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Van Hoof – Vanwijngaerden from Schriek win 2nd National Chateauroux 24,617 old birds

11 Jun 2021

On the 2nd National race out of Chateauroux we got again head wind and an extra night which didn’t make this race any easier. But the pigeons who can handle this will be seen first. This was the case for hen “Pebbles” from the loft from Patrick Van Hoof and Kristina Vanwijngaerden out of the Antwerp Schriek. This hen already showed her class on several races but especially when basketing for Chateauroux she was very beautiful and she likes strong weather. She proofs this again with this marvellous result and wins 1st National (z) Chateauroux 2,777 old and 2nd National against 24,617 pigeons. 

When you have a look at her pedigree are both her mother as father proven breeders who gave good pigeons with several different partners. I think that we all look for this and for the coming winter breeding this couple will surely be coupled to each other again. 

Adjustments racing lofts 

I used to have a saddle roof at the hens and youngsters, the results were good but my personal opinion was that the general health of the pigeons wasn’t optimal yet. And then there’s one thing a fancier can do and that is think and make sure that your loft gets even better. The roof was being replaced in the of 2019-2020 by corrugated plates and slightly going downhill in front. The first part is a see trough plastic corrugated plate which has 3 layers and don’t give condense. For myself and for the pigeons it is much better now and hardly any meds needs to be given now. At the old and yearling racers only the widowcocks got a cure for the airways before the season and against trichomoniases I cure all the pigeons before the season. During the season I make us of yellow drops but also here everything is under control at the moment. 

In front of the lofts you have aviaries everywhere where a cloth against the draft is foreseen and aeriation in the hallway is fully open. When we had a look during our visit the climate on the loft was indeed superb. The youngsters looked very tight and the hens reside during the day in the aviaries with chapels and wooden grids. 

When the day is over they can go in and are being locked up in their box where every pigeon can take out of separately. But I think by using these locked boxes a nice motivation turns up to conquer a nice spot. 

The racing pigeons are all being raced on total widowhood and the most important are the national races off course. 

Winner Chateauroux

BE 19-6204179 “Pebbles” Blue hen

1          Nat (z) Chateauroux     2,777b
2          Nat                                 24,617b
2                       Melun                     340b
5                       Nanteuil                137b
13                     Melun                 1,679b
44        Nat(z)  Bourges              4,514b
119      Nat      Bourges           22,506b
460      Nat      Chateauroux   19,529b
1127    Nat      Chateauroux  33,833b

Father BE 16-6095217 Bear
Top breeder
Father to ao. “BE 18-604” 9 Nat Issoudun 11,465b – 1 Etampes 3,663b 
Father to “BE 18-518” 3 x 1st 
Father to “BE 19-123” 15 Nat Argenton 4,606b

Gr.F. BE 08-6360888 Triple 8 – Vervloesem Patrick
            Son base breeding couple  Bak 13
Gr.M. BE 13-2116878 Chequered 
            ½ sister “Blauw Argentonneke” 7 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 
            Daughter to “020/07” Late Checquered x “655/12” V-Liesje

Mother BE 16-2095326 Fifieke – Patricia Verhaegen
Top breeding hen 
Mother to ao “BE 18-594” 1 Etampes 1,289b 
Mother to “BE 19-123” 15 Nat Argenton 4,606b

Gr.F. BE 14-2241228 De Lotus - Patricia Verhaegen
            Son to “BE 07-156” De Loteling x “BE 05-066” Sister Miss Rapido
Gr.M. BE 11-2047188 Daughter Garfield - Patricia Verhaegen
            Daughter to “BE 08-446” Garfield 3 x 1st x “BE 08-406” Pagy

Patrick & Kristina, a big congratulation on this victory and may many more follow on this new loft. 

Buelens Kim