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Sabrina Brugmans from Halen shines with the 1st Prov Chateauroux 1,687 yearlings ( fastest against 4,610b)

10 Jun 2021

Where they had to be satisfied with on Bourges National with the 2nd and 6th Provincial Bourges old and 9,13,14 and 17th Provincial Bourges yearlings it was now a hit in the rose on Chateauroux for them. Their yearling hen was the best yearling and also the fastest of all Limburg pigeons. 

Again top class of this colony who again showed their talent and who we have to watch during the entire season. 

Winner Chateauroux

BE 20-5086519 Tess Hen
1          Prov     Chateauroux      1,687b
1          Fastest                             4,610b
18        Nat                                 22,196b
18                     Sermaises              483b
22                     Momignies          1,311b
53        Prov     Bourges              1,910b

Sister to “520/20” 21 Nat Chateauroux 23,280b

Father BE 14-2005401 Blue Son Blue Ace
Top breeder and father to “Vera” 6 Nat Argenton 8,588b – 7 S.Nat Vierzon 5,462b – 8 Prov Chateauroux 1,372b ( 11th Olympiad bird 2018 )

Gr.F. 5027749/2013 Long Blue ( Co-breeding Brugmans x Buvens )
          Nest brother “Valère” 1 Nat Bourges 30,315b
          Son to “854/05” Blauwe Valère base breeder x “751/09” De 751 Hen Roger Buvens
Gr.M. 5000639/2012 Blue Ace 
           5 + 8 Nat Ace bird MD KBDB 2012+2013
           Daughter to  “854/05” Blue Valère Stamvader x “923/13” Charlotte 1 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 2014

Mother BE 17-5127977 Sister Valere
BE 15-2185810 “Valère” won 1st National Bourges 36,315 youngsters 
BE 17-5024644 “Chris” became 9th National Ace bird GMD yearlings KBDB 2019 and won ao. 4 Prov Chateauroux 1,372b – 6 Nat Bourges 8,978b – 26 Nat Argenton 8,818b – 29 Prov Bourges 4,280b
BE 16-2173154 “June” won 1 Prov Argenton 1,541b – 2 Prov Argenton 360b – 9 S.Nat Bourges 3,455b – 
9 Nat Chateauroux 1,790b – 63 Nat Chateauroux 4,203b
BE 15-2305271 “Brother Valere” 
            Became on his turn father to “Natacha” 5 Nat Ace bird MD KBDB 2018 and won ao:  
            1 Prov Chevrainvilliers 2,863b ( fastest against 8,053b )
            and to “Black Ace” 1 Semi Nat Ace bird CFW 2017 and won ao 11 Nat Argenton  21,915b
            and grandfather to “Fleur” 1 Prov Ace bird youngsters GMD KBDB 2019 and 
            won ao. 1 Prov Bourges 2,619b ( fastest against 5,027b ) 

Gr.F. 5025014/2013 Checquered ( Co-breeding  Brugmans x Buvens )
            Son to “Blauwe Valère” Old base breeder x “Super 751” Roger Buvens
Gr.M. 5033560/2013 Daughter Olympic Steppe Hermans – Bonne
            Daughter to “Olympic Steppe” 2nd Olympiad bird Cat.A Nitra 2013

References on other lofts with the “Blue Ace” strain

Last week on Bourges won the tandem Leo & Gerry Dockx 1st Provincial Bourges 4,728 yearlings. 

Mother was a direct from Sabrina Brugmans and is also a granddaughter to “Blue Ace” who was coupled then to the nest brother of “Father 1st National Bourges”, just the same as now with the winner from Chateauroux at Sabrina.. 

The strain “Blue Ace” x “Nationaal Bourges” seems to be a success formula. 

Rudi Serre – 1st Provincial Bourges 1,910 yearlings

The older sister to “Blue Ace” was “Sandy”. This strain was on Bourges very success full at Rudi Serre as he won the 1st Provincial Bourges against 1,910 pigeons with it. 

Vanmeert Roger & Koen – 1st Provincial Bourges 3,576 old

Also here shined the strain “Blue Ace”.  A brother to “Blue Ace” is great grandfather to the 1st Provincial Bourges 3,567 old and the week before that another brother from this coupling the 2nd Provincial Gien 8,042 pigeons. 

Stephan & Sabrina, a big congratulations on this nice victory and up for the next one. 

Buelens Kim