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Paul Walraevens, Zottegem shines with 3x 1st National zone on the national races in 2021p de Nationale vluchten in 2021

16 Aug 2021

In the season of 2021 most of us want to shine on the national races, for Paul Walraevens this was a follow up of the season of 2020 where he already won the 1st Provincial Argenton against more than 6,000 pigeons and also became in 2015 the 3rd National Champion Greater Middle Distance KBDB. He continued on this elan or went even higher up than this. Or what do you think about :  1st Provincial Bourges 8,220 pigeons ( 1st National zone ) , 1st National (z) Issoudun 1,226 pigeons and 1st Provincial Argenton 3,704 pigeons ( 1st National zone ). These 3 results + another top cock win together 4 x Top 20 National against a lot of pigeons. Such results don’t lie and are scares when you realize than we are talking about a mini colony who mostly come at the start with 6 or 8 old and as many yearlings. 

Simple widowhood

The widowers loft exists out of 2 departments where is straw at the bottom, the windows are always open for fresh oxygen. The widowers fly mostly in 2 teams, alternating a national race and the week afterwards a small middle distance race. They weren’t darkened and are being raced on the classic widowhood system. During the winter period they were coupled for a first time around the 20th December to raise a round of youngsters. After this breeding period they start off with the daily trainings again and when good weather is being predicted they are being coupled for a 2nd time. This is how they get to know the widowhood system really quick and know why to get home. 

In a matter of motivation at basketing they get from the first race on their hen and don’t watch the clock on it, if this is 15 minutes or 20 minutes. At arrival their hens is waiting and can stay together mostly until the early evening. 

Afterward the pigeons their eyes are being disinfected with drops and get Mugmo from Colman up the nose. 

When the season is finished they are being coupled again and can raise a round of summer youngsters before start to moult. 

About the food, the only thing that Paul can tell is that he feeds Versele – Laga gamma and is very satisfied about it. The widowers get until the middle distance only Gerry Plus and changes onto Champion I.C. and get the last days extra Bordeaux corn. On the day of basketing they get a portion of peanuts around 11 o’clock with candy and are ready to go. Important is that they get on Wednesday evening before the national races en Thursday evening for the middle distance race a big portion which makes them truly satisfied. 

Toppers season 2020

BE 19-4038044 Blue White pin cock 

    1         Prov      Bourges                 8,220b
    1         Nat(z)                                   4,474b
    8         Nat                                     34,311b
    1         Nat(z)   Issoudun                1,226b
    4         Prov                                      1,993b
  16         Nat                                       9,777b
    4                       Sermaises              3,283b
106         Prov      Bourges                 5,011b
121         Prov      La Souterraine     2,029b

Father BE 11-4297873 Son Poulidor – Adrien De Munter
Super breeder
Grandfather to “331/20” and “049/19” and “048/19”

Mother BE 18-4023370 Light chequered – Roger Berckmoes

The next 2 pigeons are full brother to each other and also the other brother won last year the 1st Provincial Argenton against more than 6,000 pigeons. 

BE 20-4007331 White cock

  4           Prov      Bourges                 6,261b
15           Nat                                     25,096b
  8           Prov      Bourges                 2,373b

BE 19-4038049 Blue cock

    1         Prov      Argenton               3,704b
    1         Nat(z)                                   1,965b
    5         Nat                                     14,787b
  46         Prov      Chateauroux        5,887b
288         Nat                                    24,617b
108         Nat        Chateauroux       7,099b

Nest brother “BE 19-4038048” won 1 Prov Argenton 6,195b ( 2020 ) 

Father BE 12-4114863 Blue 
Won himself 3 Prov Bourges 1,257b ( 1-284b ) – 22 Nat (z) La Souterraine 1,222b - 76 Nat Montlucon 11,056b ( 1-159b ) – 1 Bourges 139b – 99 Nat (z) Argenton 3,519b 
Brother to “BE 13-318” 4 Pont 496b – 6 Angerville 352b - 11 Prov Gueret 2,829b ( 1-173b ) - 14 Prov Chateauroux 2,202b ( 1-377b ) 

Gr.F. BE 07-4265505 Blue – Koen Crucke
Gr.M. BE 06-4376257 Blue – Jose Thijs
                Daughter to “BE 02-746” Son Mon Champagne x “BE 04-579” Erica E Brootcorens

Mother BE 14-4098831 Grey

Gr.F. BE 11-4297873 Son Poulidor – Adrien De Munter
Gr.M. BE 12-4114882 Grey 
                Daughter to “BE 06-715” Young Zeb Julien De Potter x “BE 07-495” Koen Crucke

Paul, a big congratulation on these marvellous results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim