Zoon Ci Caprio” x “Dochter Jan” 

BE 18-2148248 “Zoon Ci Caprio” x “Dochter Jan”

BE 18-2147370 “Zoon Ci Caprio” x “Inteelt Jan” 

This “Jan” took care of marvelous successes on several different lofts worldwide, BE 02-6113220 “De Jan” was a fantastic racer himself and crowned himself 3x within the National Ace birds Ave Regina, a very though competition between the best lofts of the country. Afterwards he grew out to be a super breeder where you can still find the results of in Geetbets. 

BE 10-6345347 “Jan Junior” ( is a son “De Jan” x “Dochter Olympiade 003” )

He became together with “BE 12-6173219” Lady Olympiade ( Double granddaughter 'Olympiade 003” ) parents to "Jana”. This top hen won the 1st Semi-national Chateauroux against 3,162b. 

Again the proof that these pigeons can compete from 100 to 600km . 

In this sale you can find a full brother “Jana” and several half brothers and sisters

BE 18-2145287 Full brother“Jana” 

BE 18-2145264 “Janina” ½ sister “Jana” 

BE 18-2148289 “Jan 289” ½ brother “Jana” and also a double grandson “Jan” 

BE 19-2141902 “Sprint Olympia” ½ sister “Jana”. Daughter to  “Dubbele Kleinzoon Jan” x “Dubbele Kleindochter Olympiade 003”