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Rudi Serre from Loksbergen has his provincial victory in 2021 in the pocket!

04 Jun 2021

Let’s go back one year. After 3 national races the best old pigeon of the country is to be found in the Limburg village Loksbergen after a provincial victory on Argenton. Or how this pigeon won the 2nd and 7th national in a matter of a few weeks’ time. Now, one year later, the first national race has been raced and again hit was a hit in the rose for Rudi Serre. Or how he can put down very high results with a small colony and one race loft for old and yearling pigeons together. Now it was a yearling pigeon that shined,  BE 20-5087024 is a small iron strong hen that has the golden genes both on fathers’ and mothers’ side and is out of the best breeding lines to be found on this loft. 

Coincidence or not, but last summer during a visit, Rudi told me :’ Take this 2 sisters in hand. It were a blue and a chequered white pin, small and fine build, but iron strong on the chest. When nothing happens to them one out of the 2 will shine without a doubt. One racing season later I have to agree…. 

Hens in open aviaries is the key to succes

I still look at it amazed, on his brick loft the hens reside the entire winter in open aviaries during day time. Also in the racing season this is the case and you would think that they never can get into shape with rainy weather. But wait until the day they have to achieve results. 

They train once a day in the evening and always easily for one hour. Now after a few national races this is a bit less. 

Winner Bourges

BE 20-5087024 Blue Hen

  1       Prov   Bourges         1,910b
  6       Nat(z)                        3,251b
  6                   Soissons          794b
21                   Soissons          476b
34                   Momignies      713b

Father BE 18-5070593 Blue
Brother to “095/15” 14 Nat Ace Heavy M.D. old birds KBDB 2018 – 1 Prov Bourges 2,050b
Brother to “094/15” 2 Nat Ace Heavy M.D. old birds 2018 ( 6 races ) 15 Ace Heavy M.D. old birds KBDB 2018 
Brother to “602/16” 12 Nat Ace Heavy M.D. year birds KBDB 2017
Brother to “638/16” 47 Nat Chateauroux 14,762b – 61 Nat Chateauroux 19,592b

Gr.F. BE 13-5025075 Blue Topbreeder 
            Son from “BE 12-694” Son Sandy Sabrina Brugmans x “BE 08-666" Daughter Orléans 
Gr.M. BE 13-5027594 Blue white flight – Serre Laporte
            Daughter from “BE 03-370” Topracer Middle Distance x “BE 09-248” 
            ½ sister Acy L-B-J Geerinckx ( Acy won 1 Olympiad bird Budapest 2015 )

Mother BE 15-2186015 Chequered
Sister to “021/13” Mother from 3 Nat Chateauroux 22,818b ‘14
Sister to “074/13” Mother from 27 Nat Bourges 36,315b ’15 
Sister to “Lady Vierzon” 2 Prov Vierzon 1,129b
Sister to “596/13” Father from 7 Nat Issoudun 11,984b

Gr.F. BE 12-2075860 Blue 
            Son from “BE 07-365” Blue Bourges won 56 Nat Bourges 11,756b x “BE 07-883” Blue
Gr.M. BE 12-6317846” Chequered – Jan Hermans
            Daughter from “NL 05-247” Brother Half white pin x “BE 03-724” Frommeltje


At arrival they always get electrolytes first and afterwards I give B.S. from Belgica De Weerd until Sunday morning. On Sunday and Monday it is mostly Herbial from Herbovet and next to that Zell Oxygen with Optimix from Herbots. 

In a matter of food I always use the mixtures from Matador. This is Super Start and Turbo Energy with as extra’s some peanuts on the last 2 days before basketing. 

Rudi a big congratulation and I think we have to come back soon for a 1st National victory!!!