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Van Dyck-Van Dyck (Begijnendijk): 1st National Argenton 21,282 yearbirds - fastest 36,069b.

19 Jun 2021

Van Dyck-Van Dyck
1st National Argenton 21,282 yearlings – fastest against 36,069b.

Begijnendijk: Nothing else then smiling faces at Luc and Niels Van Dyck where a few hours before the 1st National Argenton and also the fastest against all 36,000 Argenton races was clocked. “More than a goosebump moment” starts Luc his story who saw his winning pigeon coming from far away “2 pigeons went together to the sputnik but one of them seemed to be a strange one. Luckily my hen didn’t waste any time and was everything as wished for and we could after Limoges in 2012 add another national victory to our palmaris. Pigeon sport can be so beautiful.”

Small but nice

Luc only races hens and limits his team to 14 pieces. The ladies resided in the aviary the entire winter and were coupled for the 1st time in end of March. They could breed for about 5 days and were placed than on widowhood. 
They choose the Paloma food and as on many places it is light at the beginning of the week to feed heavier towards the date of basketing. The last days this is 3 feeding times full energy mixtures. And as extra a mixture of Tovo, grinded peanuts and candy. 
At the start of the season they treated 5 days against trichomoniases and they are very satisfied about§ the conditional powder, the vitamineral and conditional syrup from vet Mariën. 
They don’t put in extra efforts to motivate. At the day of basketing the hens can come on the department with the boxes and get to see a nest dish. A cock can only be seen after arrival from a race and this until the next day. 
The base of the Van Dyck colony is built up with pigeons from Leopold Van Goolen. These were successfully strengthened with pigeons from Tournelle Davy (Rummen), Eric Goovaerts (Baal) and Olivier Geyskens (Veerle). 

“Het Argentonneke”
A blue hen as we like to have them ourselves. Of the smaller type but perfectly built. A strong carcass with a character full eye in a smart head. Luc “ I would describe her as a very quiet hen, only when she sees her cocks she is unstoppable.”

The future of “Het Argentonneke” won’t be in Begijnendijk but in the far China. 

Luc and Niels…a big congratulation and up for national victory number 3 

1st National Argenton 21,282 yearbirds - fastest 36,069b.

Distance: 544km
Velocity: 1256.33 m/m


The loft

Stefan Mertens