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Platteeuw Daniel & Didier (Zillebeke) 1st National Argenton II against 10,634 old birds

18 Jun 2022


Zillebeke: The 3rd national victory is a fact for this combination. After 1st National and International Dax in 2006 and 1st National Souillac in 2019 it was bingo again last weekend from Argenton.  At a speed of 1363.43 m/m their blue cock "Motje" beat in his category the old pigeons of Vandenheede Freddy & Jacques (Zingem 1357 m/m) and Erik Limbourg (Brussegem 1356 m/m). 

It is a pleasure to be able to take the national Argenton winner in hand. "Motje" was as first signed at the top of the loft because he already showed his class by winning:

1st Pontoise 435b. 
4th Pontoise 104b.
11th Clermont 478b.
13th Pontoise 444b.
14th Clermont 403b.
92nd Prov. Chateauroux 7,547b.
123rd Nat. Chateauroux 10,317b.
125th Nat. Argenton I (2022) 20,467b.
307th Pontoise 11,029b.

"Motje" did not disappoint his boss and nails the 3rd national palm against the proverbial ceiling. 

The Platteeuw tandem consists of father Daniël and son Didier. In the past, father Daniël played together with his father-in-law under the name Comyn-Platteeuw. In the year 1989, father Daniël started as a caretaker at the loft of Michel Steverlynck, former KBDB manager & also descendant of the Picanol family. A family that is well known in and outside Ypres and became big with the manufacturing of looms. Michel Steverlynck, also known as mister Michel, was the man who continued the hobby of his father the late Bernard Steverlynck out of honour.  In 2004, Mr Michel decided to say goodbye to pigeon racing. After consultation with the Steverlynck family, Daniël succeeded in not completely bidding farewell to the pigeon sport. So they decided to continue playing on the lofts of Mr. Michel under the name "Daniël and Didier Platteeuw". A decision which neither the family Platteeuw, nor Mr. Michel regret. For what is more beautiful than two families that fraternise through the sport of pigeon racing? 
Son Didier works at Picanol, and works in shifts at the loom manufacturer. Father and son complement each other very well. Didier owes a lot to his father. Without father Daniël it would be difficult to practise pigeon racing at such a high level. 

On the impressive lofts, everything is done to accompany the pigeons in the best possible way to the national races. The season started with a group of 38 widowers (partner staying at home), 20 racing hens and about 90 youngsters. The old and yearlings were coupled half January and could raise a couple of youngsters. They were separated in time and in the middle of April the partner returned to the loft so that the training flights could start. 
During the season, after the arrival of a race, the widowers get 50% sport mixture + 50% protein-poor mixture Vandenabeele (Beyers). The cocks are played every fortnight and the first week, they get 50% sport mixture + 50% light mixture. The fourth and third day before basketing, it becomes 75% sport + 25% light mixture and the last two days it becomes 100% sport mixture. The pigeons get "Reload" (electrolytes) of Beyers in their drink after arrival of a race. Every month, the vet comes to visit and the health of the pigeons is checked. Before the start of the season, they were treated against trichomonas for eight days and against respiratory infections for eight days. The pigeons are also given the eye drops Neobacitracin

Mr. Michel, Daniel and Didier...on to national victory 4, we would say.  

1st National Argenton II against 10,634b.

Distance: 482km

Velocity: 1,363.43m/m


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Stefan Mertens