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‘Top Results’: what, why and how?

01 May 2022

In the meantime the racing season of 2022 has started about a month ago and from the first race on results are being set; super results, normal results and results which make us say : better next week…anyway, all pigeon loving racers of Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, …. have started racing again. 

Our column ‘Top Results’, which has been existing already since years now, is here to put all the efforts in the spotlight. Just being proud when it all goes right and wanting to share this with the rest of the world as I can assure you that this is a column that is being followed and looked at worldwide ! 

That’s also why we placed this column in a slight new jacket which makes it easier now to look up results of certain fanciers. 

We like to demonstrate once more in a step-by-step plan how you can put down your own results and that this shouldn’t be hard at all. 

  1. Where to find this column?

In the header of the homepage you can click on ‘Races’ which leads you to a page with a submenu where you can find the column ‘Top Results’, when you click on this last one you find yourself on the correct page. 
On top of the page you can find the box where you can enter a new result (more about this underneath) and when you scroll down you can see the latest results. You can also make use of the search box by entering the name of the fancier who you are interested in..

  1. How to enter a result? 

First of all you click the blue button ‘’Submit a result’ and you get underneath screen

You can fill out all your personal details such as first name, last name, … for entering your country you have a selection menu where you can find your country and click it.

Flight details :

  1. Race ==> name of the race f.e. Quièvrain, Perron, Chateauroux, …
  2. Date ==> here you fill out the date of release of the race by clicking the calender
  3. Distance (in km) ==>  the distance of the race to your loft f.e. 598

Now you will have to scroll down to fill out the rest of the details

  • 4.  Amount of pigeons in the race ==> these are the total of pigeons that are entered for this race on a club
          level, provincial level, combination, national level…f.e. 16000
    5.  Amount of participated pigeons in the race ==> these are your own number of pigeons that you basketed
          for this race f.e.  24
    6.  Amount of prizes ==> these are the amount of prizes that you won on this race f.e. 18
    7.  Which prizes ==> fill out your won prizes f.e. 1-3-5-6-8-12-…
    8.  Result ==> by clicking the list you can choose the level where this result has been set f.e. club,
    9.  Category ==> is it about young pigeons, yearlings, old or yearlings&old 
    10. Image ==>  here you can upload a picture of yourself or of one of your top pigeons. When you click on
            ‘Bestand kiezen’ you are automatically in your own computer to choose a picture

When you have all of this you can choose to enter a 2nd result by clicking the box. When you do this you don’t need to enter your own details twice, you just have to adjust the racing details. 

When you don’t want to enter a 2nd result, you just click ‘Submit’ and your result appears immediately online. Please note that the last raced race is on top of the page so if you f.e. submit a result from the 1st of May and there were also races on the 2nd of May, those of the 2nd of May will appear on top of the page. 

If you might have more questions about this or experience problems in entering the results, please don’t hesitate to contact some one of the Herbots team and we are gladly to help you out.

Good Luck !

The Herbots Team