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Rony & Geert Boschmans from Herne klokken 1-2-3-4 Sermaises 4,923 old + yearling

19 Jun 2020

Let's go back to last year Montluçon National. A super strong result from this colony with 3 and 39 against 9,857 old birds national and 4 and 13 against 14,104 yearling National. In other words 4x TOP 40 National. This tandem is called  Rony and Geert Boschmans out of Herne. Both brothers run this colony and this with success. 

Now in 2020 they show themselves immediately on the first middle distance race with an amazing stunt. They clock their first 4 pigeons in a matter of 17 seconds, later it would turn out they are the 4 fastest of the 4,923 pigeons in total. A season opener to bow for. 

The clocking just continued and have a look at their total result underneath: 

Sermaises 4,923 old : 1,2,3,4,21,34,41,81,86,112,131,178,179,179,210,211,284,317,333,342,… 41/79 ( 301 km )
Sermaises 2,803 yearling : 1,2,15,26,32,56,76,90,124,125,148,149,226,… 26/48

The first arriving pigeon was BE 18-2066738, a hen that already had a 1st prize on her palmaris on the middle races and in fact is racing with long distance and extreme long distance blood in her veins. 

The 2nd and 3rd pigeon are nestbrother and sister at the yearling birds. 
BE 19-2117405 and BE 19-2117406

The hen jumped in first with 2 seconds head arrival before her nestmate. Both are grandchildren to the 1st national z Orange and from their super hen “De 659”.  This hen won 3 x 1st ( 1 Souppes 2,528b – 1 Argenton 304b – 1 Pont 150b ).

The last one out of the 4 is BE17-2112024, a dark checquered hen who already won a 2nd prize on Bourges and also already has a beautiful palmaris. 

Rony and Geert, a big congratulation with this amazing result and good luck this season from the entire Herbots Team.

Buelens Kim