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Schroeven – Hermans from Molenstede dominates the middle distance in 2021 National

27 Jan 2022

Trying to compete weekly in the middle distance in sector 2 & 3 is the goal of Schroeven – Hermans from Molenstede. Their game with hens is solid and ensures several top prizes every week in the short middle distance. But the 2021 season was just that little bit extra than other seasons, or the class had already been present for several years. Yes, everyone is convinced of it !! But Eddy forgot to enter for the national championship in 2020, otherwise he would be a few ace pigeons richer. But the 2021 season cannot go wrong for Eddy and Marleen, their team did more than fantastic and with the ace pigeon titles, the national championship middle distance and 2 x 1st Olympiad pigeon on top, this was a season with a thick golden edge.

Season 2021 with a golden edge

1st National Ace M.D. old birds KBDB 2021
1st National Champion middle distance old + yearlings KBDB
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Romania 2022 (2020-2021 season)
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Romania 2022 ( season 2019-2020 )
2nd National Ace Middle distance old KBDB
3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat. H Romania 2022 (2020-2021 season)
4th Olympiad pigeon Cat. B Romania 2022 ( season 2019-2020 )
4th Olympiad pigeon Cat. B Romania 2022 (2020-2021 season)
4th National Ace Middle distance yearlings KBDB
6th Olympiad bird Cat. G Romania 2022 (season 2019-2020)
6th Olympiad bird Cat. G Romania 2022 (2020-2021 season)
7th National Ace Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB
9th National Ace Middle distance old KBDB
12th National Ace Middle distance yearlings KBDB

Switch from sprint to middle distance

In the earlier years, as everywhere else, speed was raced together with father, Eddy learned the trade and they were speed specialists pur sang. He must know the craft I think, because when he focuses on something, it usually comes out. Since 2007-2008 they switched to the middle distance and soon the first results came in. The interplay of the then "Tienverbond" had a few toppers that he had to compete against, one of which was Walter Grieten from Tessenderlo. He had a top pigeon "Miss Orleans" that really flew forward for 2 weeks in a row in heavy weather, Eddy ordered eggs from the parents of that pigeon and from those eggs comes "Zwarte Walter" BE 08-2162661 who has grown into the real stock father of this colony.

That is the recipe he was and is looking for, pigeons that fly ahead and preferably in their own region. He also visited Luc Daans in Begijnendijk, a mini colony with a few breeders with which Eddy was very successful.

There are several lofts such as Remy Speltdoorn, Kristiaan Hennes, Raf & Lars Luyck, Pascal Ariën, Eddy & Nicole Huyghens, Michel & Gunther Eyletten and Roger Engelen. The trick is to read the results and to look for small lofts that play very well! So going to knock on this door before they are known is the message.

With friend of the house Peter Bours, there have been exchanges since 2011 and top results are achieved in both lofts. Peter became 1st General Champion KBDB 2021 thanks to Eddy's breed.

Because he has won everything that can be won in the middle distance, the gun will be changed for next season. The switch will be made again to the national races where he already tried this a few years ago and with success. When we look at the last national race from Chateauroux with the youngsters, we know that these pigeons can certainly do this.

Only hens that make the weather beautiful here

In the winter period Eddy likes to test the quality of his pigeons on the breeding. As a result, the best 18 hens are coupled and 2 rounds of these are bred. This is to quickly discover the breeding talent and / or maybe stop a super racing pigeon that her youngsters come faster or just the other way around. Maximize the return in all options.

Afterwards, the hens were darkened from March 1 to April 15. The hens are divided over 2 lofts, one with an aviary in front and one without. When they are ready to mate, I separate the pair. But especially the run-up to the season is important, very fast and hard training is the message. They should therefore not hang in the air for hours, but 45 minutes is the minimum.

The training is short and concise with the old birds, in 3 stages towards 30km and then to Momignies (+- 120km). Then quickly towards the middle distance at the beginning of May and then weekly in the basket, a fixed rhythm is important for the hens.From the moment they are flying, they normally hardly stay at home. But due to the difficult season last year, I kept them at home once. But in between it is not driven.

In terms of mating desire I have the 2 lofts that I can play with if pairs do form, but if this occurs at the end of the week I will not separate them. These are pigeons that are just that little bit extra motivated and are usually my earliest pigeons on Saturdays. The aviary for the other loft is also rarely used during the season. If the pigeons are in this during the day and then come in in the evening, you wake up the lust again. That's why I think just sitting in the loft in front of their boxes is better to keep them calmer.


All my hens have a permanent partner, one loft I just let fly in the box, the other I give the partners. But I don't see any difference in performance in this, when they come home they can stay together from the first flight of the season until the next morning.

Top hens season 2021

We limit ourselves to the 3 Olympiad pigeons, there are several pigeons

that are worth mentioning because of the very strict approach during recent years. Pigeons that fly 13 times per 100 are thin but cannot be presented here because of the high bar that is set. Super class up to and including those that are started from a young pigeon, a young pigeon that flies in the front may remain, one with normal prices will not live long. If you keep this up, you will soon find what you are looking for.

BE 19-2095614 “Leontien” Blue Hen
1st National Ace M.D. old birds KBDB 2021
3th Olympiad bird Cat. H Roemania 2022 ( season 2020-2021 )

This top hen won 3 x 1st – 9 x 1:100 and also flew national flights with wonderful results. Her children also flew super this season up to and including the last national race from Chateauroux.

    1      Sermiases                    1,616b
    1      Sermaises                    1,261b 
    3      Melun                            3,818b ( 1-298b )
    3      Melun                            3,815b ( 2nd club 129b = 1st )
    6      Momignies                   2,598b
    9      Nanteuil                        1,931b
  11      Sermaises                    2,133b
  21      Melun                            1,519b
  30      Melun                            1,450b
  33      Melun                            2,769b
  80      Nat Argenton            26,085b
  95      Sermaises                    2,732b
118      Etampes                      3,386b
206      Nat Gueret                12,888b
260      Nat Chateauroux     33,833b

Father: Brother to “710/16” 13 x 1:100 1/732b – 2/593b – 3/1,035b – 5/1,008b – 7/1,405b
Is also mother to top hen on the middle distance with 2/1,878b – 2/1,528b – 4/1,548b – 5/3,386b

Gr.F. BE 15-6143198 Checquered white pin Huyghens
Gr.M. BE 14-2261118 Blue white pin – co-breeding Eyletten x Schroeven
½ sister “Rosa” 1 Nat Gueret 16,248b

Mother BE 17-2050315 Blue
Won herself on the middle distance 1/200b – 4/518b – 5/975b – 6/2,551b – 6/895b

Gr.F. BE 15-2081829 Blue – PEC Racing Team
            Inbred James Bond Verreckt Ariën 
Gr.M. BE 09-2113962 Sister Liliane – Luc Daans

BE 19-2095525 “Alicia” Blue Hen 
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Roemania 2022 ( season 2020-2021 )
2nd National Ace M.D. old birds KBDB 2021

1          Momignies         901b
4          Sermaises       4,267b
5          Sermaises       4,211b
5          Sermaises       2,133b
6          Melun              1,519b
7          Melun              6,951b
7          Melun              3,815b
13        Sermaises      3,254b
13        Melun              2,769b
13        Sermaises       2,093b
19        Sermaises      1,197b
28        Melun              1,450b
39        Sermaises      3,238b

Father BE 11-2160785 Blue Peter Bours
Topbreeder and father from “Witpenneke 2012” and “Super Blauw” with Peter Bours

Gr.F. BE 08-2162661 Foudation breeder Black Walter – Walter Grieten
            Son from “BE 03-426” x “BE 03-406” 
Gr.M. BE 09-2226850 E.T. – Roger Didden
            Daughter from “BE 05-508” Father “Sterk” met 2 x TOP 60 National x 
            “BE 03-158” Het Chateaurouxke won 1st Chateauroux 421b – 2nd Soissons 1,201b

Mother BE 12-2166570 Den Engel – Roger Engelen
Top breeding hen
Mother from “Lana” 17 Nat Chateauroux 20,800b – 26 Nat Issoudun 10,603b – 92 Nat Argenton 5,158b

Gr.F. BE 04-6137114 Lange Blauwe 
            Father from “Rozalie” 3th Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 
            Son from “BE 03-972” Son old blue x “BE 99-914” Schicht
Gr.M. BE 09-6346434 Daughter Mustang
            Daughter from “BE 07-422” Mustang – 1st Olympiad bird Dortmund ’09 x "BE 04-115” Dark white pin

BE 18-2076078 “Blue 078” Blue Hen
1st Olympiad bird Cat. H Roemania 2022 ( season 2019-2020 )

  3        Sermaises                   4,267b
  3        Sermaises                   2,974b
  3        Momignies                      901b
  5        Soissons                      1,468b
  7        Sermaises                   4,211b
11        Melun                          2,769b
14        Momignies                  2,598b
17        Sermaises                   3,238b
20        Chevrainvilliers          2,551b
20        Toury                           1,008b
23        Soissons                     1,274b
42        Sermaises                  3,254b
43        Sermaises                  2,732b
45        Chevrainvilliers         2,378b
53        Soissons                    2,474b
53        Sermaises                 2,379b
71        Sermaises                 4,147b

Father BE 10-2024095 Den Dirk Junior – Kristiaan Hennes
Father from 17th Nat Argenton 22,463b – 22th Nat Chateauroux 21,827b

Gr.F. BE 02-6503571 Den Dirk – Dirk Van Dijck
            Son from “BE 95-077” Chateauroux won 5th Prov Chateauroux x “BE 00-658” Daughter Kannibaal 1st Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 
Gr.M. BE 09-2207343” Blue 
            Daughter from “BE 05-981” Grandson 231/86 Engels x “BE 04-123” Sister 855 and daughter Dirk 

Mother BE 12-2166398 Daughter Black Walter

Gr.F. BE 08-2162661 Foudation breeder Black Walter – Walter Grieten
            Son from “BE 03-426” x “BE 03-406”
Gr.M. BE 09-2113963 Mother Edson – Luc Daans
            Mother from “Edson” 6 Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 
            Daughter from “BE 03-446” Den Oscar x “BE 03-932” Liliane


In terms of nutrition, I certainly do not use a heavy feeding schedule. At home, this is sport with sweets and a high-fat mixture. On Sunday and Monday this is purification, Tuesday super diet and purification, Wednesday 50% Super diet and 50% Sport, Thursday 1/3 Super diet and 2/3 Sport and Friday Sport with Top Energy from Beyers together with candy and hempseed. They also get this mixture when they get home and then the regular schedule can start again. What I do like is that the pigeons are not fed too late on the day of basketing with 1 night basket, I prefer to basket them with an empty crop.

I also use Carbosol and Recovery from Jaap Koehoorn and vitamin ral and condition powder from Mariën and then the story ends. Fast recovery, light feeding and a solid condition are the pillars I focus on here.

Before the racing season starts of, the pigeons go for a check-up and if necessary they will be treated as well. Afterwards I go for a check-up every 4 to 6 weeks without curing blindly. In Autumn they do get a cure against trichomoniases and paratyphoid and then I go for a check-up to see that they are clear to be able to moult really good. 

Results 2021

Momignies 901 old & yearlings : 1,3,4,8,10,11,27,29,57,68,69,71,85,88,… 41/51
Momignies 2.598 old & yearlings : 3,5,6,7,9,14,15,17,22,25,32,35,42,46,47,52,53,54,55,56,57,59,67,96, 
                        101,122,126,136,178,180,182,189,194,212,246,… 50/59
Melun 6.951 old & yearlings: 6,7,9,15,47,48,50,87,89,127,… 34/56
Melun 3.600 yearlings : 4,21,57,63,… 
Sermaises 2.364 old & yearlings: 10,19,21,24,30,32,45,49,56,60,69,75,93,… 
Sermaises 1.258 yearlings : 11,29,32,42,79,97,99,… 
Sermaises 2.093 old & yearlings: 3,5,6,13,14,19,24,26,28,31,37,38,39,54,56,57,59,61,70,71,73,75,78,91,92,…. 36/41
Sermaises 1.107 yearlings : 3,4,12,13,14,18,26,35,36,39,42,50,66,74,… 
Sermaises 4.211 old & yearlings: 3,4,5,5,7,8,12,12,20,23,23,26,30,43,79,98,… 47/51
Sermaises 2.469 yearlings : 2,7,10,19,54,70,71,73,95,100,… 
Sermaises 3.238 old & yearlings: 6,7,8,11,14,15,17,21,22,24,29,39,76,87,98,… 25/37
Sermaises 1.843 yearlings : 6,10,15,19,51,80,… 
Melun 3.815 old & yearlings: 2,3,4,5,6,7,12,32,38,39,45,47,56,58,…. 
Melun 2.212 yearlings: 1,2,2,4,22,24,25,31,37,…. 
Melun 1.450 old & yearlings: 5,9,12,13,14,18,28,30,34,38,69,75,79,98,… 25/32
Sermaises 3.740 young birds : 1,2,6,8,9,23,45,54,61,68,87,150,198,206,208,210,211,218,263,268,283,289,304,307,… 43/77
Sermaises 2.731 young birds : 35,36,37,43,46,48,52,54,76,80,111,125,126,131,145,146,158,159,169,190,236,243,256,267,… 49/76
Melun 3.478 young birds : 11,78,82,103,106,108,111,137,181,217,237,269,… 39/63
Chateauroux Nat 18.741 young birds : 14,62,152,198,250,322,564,574,674,1188,1285,1562,1661,1743,… 27/48

Eddy & Marleen, a big congratulation on these wonderful results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim