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Patrick Vervloesem from Rijmenam wins 1st Provincial Argenton 2,535 old birds

16 Jun 2022

The preparation for Patrick Vervloesem's colony went smoothly and Vierzon and Bourges went well. The real headline was not there yet, but Argenton changed that. They win 1st Provincial against 2,535 old pigeons and have 6 pigeons in the first 20 Provincial with a nice series of top prizes. What is remarkable about the first arrivals of Argenton was the pedigree. The line of “Super breeder 564” was present in all pigeons. This was bred from a “Grandson Bak 17” from Marcel Aelbrecht, crossed with an inbred product to the old basis of “231/86” from Jos & Jules Engels. The old, very strong base still provides top results here, where the line of this “Super breeder 564” is crossed with the pigeons of Gaston Vandewouwer, which turns out to be a bull's eye.

Overview results 2022

6 x TOP 20 Provincial Argenton 

Argenton Prov 2.535 old birds : 1,9,10,16,18,59,67,74,103,121,… 16/18
Argenton Prov 3.342 year birds : 6,22,53,54,88,122,225,… 18/39

Bourges Prov 4.054 old birds : 17,54,82,85,96,110,112,128,182,206,233,243,… 27/41

Vierzon I.Prov 8.789 old birds : 27,28,48,60,68,107,140,185,242,244,332,404,414,459,563,… 25/31
Vierzon I.Prov 6.256 year birds : 94,96,184,277,336,513,… 7/10

First Arrivals from Argenton 

BE 20-6216100 Blue white flight Hen

1 Prov Argenton              2.535b

This hen already won 44 Noyon 1,935b, 60 Int.Prov Vierzon 8,789b, 81 National Bourges 33,410b and 104 Sermaises 4,204b this season.

Sire BE 14-4215725 Kaasboer PrinceSuper breeder
Father of “Patty” 12 Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB
Father of “Pataya” 1st Ace Pigeon Brabant Union 2019
Father of “Patsy” 1 I.Prov Chateauroux 1,231b ( 71 Nat 22.476b ) – 124 Nat La Souterraine 15,939b
Grandson “New Kaasboer” – “Blauwe Prins Pros Roosen”

Mother BE 18-6124288 Walibi
Sister “Waikiki” 26 Nat Aurillac
Sister “Okidoki Jr” 49 I.Prov Argenton 2,503b - 80 Nat (z) Bourges 7,502b – 93 Nat Issoudun 11,465b – 95 Nat (z) Argenton 4,957b
Daughter of “Okidoki” 1 Prov Bourges 2,165b ( 7 Nat 16.859b ) 81 Nat Chateaurux 22.254b
Granddaughter “Super breeder 564”

BE 20-6216035 wins 9th Provincial Argenton 2,535 old birds and 27 I.Prov Vierzon 8,789b
Grandchild “Super Breeder 564”

BE 20-6216084 wins 10th Provincial Argenton 2,535 old birds. Also won 45 Prov Bourges 4.728b – 187 Nat Chateauroux 22.196b
Grandchild “Super Breeder 564”

BE 21-6068044 wins 6th Provincial Argenton 3,342 yearlings
Grandchild “Super Breeder 564”

BE 21-6068061 wins 22nd Provincial Argenton 3,342 yearlings
Grandchild “Super Breeder 564”

Patrick and Bieke, keep it up and congratulations on this victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim