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Søren Brøbech, winner of Herbots Golden Wing of Denmark in 2019

15 Mar 2020

Søren Brøbech, Dan 0164 “Ebeltoft”, Denmark

Winner of Herbots Golden Wing of Denmark in 2019

For the seventh time The Herbots Golden Wing of Denmark took place in 2019. Each participating fancier was able to nominate one single pigeon upon the last major National longdistance flight of the season 2019 from Munich. 

Due to bad weather the birds were moved from Munich and released Saturday afternoon at 14.30 in Freiburg in southern Germany instead. The winner of the competition was the fastest nominated bird, and it was clocked by Søren Brøbech at Sunday morning 04.53 at a distance at 970 km. The bird became 1. National overall as well and a big victory for Søren Brøbech. The winning velocity was 2.167 meters per minute - no doubt that the pigeon has flown most of the nighttime to be at home that early in the morning arriving in total darkness. 

Et billede, der indeholder væg, person, indendørs, mand

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Søren with the winning trophy of Herbots Golden Wing 2019

The winning bird was a three year old cock DK0164-16-090 named “Kønig”. Earlier in 2019 he was entered in two national marathon races and won good prices in both races being 16. Nat. from Würzburg 770 km and 26. Nat. Karlsruhe 850 km. Before year 2019 “Kønig” was a consistent racer; but not winning prices.


Et billede, der indeholder due, hønsefugle, fugl, dyr

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

The winner DK0164-16-090 

“Kønig” was raced at the total widowhood system. Remarkable that “Kønig” is a very speciel cock at his loft. He has found a speciel way out in open space from the loft and then he loves to sit at a dustbin in the garden. After the big win “Kønig” was moved to a separate breeding section, but that change was not accepted of him. He filled no eggs at all, while he stayed in the special breeding box. Now “Kønig” is back in his normal surroundings, and he seems to be very happy again. According to Søren will “Kønig” be raced again in year 2020.

The “Kønig” is of origin from Flor Engels/Jan Aarden