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Pigeon Bids Ronny Menten closes at 132,650€ for 28 pigeons (4,737€ average)

20 Jan 2021

Today Wednesday 20th January the auction of 28 performance pigeons of Ronny Menten (Rummen) took place. Thanks to the professional care of the whole Herbots team this internet auction ended with a total amount of 132,650€ or no less than 4,737€ average. 

Although fanciers from more than 10 different countries were bidding, it was mainly a final battle between fanciers from China, Taiwan and Japan (Mr Noboru Wakabayashi)  to move these "diamonds" to the far east. They bidded more than 2 hours with especially fanciers from China winning.

The most expensive pigeons were "Windy Prince" (2nd Nat. Bourges 23,190b. - sold for 30,000€) , "Wout" (22nd and 76th National winner - sold for 20,000€), "Sunshine" (13th and 22nd National winner - sold for 11,000€) and "Daniella" (4th and 13th National winner - sold for 11,000€). 

Or with other words another successful auction on the Herbots website. 

We thank Ronny for the trust he put in the Herbots team and wish all buyers a lot of success.

If you want more information about online auctions on the Herbots website, please feel free to contact [email protected]