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Sabrina Brugmans from Halen dominates Provincial Lorris with 1-2-3 against 8,346 pigeons

19 May 2022

The Sabrina Brugmans colony is once again on edge, in Halen the next stunt has been achieved with 1-2-3 Provincial Lorris against 8,346 pigeons and a top result against you. Whether they are ready for the national flights, I think so. The form is there or is it still to come, we will know within a few weeks. But the top quality of this colony is once again confirmed.

Results of the past 2 weekends

14/05 Lorris Prov 8.348 old + yls : 1,2,3,15,19,22,24,62,70,96,99,177,189,229,386,442,467,684,… 28/29
            Lorris Prov 3.052 yearlings : 1,2,14,34,37,52,88,170,… 12/13
            Lorris Prov 5.281 old birds : 1,5,8,10,46,95,119,249,266,402,482,… 16/16
            Lorris I.Prov 4.281 old + yls : 19,126,158,203,… 7/8
07/05 Melun 1.149 old birds : 5,10,20,28,31,39,45,48,62,75,96,… 15/16
            Melun 1.095 yearlings : 1,3,8,10,23,34,… 12/13
            Melun 2.244 old + yls : 1,3,12,14,16,24,42,44,53,57,61,72,73,80,84,… 26/29
            Lorris 1.007 old birds : 5,14,30,37,45,46,93,... 8/8
            Soissons 1.616 yearlings : 9,17,64,85,93 5/8
            Soissons 2.637 old + yls : 16,28,114,150,160 5/8

System hens

The hens rest in the winter, no coupling, relax in the aviaries where everything revolves around the racing season. Training will resume from February and the season can start in April. The ladies are darkened from March 1 to May 1, where everything here is dominated by the national flights, starting with Bourges at the end of May. The additional lighting here starts from mid-July until the end of the season. They are also always raced on widowhood until the end of the season.

The hens are therefore in the aviaries during the day and in their 2 resting lofts at night. Several hens have a permanent place and may already get their first motivation from this.

Motivation with cocks

The hens do not see any cocks for the racing season, Stephan divides the group into 3 teams and from the first flight from Momignies the 1st group is allowed with their cocks from Sunday to Thursday. They are then permanently paired on those few days and the following Sunday it is the turn of the 2nd group to go together for 4 days. By the end of April they will all have their cock so that widowhood can really start.

The hens that are together in the period of those 4 days are always taken away to train with the group. When they return from a race they stay together for at least an hour, if the sprint team is now at home for 2 hours for the other, that is ideal to take it away afterwards in function of the hens of the middle distance and so he rotates every week with these 3 teams.

Training is a measure of value here

Yes, that's absolutely right, I attach great importance to getting my pigeons in a real top condition for the first national races. That's why I've been training them twice a day for several weeks now. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 2 x a day outside and on Thursday morning is their last training. The hens that are together for 4 days in April train only once a day with the group.

So on the day of basketing they train first, afterwards they get some food, they see their cocks in different groups for an hour and afterwards they get a bath. Around 4 pm I feed them the last time and around 6 pm I start to take them away. The pigeons for speed that are basketed on Friday see their cocks on Friday.

Lorris 3 first arrivals

BE 21-5030084 “Liv” Hen

This provincial winner was a good young bird last year but lost at La Souterraine, she was taken care of on Monday in Orp Le Grand and was completely empty. She got complete rest and now takes care of this writ.

    1 Prov  Lorris                     8.346b
    3           Momignies               231b
    9           Soissons                1.116b
  40           Momignies            2.535b
  57           Melun                     2.244b
  83           Momignies            3.261b
272 Nat   Argenton             23.124b

Father BE 20-5086570 Son Greg
Son “Greg” 1 Prov Argenton 1,354b ( 33 Nat 19,592b ) + 27 Nat Bourges 28,078b
Son “Vera” 1 Prov Argenton 976b ( 6 Nat 8,588b ) + 7 S.Nat Vierzon 5,462b

Mother BE 20-6154565 Blue – Bart & Nance Van Oeckel
Granddaughter 2 base breeders “F16” – “Gaston Jr” 

BE 20-5086614 “Sunny” Hen

  1 ProvLorris            5.281b
  2 Prov ( old+yls )    8.346b
  1       Soissons           253b
  1       Soissons           223b
  1       Soissons           154b
  2       Soissons           101b
  3       Soissons           582b
  5       Soissons           219b
  7       Melun             2.028b
  8       Soissons        1.421b
17       Melun            3.600b
28       Melun            1.149b
65       Nanteuil        2.009b

Full sister “Fien” 8 Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 2019 – 1 Prov Melun 10,615b ( fastest 18,719b )

Father BE 16-2173250 Blue
½ brother “Charlotte” 1 Nat Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2014
Grandson “Valere” 1 Nat Bourges 36.315d

Mother BE 15-2185690 Blue
Granddaughter “Charlotte” 1 Nat Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2014
Granddaughter base breeder “Willy”
Granddaughter “751” Roger Buvens 

DV 0048-21-548 “Didi” Hen
Original Dieter Wöhr

This hen already shone last year with 2nd Provincial La Souterraine and now 3rd Provincial after 2 loft mates.

    2 Prov La Souterraine        946b 
    3 Prov Lorris                     8.346b
  16          Melun                    2.244b
  17          Soissons                  449b
  23          Soissons               1.236b
293 Nat  Argenton            23.124b

Father DV 08582-19-650 Son Blue Wonder
Grandson “Fenomeen” 5 x 1st – 1 Ace bird 2015 + 2016

Mother DV 033158-15-753 Zus 1st Ace bird 2015
Daughter “Josef”


Here I have completely switched to the Aidi Mixtures, the hens get Girl Power at the beginning of the week from now on in the middle distance and afterwards I feed them with Vliegmix 2 and 3.
They also get an extra portion with peanuts, candy, P40, grit and Tovo after their daily portion of food.
I also always use Schroeder – Tollisan and Röhnfried products. This is mainly Entrobac, Hexenbier, Moorgold, Atemfrei, Carni Speed ​​from Röhnfried and Immunol, Nano Tollyamin and Conditioning powder from Schroeder – Tollisan.
To date, the racing team has only received something against tricho. When checked in the spring by Vincent Schroeder, the partners did not have tricho and the hens. That is why the cocks were treated for 7 days and the hens were treated with Tricho Groen for only 3 days.

Congratulations to Stephan and Sabrina on this great victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim