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Peter, Natalie and Gwen Van de Merwe, Dordrecht, keep on performing on the highest level !

09 Jun 2021

2 months of racing and it is the Van de Merwe family you see all over on the provincial and NPO races in Holland. 

The first very promising results are to be found in our article from March which you can consult when clicking the link:


But the beautiful story continues. An overview of the latest new top results and the cracks that are taking care of this!

Issoudun (574km) 06/06/2021  
NPO : 5-20-35-58-61-72  against 10.850b 
Combine: 1-3-9-13-14-16-24-25-30 against 1.173b  

Winning pigeon is NL19-1670002 Daughter ‘Max x Aske 936’

Peronne  06/06/2021  

1-2-5-9-11-19-21-22-25-27-28-29 against 1.372b

Also the first 2 fastest against 19,000b Provincial 

1st pigeon is NL20-7021300 Son to top pigeons ‘Zorro’ 4th National Ace bird x ‘Jill’ 1st National Asduif Youngsters PIPA Ranking

2nd pigeon is NL20-1499448 Grandson super breeders ‘Replay Junior x Sister United’
Won already 5th NPO Pont-St. Maxence against 18,889b !
And is a full brother to NL20-1498460 (see underneath – 5th NPO Salbris 17,448b)

Salbris (523km) 23/05/2021    

1stagainst 1.448b
5th NPO against 17.448b 

This topper NL20-1498460 ‘Half-brother Elle’ won already:

16 Peronne 3,603b
73 NPO Pont St. Maxence 19,339b
98 Quièvrain 3,531b

And is a full brother to NL20-1499448 (see above – 2nd fastest Peronne 19,000b ! )

Menen 14/05/2021  

1-3-4-5-9-10-11-12-13-22-24-26-27 against 1,058b

Pontoise 29/05/2021    

1-3-7-8-9-12-20 against 2,214b
7th against 9,662b

Winning pigeon is NL20-1498515 Daughter to ‘Son Serena’ x top racing hen ‘Aurora’ 

Nanteuil 05/05/2021   

1st against 2,879b 
5th against 12,658b 

Again a top hen NL20-1498420 who already won:

1st Lennik 3,458b – fastest against 12,324b

And granddaughter to ultimate top pigeons at the Van de Merwe’s ‘Alivierro’ x ‘Jill’