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Veulemans – Perilleux from Vissenaken and their Platinum Pair

04 Jan 2022

The top colony Veulemans - Perilleux from the Flemish Brabant Piscesaken has once again had a very strong season. After their crowning in 2020 when they became General Provincial Champion KBDB, the 2021 season has been continued with highlights such as 2nd National Tulle 5,067p, 9th National Chateauroux 18,741p, 9th National Tulle 3,064p and 14th National Chateauroux 10,317p (also 3 x 1st Provincial again on top).

Almost all pigeons are related to their stock couple the “Platinum Pair”. A golden couple that are thinly spread but are so strong in the national races. In total there are already 3 National winners from the descendants and 13 x 1st National (z). Shining on the highest scaffold is their favorite thing to do.

The origin of the colony

Since 2008 they have joined forces and the 2 colonies of Andre & Toon Veulemans have merged with Jacques & Olav Perilleux. The fathers in particular are responsible for the care of the pigeons during the day and especially father Andre where all the racing lofts are located. Because Olav can no longer stay in the loft because of ''pigeon lung'', he mainly takes care of the administration and Toon & Andre take care of the care. A strong team that works hard together is needed to exchange ideas and develop a strategy.

This has certainly not done them any harm because since their amalgamation they have won 3 x 1st National with a.o. 1st Nat Bourges 24,019p, 1st Nat La Souterraine 9,580b and 1st Nat Gueret 2,429b. In addition, 1x 1st Semi – National and 13 x 1st National Zone.

Platinum Pair still ensures the great success.

The “Platinum Pair” consists of “279/99” which was obtained from Mathieu Roox in Veldwezelt (this was Nagels x Serré Laporte breed) coupled to “375/00” Nathalia who obtained Toon from Rudi Hendrikx in Maasmechelen. It remains something special that we are all looking for to discover such a couple, the descendants of these pigeons flew fantastic and luckily they did even better in the breeding loft so that the stock could be built around this family. A total of 13 children provided a provincial, interprovincial, national zone or national winner. Simply top class.

Just a short overview of this super couple

“822/03” Grandmother 1st Nat (z) Argenton 2,659p + 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4,390p
“564/04” Father 1st I.Prov Toury 1,870p                
                   Grandfather 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4,390p + 1st Prov Chateauroux 591p 
“601/04” Sire of 1st Nat (z) Argenton 2.647p
“562/05” Sire 1st Nat La Souterraine 9,602p ( fastest of 17.219p )
“896/05” Sire 1st Nat (z) Gueret 3,127p + 1st Nat Gueret 2,429p              
                   Grandfather of 1st Nat (z) Tulle 1,460p + 1st Prov Chateauroux 591p
“509/05” Grandmother 1st Nat (z) Montlucon 6,281p + 1st Prov Nevers 1,247p
“510/05” Mother 1st I.Prov Toury 2,898 p
“166/06” Grandmother 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4,381p + 1st I.Prov Bourges 2,731p
“810/07” Grandfather 1st NPO Bourges 6,844p + 1st I.Prov Melun 1,959p
“222/08” Grandmother 1st Nat (z) Argenton 3.634p + 1st Prov Argenton 1.068p
“252/08” Father 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4.381p                
                    Grandfather 1st Nat (z) Argenton 5.842p + 1st Prov Tulle 722p
“318/09” Mother 1st Nat Bourges 24.019 d                
                    Grandmother 1st Prov Nevers 1.247p“353/09” Father 1st I.Prov Sens 2.828p + 1st Prov Blois 2.077p


In the current breeding loft it will be rare that you will find a couple in which no family of this couple is present. The current toppers of the 2020 and 2021 season also all have these genes in them.

Of course with such a top couple you have to look for crosses with strange blood that they obtained from Albert Derwa, Ronny Menten, Maurice & Ivan Vandersmissen, Willem De Bruijn and Gaston Vandewouwer. There was also joint breeding with Lossignol – Kemerlinckx from which they are already reaping the first fruits in the national races, which still takes precedence here.

In recent years, pigeons have been added from Davy Tournelle, Ivo Renders, Motton – Coel, Jos Thone, Thijs Peters, Clement Matterne, Haezevoets & Zonen and they bought the toppers from Hervé and Erwin van Parijs that were bred from their pigeons.

Internet Auction

At the moment there is an internet auction of this top colony with proven pigeons (especially winners) from the best of their colony. These pigeons all received high ratings from Jo Herbots and are of real top quality.

We would like to introduce some of them to you

BE 19-2002424 “Lady Issoudun” N°1 for sale

She excelled in the National races with a.o. 15th Nat. Issoudun 18,175b, 34th Nat (z) Bourges 4,164p and 115th Nat Argenton 26.085b. Just like her father “Broken Bone” who won 3x 1st and is a full brother of “Festina” 1st Nat Gueret 2.429p and her mother who won 1st Bourges against 755p

BE 18-202012 “Tulle Boy 112” N°2 on sale

This cock preferred the longer work and shone twice on Tulle (632km) with 25th Nat (z) Tulle 1,790p and 60th Nat Tulle 3,064p, but that didn't stop him from flying top in the shorter races as well. He is a full brother of 4x 1st + 1,000 pigeons

BE 20-2010856 “Neverra” N°3 for sale

This hen shone from Nevers with 7th Semi-National against 9,478b. She is a cross between the Platinum Pair and Willem De Bruijn

BE 20-2010797 “Duna” N°4 for sale

A daughter from a special pairing. 1st National x 1st National.

Her father is "Rinus" 1st Nat La Souterraine 9,602p ( fastest against 17.219p ) and a proven top breeder of several pigeons. 

Her mother is "Festina" 1st Nat Gueret 2,429p and granddaughter of Platinum Pair

BE 18-2020106 “Tulle Boy 106” N°5 on sale

Won 4th S.Prov Melun 1,173b and 34th Nat Tulle 3,064b. 
He comes from a top couple, father is “De 45” father of several super pigeons and ½ brother “Melito” 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4,390b and his mother is “Firefly” 1st Nat (z) Montlucon 6.281p ( 4th Nat 22.672p )

1st Prize winners in the auction

BE 19-2002536 “Soissons 536” N°7 for sale

He won 1st Soissons against 1,983b and is a son of “Blue Blood” who won 66th Nat Gueret 15,007 and is ½ brother “Melito” 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4,390b and his mother is “Sonic Sonia” ( full sister 2nd Nat Argenton 28.019b and 3rd Nat Gueret 15.007p at Frederik Motton ).

BE 20-2010715 “Willemie” N°8 for sale

She won 1st Sermaises 2,068p

Her father is “Firestarter”, he won 30th Nat Chateauroux 10,933p and 52nd Nat Bourges 10,141p. 
Here again a cross between the Platinum Pair and Willem De Bruijn


BE 20-2010746 “Blue 746” N°9 for sale 

She won 1st Soissons 225p but is a full sister of several super pigeons in the national field. 

Her father is "Inbred Platinum Pair" and her mother is "Ivangeline" from M & I Vandersmissen who shone with 10th Nat Bourges 24,019b


Children from real top couples

BE 20-2010863 “National Lady 863” N°11 for sale

She is a full sister of 7 pure 1st prize winners 
She is a full sister of 3 x TOP 10 National winners, including 3rd Nat Argenton 19.303p , 6th Nat Argenton 8.006p and 10th Nat La Souterraine 7,631p 
Her brothers are also doing fantastic in the breeding loft and ensure several top results

BE 19-2002464 “Sister Iron Melita” N°12 for sale

She is a full sister of 2nd National Tulle 5.067p in 2021 and 55th Nat Chateauroux 24.617p.
Her father is a direct Gaston Van de Wouwer and is a full brother of 3rd Nat Bourges 37.357p.
Her mother is "Melita" and full sister of “Melito” 1st Nat (z) Bourges 4,390b

Only Grandchild of “Platinum Pair” for sale

BE 20-2138156 “Blue Platinum” N°13 for sale

Pure inbred to the heart of the colony. 
Truly top material to give a new impulse to everyone's breeding loft. 
His father is a son of "Platinum Pair" and is already father of 2 x 1st Int.Provincial 
His mother is father of 44th Nat Chateauroux 18,741 youngsters and ½ sister of "Festina" 1st Nat Gueret 2.429b. She is a double granddaughter of the “Platinum Pair”


The Veulemans - Perilleux families wish the buyers every success with their pigeons.