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Vanhoudt – Serre from Diest shine with the 1st Semi-National Vierzon 8,008 old pigeons

25 May 2021

On the 1st Semi National race out of Vierzon the result of Vanhoudt-Serre was the most eye catching one. With only 19 pigeons in the race they clock 6 of them within the TOP 15 Semi-National old and yearlings together. An amazing stunt with on top of that the fastest old pigeon against 8,008 old pigeons that were released in Vierzon. A reassurance for Benny and Bart that the condition is top and that the national races can start off. 

Vierzon S.Nat 8,008 old : 1,12,357,460,594,…
Vierzon S.Nat 6,544 yearling : 5,12,14,15,72,108,451,… 

Small racing team

With only 21 hens they started off in Winter, now they have 19 left that all were on Vierzon. They didn’t breed during the winter time but were coupled half of March so they raced the first races on nest position. About 3 weeks ago they got home on a big youngster and were released afterwards so the widowhood could start. 

The hens always race in the morning but not a lot, Benny is happy when they’re in the air for half an hour. When they race good at the weekend it’s good enough for me. 

They were also being darkened from beginning of March until beginning of May with as goal to get to the national races full speed.. 

At basketing they always get to see their cock but this one is mostly locked up half-box and the hens can’t reach them. They can sit like this for about 5 to 10 minutes and are taken away. At arrival they can always stay together until the evening and when it’s a heave race until the morning after. 

In a matter of food we trust fully on the program of Aïda and the hens get for the biggest part the mixture Girl Power. They follow a full schedule that is being worked out for the ladies and also the supplements are all from Aïda. The medical guidance is in hands of Karlo Van Rompaey, the racing pigeons were cleared from trichomoniases and airways were cleared and after about 3 weeks we went for a check-up but everything seemed to be ok. So until now we didn’t undertake anything anymore aside the yellow drop we give on a weekly base at basketing in the beak. 

Winner Vierzon

BE 18-2104534 Blue Hen

    1         S.Nat     Vierzon                    8,008b
  13         Prov      Salbris                         482b
  19         Prov      Salbris                      2,287b ( 1-251b )
  28                         Soissons                    750b
  36                         Momignies            1,572b
  47                         Melun                     2,769b
250         Nat        Argenton              16,762b
363         Nat        Issoudun               10,603b
632         Nat        Chateauroux        20,800b

Father NL 13-1238750 Grandson Hurricane – Willem De Bruijn

Gr.F. NL 11-1742449 Son Schanulleke – Willem De Bruijn
                Son to “BE 05-548” Father Misterie Lady x “NL 08-385” Olympic Schanulleke
Gr.M. NL 11-1742573 Daughter Hurricane – Willem De Bruijn
                Daughter to “NL 10-185” Olympic Hurricane x “BE 05-542” Heremans Ceusters 

Mother BE 14-6072380 Blue white pin – Granddaughter Kaasboer

Gr.F. BE 12-2036500 Brother Barbara – Wouters Wouters x Gaston Vandewouwer
                Son to “BE 05-799” Schone Blauwe x “BE 04-259” Daughter Kaasboer
Gr.M. BE 10-6031857 Daughter Kaasboer – Gaston Vandewouwer
                Daughter to “BE 98-690” Kaasboer x “BE 04-341” Blue daughter 098-03 

From the entire HERBOTS TEAM already a big congratulation on this nice victory. 

Buelens Kim