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Peter Bours from Averbode – 1st General National Champion KBDB 2021

17 Feb 2022

For the General National Champion KBDB 2021 we are proud to drive to Averbode in Brabant, Peter Bours has lived here since 1998 and he has had good seasons there for several years in a row, but now 2021 became one with a thick golden edge and he trumps several top lofts in various competitions.

View below the classifications in which he was allowed to win on the podium from the sprint to the extreme long distance, pure All Round class !!! There are no other words for this….

Championships 2021
1st General National Champion KBDB 2021
1st General Provincial Champion KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
1st King Brabant Union 2021
1st General Champion Derby Hainaut 2021
1st European Ace Pigeon Hens 3 International races 2021 with “De Lichte”
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021 with “Iggy”
1st Provincial Champion Marathon and long distance yearlings KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
1st Provincial Champion Heavy middle distance yearlings KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
1st Provincial Champion Heavy middle distance youngsters KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
1st Provincial Champion middle distance youngsters KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Olds KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021 with “PJ”
2nd National Ace Pigeon Marathon over 3 International races 2021 with “De Lichte”
3rd National Ace Pigeon Marathon Yearlings KBDB 2021 with “De Kogel”
3rd Provincial Ace bird long distance old birds KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
3rd Provincial Champion Marathon old KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
4th International Ace Pigeon Marathon Yearlings 2021 with “De Kogel”
4th National Champion Marathon yearlings KBDB 2021
4th Provincial Ace bird Marathon old birds KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021 with “De Lichte”
4th Provincial Champion long distance old birds KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
4th Provincial Champion Heavy middle distance old KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
4th Provincial Champion speed youngsters KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
4th Olympiad pigeon Cat.E Romania (season 2020-2021) with “De Lichte”
6th Olympiad pigeon Cat.E Romania (season 2019-2020) with “Pientje”
6th Olympiad pigeon Cat.B Romania (season 2019-2020) with “PJ”
6th Provincial Champion middle distance yearlings KBDB Flemish Brabant 2021
13th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB 2021 with “Iggy”


Here you need 13 prizes in all distances and in all categories. See the overview of the winning results here.

  9 Momignies          1.415 old birds
33 Soissons              1.151 year birds
  1 Soissons                536 young birds

Middle Distance
  11 S.Nat Vierzon   8.008 old birds
208 S.Nat Vierzon   6.544 year birds
    5 Sermaises          1.138 young birds

Heavy Middle Distance
       2 Nat (z) Chateauroux  2.974 old birds
    17 Nat(z) Chateauroux    1.519 year birds
1004 Nat La Souterraine  14.315 young birds

Long Distance
    8 Nat (z) Perigeux   622 old birds
146 Nat Tulle             7.267 year birds

60 Nat Marseille 1.882 old birds
31 Nat Agen         7.360 year birds

Start-up of the pigeons via father

Like many young boys, Peter got into the pigeon sport through his father Winand and his brother Jean when she lived in Lanaken, Limburg. Afterwards, Peter moved to Averbode (1998) and here he focuses on all distances. The pigeons from then still have a contribution to the current top colony that is now under the roof (line 218/03 that won 1st Provincial Gien in 2005 and whose descendants provide excellent offspring).

Afterwards Peter came into contact with Eddy Schroeven who lived nearby and is also a top pigeon fancier, they became best friends and it became more of an exchange project to test more pigeons in the 2 lofts. Especially the contribution of "Zwarte Walter", the ancestor of Schroeven - Hermans, creates fireworks in this colony.

Afterwards, Peter looked for pigeons for the heavier work and through Ronald Lodewijckx he came across the pigeons of Remy Speltdoorn, which brought endurance to his pigeons. Also 2 vouchers from Gerd Schotsmans became super breeders, 100% result and you will see "Oude Gerd" and "Jonge Gerd" appear several times in Peter's top pigeons.

In 2016 he came for the first time at a high national level with superstar “Kenji”, this yearling cock became 1st National Ace pigeon extreme long distance yearlings KBDB 2016. His father was a son of “Oude Gerd” x a hen from Jos Thoné and the mother the "Valenske". She excelled herself with 40th National Valence 6,236 pigeons and 42nd National Barcelona 7,693 pigeons and is a granddaughter “Jonge Gerd” crossed with old strain from Jean Bours and De Clercq – Vervaeren.

Because the “Kenji” was sold at the time, he put some effort into this bloodline to race with endurance with such pedigree. Top hen “De Lichte” is the perfect example of this, she has a record of achievements to tell you that you will notice below and her father is a full brother of “Kenji” who was then coupled to “Pientje”. The latter is a separate story and flew a magnificent palmares herself for the extreme long distance, she was now honored as 6th Olympiad pigeon Cat.E Romania (season 2019-2020) and her daughter "De Lichte" became 4th Olympiad pigeon Cat.E Romania (season 2020-2021). Super class generation after generation.

Here it is mainly the result on the competitions that counts, giving in and flying in all circumstances is the art for Peter. Resting is not really an issue, but of course you get a strong stock of pigeons over the years that can take a beating.

Some top pigeons of the 2021 season
BE 18-2074375 “De Lichte” Hen
1st European Ace hens 3 Int.Nat races 2021
2nd Nat Ace Marathon 2021 ( 3 KBDB races )
4th Olympiad bird Cat.E Romania 2022 ( season 2020-2021 )

   7     Prov   Pau ’21                441p         891km
  60    NAT                             3.600p        1187m/min
236    I.NAT                         14.435p
    9    Prov   Marseille ’20       293p        860km
  70    I.NAT(h)                      2.540p        822m/min
  90    NAT                             2.102p
310    I.NAT                           8.253p
    9    Prov   Marseille ’21       243p       863km
  60    NAT                             1.882p        813m/min
  96    I.NAT(h)                      2.901p
391    I.NAT                         10.830p
  21    Prov   Perpignan’21     468p        947km
129    NAT                             3.901p        1190m/min
120    I.NAT(h)                      3.882p
408    I.NAT                         13.274p
  48    Prov   Fay-A-Loges      919p       402km
617    NAT   Bourges ’18   23.854p       473km

Father BE 17-2050411 Broer Kenji ( caught by bird of prey )
“Kenji” won 1st Nat Ace Marathon yearlings KBDB 2016
Son of “Valenske” 40th National Valence 6,236p – 42 Nat Barcelona 7,693p

Mother BE 15-2025909 Pientje
3rd International Ace pigeon hens Marathon 2019-2020
3rd International Ace Pigeon Marseille 2017-2020
4th Olympiad pigeon Cat.E Romania ( season 2019-2020 )
8th National Ace Pigeon Marathon 3 International Races 2019
8th European Ace pigeon hens Marathon 3 International races 2019
Won 50 Nat Marseille 2.239p, 72 Nat Marseille 1.764p, 79 Nat Pau 2.581p, 100 Nat Marseille 2.102p, 130 Nat Perpignan 4.620p

BE 20-2125409 “De Kogel” Cock

Provincial winner Narbonne 2021 – 40m/min in lead

    1     Prov   Narbonne ’21             897p         888km
    7     NAT                                     5.972p        1251m/min
  17     INT.NAT                            13.693p
  10     Prov   Agen ’21                     997p        847km
  87     NAT                                     7.360p        1159m/min
145    INT.NAT                             17.759p

Father BE 15-2025849 “De Marseille”
Won 41 Int.Nat Marseille 8,054p
Remy Speltdoorn x Marcel Aelbrecht via Kristiaan Hennes

Mother BE 15-2304227 Witoog Ronald van Ronald Lodewijckx
Granddaughter of “Mortifer” M & G Pollin and Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund ’09 and “Remy” 1st National Ace Pigeon Rhone Valley 2013 at Remy Speltdoorn

BE 21-2120110 “Iggy” Cock
  1st Prov Ace Middle Distance Young KBDB 2021                                  
13th Nat Ace Middle Distance Young KBDB 2021

  1       Club   Sermaises      499p          364km
  5       Comb.Sermaises   1.138p          364km
  5       Club   Sermaises      321p          364km
15       Comb.Melun             650p          310km
41       Comb.Sermaises   2.696p          364km

Father BE 18-2076911 White pen Eddy Schroeven – Hermans
Son of super breeder “Witpen Huyghens” who is grandfather of 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2021 x “Sascha” 1st Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2018

Mother BE 17-2050439 Rosita 
Super hen All Round with 34 Nat La Souterraine 8.383p – 77 Nat Issoudun 10.603p
Granddaughter of stock father “Zwarte Walter” Schroeven Hermans and “Jonge Gerd” ( Gerd Schotsmans )

BE 19-2094261 “PJ” Duivin
2nd Prov Ace Gr.M.D. old birds KBDB 2021                        
6th Olympiad bird Cat.B Romania 2022 ( season 2019-2020 )
2 x TOP 30 National + 24.000 birds

      2  Nat(z)Chateauroux           2.974p        525km
    18  NAT                                   24.617p
    10  Comb.Etampes                  3.386p        350km
    11  S.NAT.Vierzon                    8.008p        470km
    13  Prov   Argenton                 4.294p        554km
    30  NAT                                   26.085p
    18  Prov   Salbris                     3.350p        453km
    18  Nat(z)Argenton                 1.803p        551km
  149  NAT                                  14.787p
    24  Nat(z)Bourges                  4.164p        473km
    48  Comb.Soissons                 2.146p        222km
    98  Comb.Melun                      6.951p        310km
  109  Comb.Sermaises              1.326p        364km
  101  Prov   Vierzon                   1.539p        470km
  123  Comb.Melun                      3.336p        310km
  248  NAT   Chateauroux         33.833p       525km
  462  NAT   Bourges                   8.410p       473km
  580  NAT   La Souterraine        8.383p       591km
  747  NAT   Gueret                    12.888p       587km
  925  NAT   Issoudun                18.176p       502km
2164  NAT   Bourges                 22.506p       473km

Father BE 16-2092558 “Witoger”
Cross between old strain Jean Bours ( 1st Prov Gien ), Zwarte Walter Schroeven Hermans and Super Vale Remy Speltdoorn

Mother BE 16-2110706 “Marx”
Direct daughter of stock father Zwarte Walter Schroeven Hermans x daughter “Mirage” Jespers – Vanderwegen (2 x 3rd National youngsters).

Next week we will return to the game system at the Peter Bours house.

Keep an eye on our website for an exclusive auction of this General National Champion KBDB 2021.

Buelens Kim