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Ronald Geerdink (Hoogerheide) : “success is for me a logic consequence from my search for the best pigeons from the international extreme long distance”

03 Mar 2023

Ronald had 3 operations in 2020 on his head and was the benign tumour was removed.  Due to the good forecasts Ronald build a new pigeon loft and invested in pigeons from the best extreme long distance racers from Holland. Eight pigeons from Jellama including a marvellous son to ‘Silke’ for 13,200€ and a magnificent hen ‘Inbred MG 430’. ‘Silke’ won 1st national Barcelona 2020, 2nd international Barcelona, 3rd national Narbonne and 4 international Narbonne 2016. Unfortunately is this amazing pigeon stolen on the 6th of October 2020 from Jelle’s loft! 
At Cor de Heijde he bought 13 pigeons. Especially the pigeons out of the strain of ‘Don Michel’ and off course the ‘Jonge Don Michel’, who is father to 3 children and one grandchild within the 1st 11 National Barcelona. Also in 2021 a very good daughter to ‘Naomi’ was bought. “Naomi” won at Cor de Heijde the 6th National Barcelona 5,423 pigeons, 6th International Barcelona 20,669 pigeons, 29th national Barcelona 6,909 pigeons, 72nd international Barcelona 25,224 pigeons and the 21st national Perpignan 2,181 hens. ‘Naomi’ was 1st European Ace bird Barcelona over 2 years with the 6th and 72nd prize internationally!
Unfortunately also at Cor was broken in a week before Jelle and all breeding cocks inclusive base breeder of the current successes the ‘Jonge Don Michel’ were stolen! What a disaster for Cor who had already 3 breaking ins by now. Since then Ronald doesn’t keep his breeders any more at his house. Also are the racing lofts secured in many different ways. 
And last but not least Ronald Geerdink bought pigeons from top pigeon fanciers Walter (P.W.A.) van der Meulen from Sirjansland. This fancier won the past few years National Barcelona the 5, 9, 10, 17, 19, 21 and 32 prize! Average Walter has a prize percentage of 61% on this race. 
Jacky de Bruine won in 2018 with a pigeon bred by Walter the 1st National Barcelona 
(4th International). In 2019 won de Bruine who almost only has pigeons from Walter van der Meulen the 2nd National (8th International) and 26th National Barcelona! In 2021 again the 14th and 47th National Barcelona and 7 prizes on the 10 basketed pigeons! 

Within 6 years of time Ronald Geerdink races with the best of the best on the international extreme long distance. In 2018 Ronald won the 1st place of the National Marathon championship from ZLU, the most prestigious extreme long distance title of Holland. This isn’t a coincidence anymore but caused by a few different things. 
First of all Geerdink invested at the best long distance racers from Western-Europe. 
See the former mentioned investments. Another reason for the always getting better results is the strong selection of the pigeons. The nest game gives a good view on both the cocks and hens. This way you can select on both sides and this only makes your lofts stronger. Pigeons who race once on Agen and are being basketed twice as yearling on the extreme long distance need to have two prizes over these 2 years or once a head prize. This selection takes care of always better results both on the own loft as with others. 

Time is valuable
Ronald Geerdink is the owner and executive director of Advaita-Advice, a company who helps high-net-wort entrepreneurs get the best out of their contacts with the bank in a matter of asset management. For the customer are looked for top investments and are costs being reduced. Especially due to this busy and time consuming job the pigeons have to get to get use to this. ‘Another fancier who is at home and can give care on a regular base is always a step ahead of me, but it just isn’t another way. These fanciers can get more out of their pigeons which they bought at my place and many fancier have amazing results due to this with my pigeons,” according Ronald Geerdink. In the past few years 17 1st prizes were won on NPO, national or international level with pigeons from Ronald Geerdink, this can’t be a coincidence any more ! 

References Ronald Geerdink

2022 Simon Schoonen & Zoon uit Bergen op Zoom won 1st and 2nd National Bergerac (st. Vincent) Sector 1  against 5,712b.
The 16-1593126 50% Ronald Geerdink won 2nd Nat. Bergerac and his grandson won 1st National Bergerac. Unique top performance! 

2022 Simon Schoonen & Zoon uit Bergen op Zoom won with 18-3800620 the 1st prize Dax in combine Zuidwesthoek Union Fond against 208b. Before he won also 1st prize Bergerac against 5,712 b. Father is 50%  Ronald Geerdink. 

2022 Combinatie Gebraad de Wilde won with 20-761 the 49th National Agen 2021 against 6,896b. and in 2022 the 74th National Narbonne against 6,261b.
This bird is bred out son ‘SuperBOB’, so 50% Ronald Geerdink.

2022 P. Marijnissen uit Fijnaart has a top yearbird out a son of  ‘SuperBOB’ from Ronald Geerdink. (Marijnissen received this topper from Leon Roks from Standdaarbuiten who bought a child of  SuperBOB) 
De 21-2117317 won 4th from Agen ZLU against 539b., National 64th against 6,174b. and  7th from Narbonne against 387b. and National 89th against 6,261.. He is the 7th European Ace yearbirds marathon and 1st  Acee IFC Hoogerheide. Ronald Geerdink has 2nd best yearbird and 16th International Ace yearbirds.

2022 M. van Rijen Lepelstraat 1st champion Zuidwesthoek Union Fond Marathon.
8th afdeling Brabant 2000 nominated and 11 not-nominated champion.  3 Bordeaux 465b., 10 Libourne 276b., 3 Dax 208b., 22 Tarbes 838b. and 15 Bergerac 525b. Average 65% prize. Co-loft Ronald Geerdink. 

2022 Ardelean Calin Nikolas won in Roemenië with a grandchild of SuperBob 1st prov. ace marathon.

2021 G.H.J. Bijenhof uit Noord-Holland wins 1st provincial Cahors 2021 and 3rd National against 3,524b.with 50% Ronald Geerdink. 

2021 Combination van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win with the 20-6160493 the 7th National Agen against 7,360p with a 50% pigeon from Ronald Geerdink. International prize 9 against 17,759p.

2021 Combination van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 3rd provincial St. Vincent and the 49th Nationaal against 3,080p. 100% Ronald Geerdink.

2021 Gerard Schalkwijk from Lopik wins with a 50% pigeon from Ronald Geerdink the 5th National Perigieux against 6,659p and the 3rd NPO Perigieux. This cock is a ½ brother to MG 430 which Gerard bought at the total auction from Ronald Geerdink in 2019.

2021 Villain Aureliain wins from Chateauroux the 1st prize against 2,409p. Both parents were bought by Villain in 2018 at Ronald Geerdink.

2021 Rinus van Rijen Lepelstraat had once again an amazing marathon season with his Ronald Geerdink pigeons. OF the 5 raced extreme long distance races from the NPO Rinus won in the SouthWestcorner Union Long Distance 2-12-17-19 St. Vincent, 7-15 Agen, 10-12-17 Dax, 12 Bergerac and prize 20 out of Bordeaux. He became 2nd Champion thanks to these results .

2021 Hermann Josef Ubachs from Waldfeucht won the 6th National Barcelona with a grandchild to pigeons from Ronald Geerdink.  Hermann bought on the ZLU prize reward a child to Daan the 1st International Agen and this became the base breeder on his loft. 

2020 Combination van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 16thNational Agen 2020 against 5,151p with a child to Wringer from Ronald Geerdink.

2020 Combination van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win the 1st provincial Perpignan 2020 against 363p with 16-3628635 a direct pigeon to the breeders from Ronald Geerdink. This ‘635’ won before the 4th Provincial Pau 2020, 138 National Pau 2020, 5th Provincial St. Vincent 2019, 69th National St. Vincent 2019. In 2021 49th National St. Vincent against 3,080p.

2020 Duncan Goodchild racing under the name D. Dales bought an amazing pigeon the 16-1628619 from Ronald Geerdink out a son Dure Cees x daughter Rika.
The GB17E23294 is a hen out of the ´619´ from Ronald Geerdink. The ´294´ won the 1st National Perpignan 2020 (would be the 4th National in Holland), 3rd National Perpignan 2019, 18th National Alencon and 50th National Agen!
Again the 1st National victory out of pigeons from Ronald Geerdink.

2020 Rinus van Rijen wins the 1st prize St. Vincent against 260p. National this is the 6th prize against 5,578p. 100% Ronald Geerdink. 

2020 Jacky Daenen uit Maastricht bought a hen from Ronald Geerdink the 14-1169753 and bred out of this the 16-1778389 who was being basketed twice on Barcelona and is the 28th best pigeon internationally Barcelona over 2019 and 2020. In 2019 this topper won the 101st National against 4,129p and in 2020 the 159th National against 4,477p.

2019 Combination van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers win with the 16-6176617 the 1st Provincial Agen old pigeons and the 17th Na        tional against 3,935p, co-breeding with Ronald Geerdink out of ‘Daan’. They also win the 1st Provincial Agen yearlings with a grandchild ‘Daan’ from Jos Pepping. This is the 2nd National Agen 4,650p and the 7th International against 10,610p

2019 Bob Jansen from Bergambacht win the 48th National Agen yearlings with a grandchild ‘Daan’ against 3,940p. International 86th against 10,610p

2019 Poiz W. & Descheemaeker A. from Gistel win the 48th National Agen 2019 against 3,935p. This sympathetic fancier has 3 pigeons from Ronald Geerdink who are the 6th, 29th and 50th National Ace bird Agen in Belgium. 
The 17-3080685 won in 2018 the 42nd National Agen and in 2019 the 48th National Agen. In 2018 these 3 ace birds were basketed for Agen and won a national level the prizes 29, 42 and 64!

2019 Philip Geerdink has with his ´Tommy´ the 4th National Ace bird Agen ZLU in his possession. ´Tommy´ is a son to ´Ronaldo´ who Philip got at brother Ronald Geerdink. The 4th National Ace bird Agen is a grandchild to ‘Advaita´ who won herself the 1st provincial Bergerac 2008 and became 4th Ace bird extreme long distance in Northern Holland in 2008. ‘Tommy’ won:
2017 Agen provincial 8 against 729p
2017 Agen ZLU National 43 against 5.930 p
2017 Agen International 94 against 13.030 p
2018 Agen provincial 11 against 377 p
2018 Agen ZLU National 78 against 5.754p
2018 Agen International 204 against 13.225 p
2019 Agen ZLU National 496 against 5.210 p
2019 Agen International 881 against 12.090p
2019 Narbonne National 119 against 3.829 p 

2019 Rinus van Rijen from Lepelstraat has 16 racing pigeons, all from Ronald Geerdink out of three couples. Eight pigeons were raced three times on the extreme long distance in 2019, they could win a maximum of 24 prizes and they did win 24 prizes !  His top couple is out of a son ‘Vale Montauban’ 10-1571582 and mother is daughter ‘Meirlaen duivin’.
A few pigeons: 
16-1607233: 2 Bordeaux 533 p., 4 Bergerac 448 p., 10 Perigieux 371 p., 14 Dax 273 p and so on...
14-1145075: 6 Cahors 361 p., 6 Cahors 207 p., 9 Dax 249 p., 14 Agen 400 p and so on...
16-1607196: 4 Agen 400 p and 7 Perigieux 371 p and so on...
In 2019 Rinus van Rijen had early prizes on all the Marathon races and on Bordeaux it was phenomenal, against 533 p: 2-26-31-45-59-62-67-73 and 117. Nine out of the 10 basketed pigeons won prize. All nine pigeons come from Ronald Geerdink and the 2nd prize is a granddaughter to ‘Meirlaen duivin’.
Rinus became 2nd department champion and will score high for the national championship 2019.

2018 Chris Paauwe with a grandchild ‘Daan’ won the 16-1583997 the 33 National Agen ZLU 2018 

2018 Kweekcentrum Friesland owner Simon Kuijpers has a daughter ‘Vale Montauban’. A grandchild wins  9 National Dax 2018. Another grandchild the ‘049’ is parent to the 1st National Cahors! The nest mate to the ‘049’ is the ‘050’ who is parent to the 6th National Cahors 2017. Again the strain from the ‘Vale Montauban’

2018 wins owner Ad Valk from Wegrestaurant Napoleon the 13th prize in the Algarve One loft race. This was the 1st Dutch pigeon. Strain ‘Vale Montauban’

2018 win Jo Schultjens from Geffen with a daughter to ´Le Marchand´  16-3642222 from Nico Volkens (out of a sister ‘Vale Montauban) the 23 National Dax, 80 National St. Vincent and 326th National Bergerac.
‘Broer 222’ won the 35th National Bordeaux in 2018. Both strain ‘Vale Montauban’

2017 Stoker Heems win on Provincial Vierzon the 6th prize against 6,532p with a cock out of the strain to the ‘Vale Montauban’

2017 win Jaap Mazee 1st prize NPO Limoges and with the same pigeon two weeks later the 1st National Sint Vincent and 4th prize against in total 13,24p! Father is ‘Zoon Slimme’ from Jos Pepping out of a grandchild ‘Vale Montauban’

2017, The very heavy Dax from 2017 was won in Sector 3 by Arie en Dennis van de Meer from Utrecht. This pigeon was bought at Nico Volkens and is out of the strain of ´Vale Montauban´. This topper won the 14 National Bergerac, 48 National Perigieux and the 4 National Dax against 10,429p and the 1st prize Sector Dax against 2,565p!

In 2016 won Gerrit van Vlisterenwith the 14-1511493 1st prize in the Northern Union from Bergerac against 2,350p. Cousin ‘Vale Montauban’

2016 Simon Schoonen from Bergen op Zoom has many different pigeons from Ronald Geerdink. Amongst other the 10-1571582 ‘Zoon Vale Montauban’ , 11-1693970 ‘Kleindochter Kleine Prins’ Saarloos Klaaswaal and B09-4303045 ‘Meirlaen duivin’ Base breeding hen at Ronald Geerdink.
Due to these reinforcements became Simon Schoonen 3rd departments champion Marathon 2016. (1.547 fanciers Department Brabant 2000 per 2016)

2015 Duo de Groot-Leijenwon with 09-1047536 son ‘Ronaldinho’ (direct Ronald Geerdink) 8 National St. Vincent, 25 National Pau ZLU, 31 National St. Vincent ZLU, 110 National Perpignan, 125 National Perpignan, 224 National Perpignan and so on. Due to these amazing early prizes in 2015 on ZLU of this super ‘536’ duo de Groot-Leyen won the 1st Championship Emperor Extreme long distance ZLU and Marathon North 1st Champion ZLU 2015

2015 Wegrestaurant Napoleon eigenaar Ad Valk 2nd Provincial and 45th National Marseille, pigeon 50% Ronald Geerdink

2015 Nico Volkens from Bergen wins 1st National Ace bird Agen over 3 years with ‘The Fighter’. This is a grandchild to Vale Montauban Ronald Geerdink 
‘The Fighter’ 11-1593234 won: 
22e National Agen 3.153p
35e National Agen 6.112 p
44e National Narbonne 6.650 p
79e National Agen 6.638p

2015 Jan Mellaard Ooltgensplaat won with a yearling out of the 12-1485385 ‘Zoon Stien’ and ‘Perpignanduivin’ from Ronald Geerdink (won 4 prizes out of Nat. Barcelona and the 18th Nat. Perpignan 2018) the 96th National and 101st prize National ZLU.  The 12-1485385 is a son to ‘Stien’ five times within the 53 National and best Marathon pigeon North. ‘Stien’ is 50% Ronald Geerdink and the 12-1485385 is a base breeder at Ronald Geerdink

In 2014 won Arjan Beens with his ‘Dinie’ the 1st national Perpignan over a distance of 1,137 kilometre. This was an amazing result and also with a very unique hen. Strain ‘Vale Montauban’.
Out of the same hen Arjan Beens bred the 9th National Ace bird Barcelona, strain ‘Vale Montauban’

2014 Wegrestaurant Napoleon eigenaar Ad Valk wins in 2014 the 3rd prize Derby Arona ! 50% Ronald Geerdink

2014: 1st National and International Ace bird Pau over vijf jaar with ‘Le Marchand’ from Nico Volkens is out of a full sister ‘Vale Montauban’. The 07-1657419, ‘Le Marchand’ won the 4th Provincial Dax, 18 Nat. Pau, 91 Nat. Marseille, 165 Nat. Pau, 183 Nat. Pau, 211 Nat. Pau and so on…

2014 Philip Geerdink wins with a grandchild ‘Superkanjer’ who Ronald Geerdink bought from  Ron de Jong the 10th national Perpignan, 45 national Bordeaux and 86th National Marseille.  In 2018 wins Philip with a son to this topper the 3rd International Perpignan!
Before brother Philip won the 65 National Dax ZLU (full brother ‘Vale Montauban’) and in 2014 the 98 Nat. Narbonne.
Out of  Ronaldo is son Advaita from Ronald Geerdink (1st provincial Bergerac, 7 National and 4th best pigeon North Holland 2008) wins Philip with his Tommy 43 National Agen ZLU 5.930 in 2017,
94 National Agen 13.030 and 78 National Agen ZLU 5.754 in 2018. 

2014 Rob Timmermans from Schellingwoude ‘Mitchell’ 11-1568366, a son to ‘Ronald Geerdink duivin’ who won:  3, 5 and 6 Provincial. 37 National Pau and 48 National Narbonne in 2014! 50% breeding loft Ronald Geerdink.
Later this topper became the 1st National Ace bird morning releases 2014

2013 Cor Schermer won with his “Milano” 1 National St. Vincent Hens in 2013 and 3rd National St. Vincent ZLU. This pigeons is out of a child to the “Stien” who won at Jos Pepping 15-17-30-42 and 53 National and became due to this the best pigeon Marathon North. The ‘Stien’ is 50% Ronald Geerdink   

2013 Cor de Jong from Leerdam who won the 1st prize Bergerac international with the 11-1763672 against 13,273p. Strain Ronald Geerdink via Ad Valk.
Cor de Jong is also the owner to the 10-1780343 who won 20 National Perpignan and 48 National Mont de Marsan. This is a direct daughter to the ´Valk´.  Ad Valk is the owner of the ‘Valk’ who is bred out of pigeons from Ronald Geerdink

2013 Tonnie van Dam from Hattem has many pigeons from Ronald Geerdink. In 2009 Won Tonnie with “Laura” 1st National Bordeaux bred out of a pigeon from Ronald Geerdink. That this strain breeds further very well is a fact.  Kees van der Kolk wins on a very heavy Cahors against 2.584 pigeons the 1st prize. This was a NPO concours in department 8. Father to this topper is a full brother to the 1st National Bordeaux from Tonnie van Dam.
Jan Broersma won the 1st in the Northern Union in 2013 with his hen the 12-4711431. The mother is direct out of the 1st national Bordeaux from Tonnie van Dam from Hattem who is half a pigeon from Ronald Geerdink.

A few fanciers with pigeons from Ronald Geerdink

Nico Volkens wins with ‘Red Terror’ 43 Nat. Marseille and 83rd on a very heavy national Barcelona . 
Brother ‘Red Terror’ won the 56th Nat. Barcelona and are both out of the 03-2292104 who Nico Volkens bought at Ronald Geerdink. Strain ‘Vale Montauban’

Jos Pepping from Egmond aan den Hoef  won with direct children from Ronald Geerdink
7 Nat. St. Vincent
15 Nat. St. Vincent
17 Nat. Tarbes
30 Nat. Montauban
42 Nat. Bordeaux
53 Nat. St. Vincent. 
Grandchildren won 4 Nat. St. Vincent, 9 Nat. Agen, 12 Nat. Agen, 13 Nat. Marseille, 21 Nat. Marseille, 21 Nat. Pau, 23 Nat. Bordeaux, 53 Nat. Agen, 75 Nat. Pau, 89 Nat. Marseille and so on
1st and 9th Ace bird Marseille, fixed breeding hen ‘999’, fixed breeding hen ‘988’, ‘Stien’, ‘Teun’ are off spring of the loft Ronald Geerdink.
Striking were the assets ‘Dochter Cameleon’, ‘Zoon Vale Montauban’ and ‘Stien’

Ad Valk from Hank. (Wegrestaurant Napoleon)
Results with children and grandchildren of the loft Ronald Geerdink:
6 Nat Bergerac 16.041 p
20 Nat Perpignan 5.294p
29 Nat Pau 2.657 p
41 Nat Tarbes 3.601p
48 Nat Mont de Marsan 10.212 p
49 Nat Pau 2.342p
53 Nat Perpignan 4.719 p
74 Nat Bordeaux 3.235 p
88 Nat Pau 2.413 p

Wiel Cramers wins with two cousins to the ‘Vale Montauban’ 8th and 50th National Bergerac against 16,000p. The 8th National won another two prizes within the top 100 National and was sold afterwards for a big amount of money via Jan Hermans

Sam de Jong , Heemskerk won with a grandchild to the ‘Vale Montauban’ 1st Ace bird Marathon Rayon B in Northern-Holland

Cor Schermer wins 1st National St. Vincent hens and 3rd National total. Grandchild ‘Stien’ won 44 National Bergerac and 52 National Marseille at Martijn de Groot and nest mate ‘Stien’ won 7 National St. Vincent
Grandchild 10-1545041, won 13 Natioaal Marseille. ‘Stien’ is 50% out of  Ronald Geerdink pigeons

Erik Dek raced twice head on the Marathon with a direct Ronald Geerdink pigeon

Marco Poorters ,Bergen op zoom wins 37 National Cahors sector 1 50% Ronald Geerdink. In IFC Hoogerheide wins Poorters 1st on Agen yearlings with a son to the 10-1571582 ‘Zoon Vale Montauban’

Jan Geerdink , Bergen op Zoom wins with a brother to the ‘Vale Montauban’, namely the 03-0328370 11 National St. Vincent in 2008 against 12,508p. A 1st and 2nd prize in the South West corner Union Long Distance against average 1,000.This cock became the 6th Best overnight pigeon from Holland in 2008

Combinatie Stoker won with ‘de Muller’ 4x within the first 150 National. 
With the ‘Rode 75’, who is a half-brother to the ‘Vale Montauban’, he won twice within the top vloog 10 National

Bert van Goethem from Akersloot win with a cousin to the ‘Vale Montauban’ the 21st National Bordeaux ZLU

Combinatie Galle-de Schacht won three prizes within the top 100 National with pigeons from Ronald Geerdink

Cor Lof from Amsterdam only has 2 pigeons from Ronald Geerdink and with one of them he wins the 31st National

Wil van Buul & Zoon from Knegsel won in the strong union CC Eindhoven with 450 members the 1st Championship overnight. His best pigeon, the 05-4032306, a half Ronald Geerdink won in 2007 a head prize out of Nat. Tarbes and was clocked at 2h16. In CC Eindhoven 1st prize from Montauban 881p, 8 Dax 611p, 4 Bordeaux 799p and so on…Strain ‘Vale Montauban’

Duncan Goodchild has top pigeon out of a son Dure Cees coupled to a daughter 1st Int. Perpignan from Vertelman. He won ao. 18th Alencon against 4,500p

Bosch Prattenburg won with a grandchild in 2019 out of the 176 who is a direct daughter to Stien, the 3rd NPO Bergerac and the 20th National. In that same year he also won the 163rd Nat. St. Vincent.

“success is for me a logic consequence from my search for the best pigeons from the international extreme long distance”


At this moment Ronald offers a select group of well selected youngbirds born out his famous breeders