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The Kittel tornado’s from Deridder-Van den Brande have the upper hand within the short distance racing in Flanders – a power display where was no stopping to in 2021

20 Nov 2021

The interprovincial releases out of Quiévrain & Noyon, the kings’ game of the Belgian short distance game, the summum for the real short distance racers. This is where the focus from the tandem Deridder- Van Den Brande is on. Always early pigeons on Noyon, week after week amazing high speed averages, chain results against the mass, this is what they aim for in Liedekerke. The result? 14x 1st prize and 7x 2nd prize in the Union of Pajot-Dender against old and/off yearling pigeons in 2021. 

The Kittel, and his influence on the actual international pigeon sport .

“De Kittel”, born and raced on the lofts from Dirk Van Den Bulck, has results on own breeding- and racing loft but brought also on many other international top lofts to an unseen high level. He became National Ace bird KBDB in 2013 with an unseen coefficient of 0.95% and became later a breeding-icon on the breeding lofts from Flanders Collection. The successes and influence on the national championships in different countries such as Great-Britain, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Denmark, USA, China, Australia, Irak, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Emirates, Poland and Austria is unseen. 

In Great-Britain the Kittel strain won already 2x 1st National Ace bird RPRA the last 4 years and was the key to success for Les Green, Gordon Brothers, Fenich Brothers, John Angwin, Nicklin. Also on the lofts of Macaloney & Ian Stafford the successes didn’t kept them waiting. Now in 2021 at the 1st edition of the TITAN GAMES (national ace birds in UK/Ireland) the Kittel offspring were to be found on the 1st spot and several different top 10 ace birds. 

In Germany  it was Andreas Drapa who has been dominating since 2-3 years the Types National championships with the Kittel strain. SG Steffl, SG Kusser, Hagedorn-Becker, Stiens-Schlief dominate the RV & provincial championships with the youngsters out of the Kittel strain. 

In Holland it was Sangers who was the man to beat with the best of the best from Flanders Collection/ Kittel strain. With a lot of victories against the mass and 3rd National Ace bird was the acquisition of the Kittels’ a hit in the rose. The successes at the Brothers Leideman & Peter Janssen didn’t kept us waiting either, just to name a few that were successful with the super strain of the Kittel. 

In Austria  it were Walter & Karin Essbüchl that have set an incredible stunt by winning the 1st and 2nd National Ace bird with the Kittel strain in 2019. The offspring of a top son Kittel on the lofts of Hagedorn-Becker brought results on national level for Essbüchl & SG Krumtünger.

In Denmark it was a hit in the rose in 2021 with the Kittel strain for Mark Skovbo Madsen who won the 1st National Ace bird. Several big races were won by Mark due to the new acquisitions of the Kittel strains with as reward the golden medal on the national championships.

In the USA pigeon sport is still a beating hart in “Little Belgium”, a term that the Americans give to the ‘hotspot’ of pigeons sport in the US. The famous “Gulf Homing Club” is founded in Brooksville Florida, where the best of the best compete to each other. When the first pigeons of the famous Kittel strain came to Andy Larenztakis & John Marles, it was a hit in the rose immediately. AU qualifiers (national ace birds), GHC champions, Derby Winners & One loft winners became the new normal with the guys who had this new blood. This year it was on the lofts of “Dutchman” & Mike Cortez that the 1st Ace bird GHC was won with the Kittel strain, where also that same pigeon in the running is for the 1st AU qualifier for 2021.

In Portugal the biggest OLR of Europe was won in 2021 by an offspring of Kittel, namely the same son from Kittel that gave the 1st National Ace bird at Pierre Beyl. 1st finale Golden Algarve race over a distance of 500 km and at the beginning of the race over 6,000 pigeons. 

Now there is a good view on the international impact of the “Kittel” strain worldwide, we can close with what this strain has set in own country on national level the past 6/7 years. 

1st national ace bird KBDB 2021 short distance youngsters – out of strain Kittel 795/ sister Kittel 894
1st national ace bird KBDB 2020 short distance old – out of sister Olympic Rosita
8thnational ace bird KBDB 2020 short distance youngsters – out of Olympic Kittel & sister Kittel 702/14
1st national ace bird KBDB 2018 middle distance youngsters  – out of strain Brother Goede Rode, uncle Kittel
4th national ace bird KBDB 2018 short distance youngsters – out of strain sister Kittel 702/14
7th national ace bird KBDB 2017 short distance youngsters – out of strain Brother Goede Rode, uncle  Kittel
1st national ace bird KBDB 2016 short distance old – out of strain Goede Rode, father Kittel
1st national ace bird KBDB 2015 middle distance youngsters  – out of strain Broer Goede Rode, uncle Kittel
7th national ace bird KBDB 2015 short distance youngsters – out of strain Goede Rode, father Kittel 2nd national ace bird KBDB 2014 middle distance youngsters – out of strain Broer Goede Rode, uncle Kittel
1st national ace bird KBDB 2013 short distance youngsters – Kittel himself
1st national ace bird KBDB 2013 short distance old – out of strain Goede Rode, father Kittel

This brings the count onto 7x 1st Ace bird KBDB in only 9 years of time. Who could have dreamt that when in December 2012, the first egg out of wonder hen Olympic Rosita, who is herself the 1st Olympiad bird 2013, would have such an impact on our current pigeon sport. 

‘Kittel’ and ‘Olympic Rosita’ are and stay the basis toppers of the successes. At the moment there is an online action from Flanders Collection which ends on the 14th of November at 14h00 where you can find unique couplings as f.e. in lot N° 5 and N° 6 (BE21-4209315 and BE21-4209316) who are a combination of the fantastic racers/breeders ‘Kittel’ and ‘Olympic Rosita’ !

Kittel as absolute base breeder who runs as a red wire trough the all the results on the satellite lofts. And grew out internationally as an icon within pigeon sport. 

FBI – Flanders Breeding Ireland sinces 2017:

A partnership from Yannick Deridder with best mate Sheldon Leonard in the picturesque Arklow CO Wicklow in Ireland. Sheldon & Yannick built a beautiful breeding loft over there with as base pigeons Org Flanders Collection, Leo Xuan pure Leo Heremans pigeons & an unique collection Original Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeons out of the very best breeders. In 2021 they started off with a new young team of yearling birds bred out of the offspring sold in the auction of 2019, accomplished with the new ones out of the original Van Den Bulck pigeons. They participated 9x to the provincial program where off 4x a first was won, 3x 2nd and 2x 3rd on provincial level. 

2.758 O+Y: 1-2-3 = 1st prize out of grandson Kittel coupled to double granddaughter Kittel.
1.628 O+Y: 1-2-4-6 = 1st prize out of grandson Kittel coupled to daughter “sister Kittel 702” Org. Dirk Van Den Bulck
1.446 O+Y: 1-3-5-6 = 1st prize out of grandson Kittel coupled to daughter “sister Kittel 702” Org. Dirk Van Den Bulck
1.643 O+Y: 1-3-6 = 1st prize out of Sprinter Bolt (brother bolt x sister 030) coupled to “full sister La Machine” Org. Dirk Van Den Bulck

Xuan-Deridder – co-operation on the old lofts from Leo Heremans with Xuan Hanping since 2021:

A partnership between Yannick Deridder with the Chinese investor Xuan Hanping, on the old location of the world famous Leo Heremans. Since 2021 the first round of Flanders Collection is being raced there, accomplished with youngsters of the European loft from Xuan Hanping. With the support of the European management from Xuan, European Pigeon Website, was decided in October 2020 to go on adventure together. Also due to the late start up they started of the season a bit later, but the first successes were already a fact in the Antwerp 10-verbond for the new tandem. 

1,488 youngsters: 1-2-2-2-5-6-8-9-15-27-31-32-34-38-39-52-55-57-65-65-68-69-79-80-81-83-84-86-90 (62/100 per 3) = 1st & 2nd prize are grandsons Kittel
9,681 youngsters: 2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10 ( top-100 Antwerp clubs)
1,904 youngsters: 4-12-13-14-16-17-18-20-21-22-26-27-29-31-32-38-40-43-58-60-68-69-70-77-79-85-89 (54/98 per 3)
1,199 youngsters: 6-18-29-27-29-30-32-35-40-42-46-54-55-57-60-64-65-74-89-90-94-99 (62/101 3tal)
975 youngsters: 1-2-6-7-8-9-10-11-14-27-29-32-34-36-37-38-39-45-51-52-61-74-88-89-94-98 (49/71 3tal) 1st prize is a grandchild Rosita, 2nd prize is a grandchild Kittel
5,702 youngsters: 1-2-22-23-24-25-26-27-40-90-92-97 =1st prize is a grandchild Rosita, 2nd prize is a grandchild Kittel
9,996 youngsters total release 29/08/2021: 1st & 2nd  = 1st prize is a grandchild Rosita, 2nd prize is a grandchild Kittel

‘Olympic Rosita’ is next to ‘Kittel’ an amazing breeder. In the auction that is now online you can find a ½ sister to this wonderful racing- and breeding hen namely BE17-4231180 (Lot N° 1) who won herself 1x 1st and 44 prizes with 19 times per 10! An unique opportunity ! 

Results 2021 Noyon/Sermaises Old & Yearling pigeons.

18-04-21 - 3.638 O+Y: 1-9-17-18-22-23-24-25-48-55-58-63-70-72-77-83-89 (42/109 4-tal)
18-04-21 – 1.626 O: 1-6-13-14-16-17-18-19-33-38-41-43-50-52-67-86-89-92-95 (26/38 3-tal)
25-04-21 – 6.239 O+Y: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-21-22-27-30-36-39-41-46-72-78 (61/85 3tal)
25-04-21 – 2.722 O: 1-2-3-10-13-16-20-21-39-71-75-89 (29/33 3tal)
25-04-21 – 3.518 Y: 1-2-3-4-5-6-12-19-23-36-54-56-59-63-71-83-92 (33/52 3tal)
02-05-21 – 4.728 O+Y: 1-4-9-13-15-18-18-20-22-28-30-35-37-43-49-73-98 (48/81 3tal)
02-05-21 – 1.981 O: 4-7-9-11-12-13-17-20-32-49-94-97 (23/31 3tal)
02-05-21 – 2.747 Y: 1-3-8-8-10-20-27-53-92-98 (25/50 3tal)
16-05-21 – 2.267 O+Y: 2-3-22-27-34-35-37-40-78-83 (22/42 3tal)
19-05-21 – 926 O: 2-3-12-17-23-24-25-49-51-65-67-80 (17/27 3tal)
23-05-21 – 2.871 O+Y: 6-6-16-17-18-28-48 (26/45 3tal)
23-05-21 – 1.211 O: 6-6-13-14-19-27-65-79 (16/26 3tal)
30-05-21 – 2.223 O+Y: 9-12-13-16-17-27-47-49-52-54-56-58-60-60-64-64-69-77 (36/47 3tal)
30-05-21 – 997 O: 4-6-7-21-22-23-24-26-28-28-32-32-36-40-56-64-85 (24/26 3tal)
06-06-21 – 2.201 O+Y: 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-8-10-11-12-23-26-26-28-28-44-48-52-61-64-66-76-79-80-96 (35/42 3tal)
06-06-21 – 924 O: 1-2-3-4-12-14-15-15-26-28-32-37-39-40-46-48-49-60-66-78-81-83 (24/24 3tal)
06-06-21 – 1.277 Y: 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-13 (15/18 3tal)
06-06-21 – 1892 O+Y: 1-2-5-8-26-27-78-90 (17/23 3tal)
13-06-21 – 2.027 O+Y: 2-4-12-13-17-24-25-26-37-51-60-65-78-93 (34/45 3tal)
13-06-21 – 824 O: 1-6-7-23-32-38-47-54-60-62-75-81-87 (21/24 3tal)
13-06-21 – 1.203 Y: 2-10-11-12-26-44-45 (12/21 3tal)
20-06-21 – 1.527 O+Y: 2-9-14-18-24-25-27-33-52-55-58-69-75-87-93 (31/42 3tal)
20-06-21 -  638 O: 2-5-11-15-18-30-32-35-40-49-56 (18/23 3tal)
20-06-21 – 889 Y: 6-10-11-31-41-66-70-88 (14/19 3tal)
11-07-21 – 1.225 O+Y: 4-5-7-8-12-19-23-26-27-35-39-46-65-89-92 (29/45 3tal)
11-07-21 – 723 Y: 2-3-8-9-11-17-20-32-57-60-81-87 (17/28 3tal)
18-07-21 – 1.026 O+Y: 1-3-5-7-8-9-16-21-29-31-31-33-46-48-48-57-58-60-65-67-69-71-72-87-94 (42/51 3tal)
18-07-21 – 588 Y: 1-2-4-5-6-10-11-17-25-33-42-48-60-78-81-100 (21/30 3tal)
01-08-21 – 594 O+Y: 1-2-15-16-26-44-44-61-70-71-79-85 (19/46 3tal)
08-08-21 – 328 O+Y: 1-3-4-6-12-15-18-18-20-22-30-31-33-53-70 (16/24 3tal)

Week 18-04 – fastest against 3,638 pigeons & 208 participators
Speed 1st prize  : 1346 m/m
BE18-4224111 – out of Son Broer Goede Rode x granddaughter Bolt/Jackpot 7x 1st prize

Week 25-04 – fastest against 6,239 pigeons & 327 participators
Speed 1st prize  : 1231 m/m
BE18-4224213 – out of Son Broer Goede Rode x granddaughter Bolt/Jackpot 7x 1st prize

Week 02-05 – fastest against 4.728 pigeons & 289 participators
Speed 1st prize  : 1402 m/m
BE20-4205167 – out of son  “Den Eddy”  (Leo Heremans) x daughter Kittel 277

Week 06-06 – fastest against 3.181 pigeons & 260 participators
Speed 1st prize  : 1432 m/m
BE20-4205096 – out of son “Lamme Gilbert x Helena” (Leo Xuan) x daughter Tom (Roodhooft)

Week 06-06 – fastest against 1.892 pigeons & 142 participators
Speed 1st prize  : 1334 m/m (middle distance)
BE20-4205178 – out of son  Kittel 415 x sister “Twin 202” (Leo Heremans)

Week 18-07 – fastest against 5.178 pigeons & 371 participators 
Speed 1st prize  : 1297 m/m
BE20-4205164 – out of son “Olympic Kittel 006” (Van Den Bulck) x granddaughter Safier

Week 08-08 – fastest against 3.780 pigeons & 270 participators
Speed 1st prize  : 1998 m/m
BE20-4205122 – out of “Leo Legend 030” ( Leo Heremans ) x granddaughter Kittel 12x 1st prize

1st champion old pigeons 1-2-3-4 signed
Ace bird most prizes per 10 : 1-3-4-7-8-12-13-15-16-17-19-20-21-23-24-29-30-34-40
Ace bird best % over 6 races : 1-2-3-8-9-11-12-15-15-17-18-19-20-20-21-31-32-37