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Thys Roger & Nick (Hallaar): 1st National Argenton 14,787 old birds

19 Jun 2021

Roger and Nick Thys 
1st National Argenton 14,787 old

Hallaar: The form fairy did her very best already on the lofts of Thys Roger and Nick. Roger: “from the start of the season on they come home very good. Only the weekends where the weather has strong tailwind the results were a bit less, but afterwards they came home just as before and gave us very nice results. Also on the first 2 national races they scored as never before: 

Bourges Nat (z) 4,514 old : 26,77,101,322,… 7/10
Bourges Nat (z) 3,333 yearlings : 1,3,4,24,41,52,58,185,203,215,264,287,… 18/20
Chateauroux Nat (z) 2,777 old : 22,26,50,…. 6/7
Chateauroux Nat (z) 2,441 yearlings : 5,16,18,42,84,115,147,189,… 13/18
Chateauroux Nat 24,617 old : 89,119,208,… 7/7
Chateauroux Nat 22,196 yearlings : 13,50,62,172,403,502,746,1001,1387,… 14/18

And now on Argenton the national victory with our cock “Sparrow”. Who ever dreamt of that. “Sparrow” is a quiet cock and is in the team of 15 cocks that are being raced on the classic widowhood. 

Both cocks as hens 
Where they went a few years ago with hens towards national races they changed the riffle from shoulder and do this with the cocks as well. Both sexes are being raced on the classic widowhood system and only old pigeons could have a winter breeding. Afterwards the hens were darkened, this from the 1st of March until the end of April. No second coupling was done. 
They train twice a day as otherwise they train not enough. Roger: “ Believe it or not but with us they fly 10 to 15 minutes per training and go up once but that’s it. They also did this in Spring so we can’t speak of a real base condition, they had to get this during they races. 
We like to keep it simple. The hens reside during the week on the resting loft with an aviary in front of the loft where they can choose where to sit. When we go and get them to basket they can go into their breeding box and after 1 to 2 minutes they are taken away. No nest dish is being showed at the moment. Soon we will show their dish but not a cock. 
The widow cocks don’t give us a lot of work either and are being taken off just like that to basket. When they get home they can stay together until the evening.
In a matter of food we switched onto the “Aidi” mixtures where we us the “Racing mix 1,2 & 3” and for the hens at the beginning of the week “Girl Power”. The last day they get “Turbo Energy” from Matador and as extra we make a lot of use of the pealed sunflower pits.
Before the season took off we treated during 5 days against trichomoniases and afterwards they got on a weekly base a yellow drop in the beak. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays vitamins are being given and the rest is selecting hard. 

It is generally known that at the Thys house reside quality on the lofts and we are convinced that we didn’t see the last of this colony yet. 

A lot of success from the entire Herbots team

1st National Argenton 14,787 old birds

Distance: 548km
Velocity: 1231.20 m/m


The lofts

Stefan Mertens