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Yves Vandepoel and his Gaston Vandewouwer collection

26 Feb 2020

At the moment there is an internet auction from Yves Vandepoel from Geetbets and his Gaston Vandewouwer collection. He is offering 1 direct pigeon from Gaston that has proven to be a top breeder on his own loft. The other pigeons are all 100%  Gaston Vandewouwer.  

Yves started a few years ago investing in Gaston Vandewouwer pigeons. The 'Kaasboer' bloodstrain is a breeding line that is very succesful on many lofts within Belgium and abroad. That's why his decision which made that he was very succesful really quick. 

As real top of the bill we present you :
“BE 13-6304959” Kaasboer Kim
Grandson Kaasboer and  240/03 Torre
Is also a ½ brother “Palme D’Or” who became mother to 2 National ace birds

But the most important thing is what this pigeon breeds. We know that the strains from Gaston set their genes really quickly but this pigeon has managed to breed already some real winners with ao: 5th National Limoges 15,713b, 21st National Argenton 3,322b and 38th National Argenton 8,006b. 

At Gaston himself it was especially the strain from “Kim” – “098/03” – “Kaasboer” that is the red wire troughout his colony. The past few years 2 new top hens came along with Maria” – “New Kim”. “Maria” became 4th National Ace bird GMD old 2018 and won 1st National Chateauroux 2,858b, 4th National La Souterraine 16,613b and also 5 x TOP 170 National on top of this. A true classful hen as we know them at Gaston. 

The last pigeon in this sale is “BE 18-2148299” Mario

He is an inbred product to this wonderhen “Maria”.  Both mother as father are grandchildren Kaasboer. 

And “New Kim” BE 18-6063796  became 1st National Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB 2018 with a very low coefficient. She won the 2nd National Chateauroux 17,280b, 12th National Argenton 16,496b and 21st National Chateauroux 12,855b. Also she is an inbred product to “Kim” 1st National Gueret and base breeder “Kaasboer”

Please find two inbred products to this new wonder hen “New Kim”

BE 18-2144447 “New Kimmy” en BE 18-2037615 “Inbred New Kim”

There is also 'Rik' “BE 03-6257098” Rik one of the best sons ever out of base breeder 'Kaasboer'. Also at Yves this bloodstrain schowed its strength and he has with  “Witbuikje”  a top pigeon on the loft with 4 x TOP 30 National

Especially for this sale a few top pigeons towards the strain of  “098-03”

BE 18-2148258 “Double Rik” ( Double grandson 098-03 )

BE 18-2144482 “Rikka 482” ( Granddaughter 098-03 ) 
½ sister “Witbuikje” 4 x TOP 30 National 

BE 18-2148251 “Tia 251” ( Granddaughter 098-03 )

BE 19-2141983 “Rikkie” ( Double grandson 098-03 )
½ brother “Witbuikje” 4 x TOP 30 National

The last pigeon we would like to introduce to you is  “BE 17-2153108” Inbred Kaasboer 108 and is from the hart of this colony

Father is “BE 11-6119193” New Kaasboer
Original Gaston Vandewouwer and grandson Kaasboer

Mother is “BE 13-631796” Laurenza
Original Gaston Vandewouwer and full sister “Laura” 1ste National Bourges 17,138b ( fastest 39,614b )

Both father and mother have set amazing children onto this worl with top results 

That is why this pigeon is that special and he is a 1/2 brother to 10 x Top 65 National
3         Nat     Bourges                   22.663b
4         Nat     La Souterraine          7.245b
6         Nat     Chateauroux             1.790b
15       Nat     Argenton                   3.322b
20       Nat     Chateauroux          14.955b
26       Nat     Chateauroux            1.790b
27       Nat     Bourges                    5.831b
34       Nat     Bourges                    5.831b
61       Nat     Issoudun                   8.248b
63       Nat     Chateauroux            2.858b