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Vandepasch & Daughter guarantee super class from 100 to 500 km every year

29 Dec 2021

Year after year we enjoy visiting the Jan & Leanne Vandepasch colony in Grubbenvorst in the Netherlands. Time and again they can present results that are impressive and Jan, as an experienced hand, is a real pigeon fancier in heart and soul. Only racing with hens, they compete with the old and yearlings from 100 to 600km week after week against 1000-2000-5000 or even 10,000 pigeons at provincial level. The Gold of Grubbenvorst can be found here…. Of course they can count on a very strong base from the past with their multiple Olympiad pigeons. Willem De Bruijn's pigeons provide top results from the very first entry and these are then crossed against the old base of Jan and Leanne themselves (Lowieke Janssen Arendonk) and this really creates fireworks. They know what to bet on and they achieve these top results every year.

Old stock pigeons NL 09-1433175 “Jupiter”

Was a wonder racer himself, became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds 2009 and 2nd Ace Pigeon Europe Cup Dortmund 2010 In his breeding career he improved even more and he has already given birth to more than 60 1st prize winners with his descendants. 

A grower that you rarely come across. “Jupiter” itself is a crossing of Willem De Bruijn x Dochter Lowieke as we mentioned above. 

“Jupiter” himself also became father of super hens “Robin”, “Young Robin”, ….

NL 13-1446289 “Hurricane 289”

A joint breeding between Vandepasch and Willem De Bruijn.Olympic Hurricane was coupled here against “Olympic Argentonneke” and this was a bull's eye. We all know what these pigeons are capable of all over the world. 

“Hurricane 289” became father of “Olympic Irma” 3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat.A Poznan 2019. His descendants are doing wonderfully at provincial and NPO level… These have won 1-1-2-4-6-6-7 to date -7-8-11-17-23-23-25-30-34-36-58- ….

The line of “Jupiter” and “Hurricane 289” can also be found in several top pigeons in this auction 

NL 19-1064257 “Lady Jupiter 257” N°2 for sale

A hen of the highest level
Won 3-4-4-6-8-10-12 and 4 x TOP 75 at NPO level above 300km
She won 8 x per 100 and is granddaughter “Jupiter”

Her sister is NL 19-1064341 “Lady Jupiter 341” N°3 in sale 

She won 2 x 1st and a.o. 7th NPO Melun 3,911b

NL 19-1064386 “Hurricane 386” N°7 in sale

Won 2 x TOP 100 NPO middle distance A direct daughter of “Gabriella” 1 NPO Tours 13.244b and full sister of “Jupiter” and granddaughter of super breeder “Hurricane 289”

NL 19-1064400 “Hurricane 400” N°8 for sale

The super hen with 3 x TOP 100 Provincial against more than 5,000 pigeons 
Granddaughter of “Jupiter” and “Hurricane 289”, the 2 basic breeders of the colony

NL 19-1792877 “Robinneke 877” N°11 for sale

Won herself 2nd Provincial Rethel 12,840b
Inbred to “Jupiter” and daughter of “Young Robin” 1st NPO Gien 3,745d
Granddaughter “Hurricane 289”

Her brother is “NL 20-1649825” Robin 825 – N°12 in sale

He himself became 2nd Ace pigeon in the late tour as a youngster. 
Grandson “Hurricane 289”

NL 20-1649767 “Lauren 767” N°19 for sale
Won self 9th Prov Chalons 10,622b and 77 NPO Sezanne 8,463b
Inbred to “Jupiter”

NL 20-1649792 “Hurricane 792” N°20 for sale

Won 8 Prov Chalons 10,622p and is a great-grandson “Jupiter”, which was again crossed here with the very best of Willem De Bruijn

NL 19-1064240 “Jupiter 240” N°14 for sale

Won 25 Prov Sezanne 5,155p 347km
Inbred to “Jupiter” and grandson of super breeder “Hurricane 289”

NL 08-1544195 “Son Fideel” Direct Willem De Bruijn 

Father of super hen “Leanne 104” this top hen won 1 Prov Rethel 12.884p, 1 Marche 5.606p, 1 Charleville 5.001p, 1 Marche 4.562p and 1 Charleville 2.320pFather of “144/17” Brother Leanne 104 is father of 1 Prov Chalons 10.622d 303km

In this sale you can find several pigeons from “Zoon Fideel” 

NL 19-1792854 “Fatima 854” N°9 on sale

Won 6 Prov Chimay 15,227b

Some top pigeons that we would like to introduce to you 

NL 19-1064202 “Iris 202” N°1 in sale

1st S.Prov Ace pigeon youngsters 2019
Won 10 x per 100 with a.o. 1-2-2-3-3-9-10-10-…. 
Full sister of “002/17” 3rd Nat Ace Pigeon W.H.Z.B. 2017
Granddaughter of “Primo” Albert Derwa, “Olympic Iris” 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Cat.H Nitra 2013 at the Vandepasch house

Her full brother is “NL 19-1064353” Primo 353 N°16 in sale

He wins 1st Hannut 2,826 pigeons.

NL 19-1064300 “Amelie 300” N°5 in sale

3rd S.Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2020 (250 lofts)
Won 5 x TOP 60 NPO / Provincial + 300km
Again a lot of Willem De Bruijn is present here crossed with Albert Derwa and Heremans Ceusters

References with Vandepasch pigeons 

Van den Abbeel – Van Paesschen (Lebbeke) 
1st Prov Bourges and 2nd Prov Argenton 2021 youngsters 

In the 2019 auction, this colony bought “Asje Bolero”. A top hen with a very strong palmares. Now in the 2021 season they bred 2 toppers from this hen. 

The 1st pigeon shone with 1st Provincial Bourges 4,472 pigeons and his brothers shone 14 days later with 2nd Provincial Argenton 6,697 pigeons

In this auction there is a full sister of “Asje Bolero” under sale 6. She herself won 6x per 100 and became 2nd Ace pigeon in the late tour in 2019.

Rosendahl Willy ( Borculo - NL ) 
5th Olympiad pigeon Cat.F Poznan 2019 

This pigeon was collected as an egg and flew a super palmares together. 
In her genes is for “Olympic Iris” and “Lowieke”