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Van den Abbeel - Van Paesschen from Lebbeke - It all started with the national ace birds 'Greg' - 'Sagan' and 'Nafi'

07 Dec 2019

Let's go back to 2017, the year that they raced for the first time under their own name and placed their focus on the national races with the young birds. When you then realize after that season that you have 2 National Ace birds great middle distance with the young birds and the 1st and 3rd Best young bird of Belgium over 4 races you can say you had a super season, one that no one expected. 

Let's start off with the first super star of this colony.

BE17-4122122 'Sagan', a cock where in comparison most other ace birds are hens they win ace birds titles over here mostly with cocks.

'Sagan' became 1st National Ace bird GMD youngsters over 4 race and 15th National Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB 2017.But aside this, the strain of this top pigeon do really well on the short distance races! The just can handle it is as simple as that. 

    1                    Noyon                               573p           177km
    8       Prov    Bourges                        7.395p           452km
193      Nat                                             38.456p
  85      Nat      Chateauroux              12.150p           498km
121      Prov     Argenton                      4.802p           526km
621      Nat                                              21.915p
376      Nat      Chateauroux              18.499p           498km

Father is a direct Gevaert - Lannoo cock and has in his blood the best of 'King Gaby' - 'Kaafje' - 'Alonso'

Mother is out of the old base of Patrick who did especially well on the short distance races and is a daughter to 'Super 347' who also is the grandfather to national Ace bird 'Nafi' which we will introduce further down in this article.

They bred out of 'Sagan' after his racing career and all his children went directly onto the breeding loft. 

In the meantime he is already grandfather to : 

“BE 19-4050494” Junior Prince ( Part 1 N°4 ) 

  4                       Chateauroux     644p 497km
17        Prov                                  5.165p 
  5                       Toury                   673p 350km
85        Prov     Orléans             6.154p 377km
98        I.Prov   Noyon               3.559p 177km

“BE 19-4050433” Sagan Junior 433 won 20 Prov Chateauroux 5,165b ( Part 2 N°19 ) 

“BE 19-4050434” Sagan Junior 434 won 22 Prov Chateauroux 5,165b ( Part 1 N°7 ) 

“BE 19-4050536” Brenda (Part 2 N°15 ) 

  11                   Chateauroux            644p 497km
  29      Prov                                       5.165p
  17                   Chateauroux            374p 497km
  85      Prov                                       3.930p
  90      I.Prov   Noyon                     3.559p 177km
104      Prov     Orléans                  6.154p 377km

“BE 19-4050594” Sagans Queen” ( Part 1 N°10 ) 

His younger sister “BE 18-4002159” Pitske became in 2019 :

Mother to  “BE19-4050495” Sagan Ace who you can find in Part 2 N°2. This new top cock became 3rd Provincial Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB 2019. A class full pigeon for everybody's breeding loft. 

She also became mother to “BE 19-4050496” Renske, Part  2 N°3. She shined 2x on the middle distance and 2x on the national races and is a wonderful hen by hand. 

Breeding top pigeons each year again out of a breeding couple, not everybody can do this...But the parents of 'Sagan' are of such a quality.

In 2019 “BE 19-4050428” Petra was born (Part 1 N°2)

She won head prizes from 100 to 430km 

  1        I.Prov   Noyon                  4.404p 177km
  1                     Blois                        457p 430km
43        Prov                                   5.208p
  7        I.Prov   Noyon                  3.373p 177km
19                    Chevrainvilliers     724p 325km
25                    Toury                       411p 350km

Her nest brother “BE 19-4050427” Blue Sagan won 7th Prov Orléans 6,154p ( Part 1 N° 3)

The 2nd super star 2017 is 'Greg' BE 17-4122138

He won the title of 3rd National Ace Bird GMD youngsters over 4 races and 6th National Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB 2017

    9      Prov     Argenton            4.802p           526km
  51      Nat                                 21.915p
  62      Prov     Bourges              7.395p           452km
145      Nat      Chateauroux   18.499p           498km
840      Nat      Chateauroux   12.150p           498km

'Greg' his father is 'Iron Guy', a true super breeder who is a son to the old basebreeder from Peter Trost, coupled to a hen from Michel Vanlint.

Mother is a direct Gevaert - Lannoo and is an inbred to 'Chateauke', base breeding mother from their colony where many top pigeons are bred out.

This blood strain works amazingly well on this to the strain 'Sagan' as a full sister is mother to ao: 

“BE 19-4050594” Sagans Queen
“BE 19-4050494” Junior Prince 
“BE 19-4050536” Brenda

You can find all the mentioned pigeons above for more information.

A daughter 'Greg' is mother to “BE 19-4050517” Gregs Lady ( Part 1N°15)

  3                    Blois                               457p 430km
61        Prov                                        5.208p
  4                    Toury                              696p 350km
16                    Toury                             638p 350km 
17                    Ecouen                          811p 251km
48                    Orléans                         729p 377km
50                    Chevrainvilliers            724p 325km

In 2018 there was a new national ace bird, this time a hen and what kind of hen. BE 18-4002189 “Nafi” became 1st National Ace bird GMD over 4 races and 2nd National Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB 2018.

 1         Prov     Bourges             4.900p         452km
  1        Prov     Chateauroux     2.574p          497km
  9        Nat                                12.855p
11        Prov     Argenton           3.446p           526km
59        Nat                               16.496p
49        Prov     Chateauroux    3.206p           497km

The only sister to 'Nafi' that you can find in the auction is “BE 19-4050423” Blue Nafi, (Part 1 N°5)

In the next article we will introduce some more top pigeons 2019.