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08 Jan 2020

Maasmechelen: Willems Albert and Michel... a name like a clock in the international pigeon sport... a name that became "immortal" by winning the 1st prize International Barcelona '96. Especially the marathon fanciers will agree with the class of the Willems pigeons because anyone who crosses the swords with this colony of Limburg every year has to come out on top. 

Mid March 2019 there was the heavy loss of mama Annieke. For the whole Willems family it was a very difficult period to cope with the loss of their beloved wife and mummy. More than logical that the start of the season was not taken with the same enthusiasm as the previous years. But as the season progressed, the quality of the Willems pigeons came to the surface and there were still nice results on the heavy distance. 


Albert Willems started the pigeon sport at the age of 12. His father preceded him in this. For years he played on the speed but in 1988 he competed for the first time on Barcelona with real long distance pigeons. It was a windy race and Albert won 115th national. The next year this pigeon won 56th national on a hard Barcelona so it must not have been a fluke. In 1992 Albert teamed up with Jos Thoné. The results kept going up with 2nd and 3rd national Narbonne and 1st and 2nd provincial Barcelona 1994. This collaboration Willems-Thoné resulted in 1st international Barcelona 1996 with the hen 'Gerda'. After that, all Barcelona pigeons were sold publicly. At the end of 1999 all pigeons were sold and the tandem was disbanded. In 2000 Albert started again in tandem with his son Michel with yearlings. It didn't take long before the next provincial victory over Barcelona was a fact. The total sales of 2005 hit like a bomb. Really all pigeons were sold and there was nothing left on the loft. After that they started a cooperation with Peter Wijnants (Ostend) and a few years later with Eijerkamp Hans & Evert-Jan (Brummen) but since 2019 they play again on the name of Willems Albert and Michel. 


The great result of this season was undoubtedly the provincial result on Narbonne yearlings. For this race only hens were basketed which were breeding for 7/8 days. Narbonne became a very heavy race. On the day of the release there were only 6 Limburg yearlings at home and 3 of them were from Willems Michel and Albert ! 

"Annieke" B18-5061118
1st Narbonne Provincial - 106th National Narbonne 3,590 years old
122nd Provincial Agenda - 1,160th National Agenda 4,644 years old

"Anita" B18-5061038
2nd Provincial Narbonne - 160th National Narbonne 3,590 years old
2nd Provincial Agen - 28th National Agen 4,644 years old

 "Hanne" B18-5061113
3rd Provincial Narbonne - 172nd National Narbonne 3,590 years old
42nd Provincial Agenda - 491st National Agenda 4,644 years old



On the occasion of their current sale at Pigeon Bids, Michel received the following nice mail from Dutch national champion Geert De Coninck.

Dear Sports Lovers

I wanted to let you know that I bred from a daughter "Peter" (bought early 2018 at an auction Herbots) from the first pairing a son who was played as NESTPENDER this year at Narbonne yearlings and immediately flies the 12th prize Natonaal, I played collectively a strong result but he was my first pigeon, a nice fact and hopefully I breed more of such children 

Kind regards

Geert De Coninck


What wonderful references and knowing that there are currently 2 children of "Peter" for sale there should not be too long doubts here to put this noble marathon blood on your breeding ground.

Results 2019 of Willems Eisden

Agen prov. 550 d. : 3-14-15-23-28-32-36-37-42-...                                                         25/62
Agen National level. 4644 d.            : 28-209-216-324-369-408-427-435-...               25/62

Barcelona prov. 1129 d. : 6-22-29-66-110-126-...                                            12/26
Barcelona national level 7301 d. : 18-96-115-299-603-723-734-766-...      14/26

Narbonne prov. 352 d.  : 1-2-3-8-23-55-56-...                                   9/18
Narbonne national level 3590 d. : 106-160-175-284-396-620-640-...          12/18