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Sabrina Brugmans from Halen wins 1st and 2nd Provincial Argenton 1,190 yearlings

10 Jun 2022

With great class, this colony on Argenton youngsters shone in August 2021, head wind and warm weather were the conditions in which the pigeons had to fly. Winning the 1st National and beyond that 7 pigeons in the top 75 National clocking was then of the highest level in the Brugmans house. Now a few months later it is just these pigeons that are doing it again. The national winner no longer flies, but the 2nd and 4th pigeon from then are now the 1st and 2nd pigeon and win gold and silver at provincial level from Argenton against 1,190 yearlings.

The selection has been made and is extensively tested as a youngster. There is only room for the very best and so you can see that this quality comes to the fore again.

We are pleased to present the 2 winners to you.

BE 21-5030052 Jill Hen 
17th Nat Ace All Round young birds KBDB 2021

    1 Prov   Argenton ‘22     1.190b
  85 Nat                              18.763b
    6            Soissons            1.258b
  12           Soissons             1.116b
  13 Prov  Bourges              1.980b
100 Nat                              24.221b
  16           Sermaises          1.249b
  21           Sermaises          2.068b
  22 Prov  Lorris ’22            8.346b
  30 Nat   Argenton ’21    23.124b
  93           Vierzon               2.084b

Full sister from “Wout” 9th Nat Ace All Round young birds KBDB 2021

Sire BE 14-2341693 Son Charlotte
Grandfather “Louise” 1 Olympiad bird Cat. G Romania 2022 - 1 Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 2020 + 1st Nat Olympiad bird Cat.G Olympic Hope KBDB
Grandfather “Fien” 8 Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 2019
Son from foundation breeder “Willy” x “Charlotte” 1st Nat Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2013

Mother BE 16-2172817 Klein Blauw – Roger Buvens
Superk breeding hen
Mother from “Vera” 1st Prov Argenton ( 6 Nat 8.588b ) – 7 S.Nat Vierzon 5.462b
Mother from “Myra” 1 Prov Argenton 991b
Daughter “Xun” x “Elise 001/10” Daughter golden pair Roger Buvens

BE 21-6041125 Britt Hen
Original Op de Beeck – Baetens
29th Nat Nat Ace All Round young birds KBDB 2021

    2 Prov  Argenton ‘22        1.190b
    3            Melun                   2.244b
  10           Soissons               1.116b
  12           Sermaises               761b
  13 Nat   Argenton ’21     23.124b
  53           Vierzon                 2.084b
  62 Prov  Lorris ’22              8.348b
266 Nat   Bourges ‘21       18.710b
914 Nat   Bourges ‘22       24.221b

Sire BE 16-6156053 Benjamin - Op de Beeck – Baetens
Won 5 Nat (z) Chateauroux 8.584b
Grandson “Mister Kannibaal” Dirk Van Dijck
Grandson topcouple “Flandrien” x “Amber” Gevaert – Lannoo

Mother BE 19-6146303 Gerti - Op de Beeck – Baetens
Granddaughter “Hattrick” 5 x 1st Gert Heylen

Stephan and Sabrina, congratulations from the whole HERBOTS TEAM and on to the next victory.

Buelens Kim