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The class birds of Frans Rutten (Horst) confirm with 1st National Issoudun '20 against 12,191 pigeons

30 Jan 2021

For years now, well-known champion Frans Rutten from Horst in North Limburg has been racing at the top, both at departmental and national level. In 2007 and in 2011 he became national champion young birds.  Something that only few of us can say. 

It all started with the champion birds of Wout Smeulders and the Tournier birdss. About 10 years ago the contribution of the Gerard Koopman pigeons became a fact. The first purchase was immediately a hit. This cock was nicknamed "De Willem" and became the ancestor of the Rutten loft. "De Willem" became father and grandfather of several pigeons such as 3rd ace WHZB, 6th ace WHZB, 3rd ace WHZB, 7th best cock WHZB, 4th middle distance pigeon WHZB, 1st middle distance pigeon champion department Limburg, 2nd one day long distance pigeon champion department Limburg, this even 2 years in a row and the best young pigeon department Limburg etc. etc. In 2011 followed the purchase of "De Kannibaal" at Wilberg Tauben, this cock came from the "Champ" of Marijke Vink, the son of "Tips" x "Jean" coupled to the "Schone Kannibaalje" which was bred from "De Kannibaal" x "Zus Rambo" of Dirk van Dyck. Also out of this cock super pigeons were bred which especially on the one day long distance races could give some extra. "Aike", "Anne" and "Annelee" were superior racing hens but also beautiful breeding hens.

"Anne" still flew 15 prizes as a five-year-old hen, nest sister "Annelee" became both in 2015 and 2016 1st ace all-round old pigeons in CC2008 and also became 5th pigeon champion department Limburg one-day long distance. 

"Aike" only flew as a yearling and became 9th pigeon champion middle distance department Limburg, with a.o. 2nd 2694 d. NPO Argenton, 21st 9017 b. NPO Lorris, 28th 12917 b. NPO Lorris.

Obtained championships of the past 2 years in CC2008 are e.g. 

1st , 2nd , 3rd pigeon champion sprint, 1st, 2nd , 3rd pigeon champion middle distance, 1st, 3rd and 4th ace old pigeons all round, 1st and 4th ace yearlings all round, 1st, 2nd, 3rd natour young, 2nd young pigeons pigeon champion, 1st ace young, 2nd young pigeons long distance pigeon champion. 

Absolute highlight 2019 was the race Sens old birds where a 1st, 2nd, 11th, 13th, 28th, 30th, 35th, 41st, 43rd, 44th etc was played against 12,475 pigeons. 

Absolute highlight 2020 was the national race old birds from Issoudun where a 1st national was played against 12,191 pigeons. 


Frans offers at this moment a unique group of magnificent performance pigeons for sale on internet sale Pigeon Bids. Pure proven class... that much is certain! 

“Silver Sens”                    

Won (no doubles)

       2      NPO Sens                       12,475b.         412km

     44      NPO Melun                   15,246b.         392km

       4      Sens                                    2,009b.         412km

       6      Sezanne                            4,808b.         347km

     10      Montluçon                          323b.         621km

     10      Melun                                2,718b.         392km

     17      Marche                              4,529b.         144km

     26      Chimay                              1,145b.         197km

     35      Sens                                    3,268b.         412km

     41      Reims                                 4,218b.         285km

     64      Rethel                                3,525b.         246km

     71      Marche                              5,606b.         144km

Is a full brother to “Mr. 13”. “Mr.13” won 13th NPO Sens 12,475b. – 13th NPO Chalons 

“Grandson Olympic Rose”                         

Won (no doubles) 

     11      NPO Sens                       12,475b.         412km

       3      Chalons E/C                     1,834b.         303km

       4      Chimay                              1,145b.         197km

       7      Marche                              2,131b.         144km

     15      Epernay                             1,524b.         308km

     18      Rethel                                3,449b.         246km

     22      Chalons E/C                     1,055b.         303km

     25      Charleville                        4,728b.         212km

     27      Melun                                2,718b.         392km

     36      Marche                              5,290b.         144km

     38      Reims                                 3,675b.         285km

     42      Gien                                    1,488b.         485km

     46      Rethel                                2,485b.         246km

     50      Huy                                     2,021b.         109km

“Mr. 13”                             

Won (no doubles)

     13      NPO Sens                       12,745b.         412km

     13      NPO Chalons E/C           5,672b.         303km

     10      Marche                              2,131b.         144km

     16      Rethel                                2,485b.         246km

     17      Rethel                                3,449b.         246km

     23      Reims                                 3,675b.         285km

     23      Melun                                2,718b.         392km

     29      Sens                                    2,009b.         412km

     33      Marche                              5,290b.         144km

     36      Sens                                    2,155b.         412km

     37      Charleville                        4,748b.         212km

     52      Charleville                        1,769b.         212km

     62      Epernay                             1,524b.         308km

     74      Chalons E/C                     2,225b.         303km

Is a full brother to “Silver Sens”. “Silver Sens” won 2nd NPO Sens 12,475b. – 44th NPO 
Melun 15,246b.

“Lady 133”                         

Won (no doubles) 

     14      NPO La Souterraine     1,418b.         670km

     43      NPO Sens                       12,475b.         412km

     79      NPO Sens                       11,622b.         412km

  111      NPO Issoudun                7,587b.         581km

       2      Marche                              2,131b.         144km

       8      Rethel                                3,449b.         246km

     20      Sens                                    2,559b.         412km

     27      Chimay                              1,145b.         197km

     33      Charleville                        4,748b.         212km

     66      Epernay                             1,524b.         308km

     88      Marche                              5,290b.         144km

  124      Rethel                                4,440b.         246km


“Sensa 127”                      

Won (no doubles) 

     28      NPO Sens                       12,475b.         412km

  114      NPO Issoudun                7,587b.         581km

       3      Eysden                               2,674b.         82km

       9      Charleville                       4,748b.         212km

     13      Rethel                                3,449b.         246km

     13      Chalons E/C                     1,055b.         303km

     14      Reims                                 3,675b.         285km

     17      Rethel                                1,183b.         246km

     44      Charleville                        1,769b.         212km

     49      Rethel                                2,484b.         246km

     52      Chimay                              1,460b.         197km

     65      Epernay                             1,524b.         308km

     76      Marche                              2,131b.         144km

     79      Marche                              5,290b.         144km

“Daughter Mr. Issoudun”                           

Direct daughter “Mr. Issoudun”. “Mr. Issoudun” won 1st Nat. Issoudun 12,191b. – 
1st NPO Sens 12,475b.