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Tim Penders ( Heerlen – NL ) wins 1st National Sector 1B Argenton 3,705 pigeons

28 Jul 2022

In the Netherlands the middle distance races for the old birds have now come to an end, from Argenton the winner was Tim Penders from Heerlen who won 1st in Sector 1B against 3,705 pigeons with his top hen “798”. She was the 1st nominated in the basket because of her performances of the past few weeks, but lost 3 minutes when she came home, luckily she had enough lead to still win. She has had this negative trait since a young pigeon and it is difficult for her to get rid of it. Even as a youngster she experienced something and came home injured on one of the last flights. Her crop was sewn up and she was left alone with a view to this season, she has not disappointed and has an excellent track record.

He basketed 13 pigeons for this race and won 9 prizes against 3,705 pigeons : 1,127,189,307,.. 9/13

At the beginning of the season the hens raced together in total widowhood, but the cocks did not come well enough and it was decided to only race with the hens. The racing pigeons were allowed to raise the 2nd round of the breeders in the winter and afterwards went on widowhood. The hens train twice a day, at 6.30 in the morning and once more after work in the evening. They were darkened from the end of March until the end of May and then they were lit until the end of July.

In the field of nutrition they get Gerry Plus Black Label from Versele up to 200km. Up to 300km they also use this mixture until the last 3 feedings, then they switch to Champion Plus Versele and in the middle distance only Champion Plus is used. The most important extreme middle distance races are then given Energy Plus for the last few days. Two to 3 times a week they use wheat germ oil or garlic juice with vitamins over the food. When they return home and twice a week, Tollyamin Forte from Schroeder Tollisan is added to the drinking water.

Winner Argenton 

NL 21-1408798 “De 798” Blue Hen

  1 Nat Sector 1B Argenton 3.705b 
  3 Arcis                    289b
67 NPO Arcis      6.713b
  5 Chalons             326b
  8 Chalons          1.314b
  8 Troyes                 230b
39 Chimay           3.172b

Sire NL 20-1718752 Blue
Inbred “Favorietje 163”

Gr.F. NL 20-1718718 Blue
                Son from “978/18” Blue x “Favorietje 163” 6 NPO Gien 8.578b and 4 x 1st
Gr.M. NL 20-1718699 Blauw – Won 1 Sezanne 478d 
                Daughter from “978/18” Blue x “Favorietje 163” 6 NPO Gien 8.578b and 4 x 1st

Mother NL 20-1718076 Blue ( Tim Penders x Leo Pluijmen )

Gr.F. NL 18-1326969 Blue – Leo Pluijmen 
                Won 1 NPO Sens 11.734b – Brother 1  NPO Orléans 
Gr.M. NL 18-1326979 Blue
                Daughter from “840” C & M Everling x “Blue” Jo & Florian Hendriks 

Tim, congratulations on this great victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim