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Oliviers – Devos, Kumtich is working on his way to the top of the extreme long distance in becoming the 1st Champion Brabant Long Distance club 2020

28 Feb 2021

On the extreme long distance race there are 6 to 8 weeks that are important and the weeks of the truth, you don’t have that much opportunities and you have to take them when you can. For the tandem Oliviers – Devos out of the Flemish Brabant city Kumtich this was certainly the case as he showed himself every week. On Marseille he had 2 pigeons within the 1st 150 National, on Barcelona 2 pigeons within the 1st 65 National, Narbonne year birds beginning with the 10th National and 2x Top 60 National. Really amazing and when you read this article you will notice that the strategy make sense and works out. An iron strong base accomplished with the best of the best. 

Base breeders 

They started off with pigeons from Steketee, these were off an iron strong kind and especially suitable to set top results in very hard weather. One of the base breeders and also one of the best racers was BE98-2385603 “Steketee 603”. He won in his career no less than 6x TOP 100 National with ao. the 18th National St. Vincent 1,699b – 25th Nat Pau 2,560b – 33rd Nat Dax 4,772b – 59th Nat Pau 2,567b – 80th Nat Perpignan 7,198b – 95th Nat Marseille 4,093b. A real top pigeon who also became the 1st Ace bird Brabant Union and Ave Regina in 2002, after that he moved to the breeding loft and until now, 22 years later, you can still find this pigeon in the current top pigeons on the loft. Or how one pigeon can have an amazing impact on your career. 

The current best grandson on the breeding loft is “BE10-2195066” Superkweker 066
He became the past years father to:  
BE 19-2086200 “Jari” 10th National Narbonne 4,120b
BE 17-2028056 “Doku” 61st National Barcelona 6,178b
BE 17-2028055 “Nestbroer Doku” 73rd National Marseille 2,239b 

Another top pigeon is BE08-2090302 “De Gaston”, bred out of a granddaughter ‘Steketee 603’ together with a cock of Eric Herbots. He repeated 10 years later what his predecessor did and also became 2nd Provincial Ace bird extreme long distance and was one of the ace birds Brabant Union Extreme Long Distance. He won ao: 87th Nat. 6,681b and 132nd Nat Barcelona 11,560b in that same year. 

In the meantime he already became father and grandfather to several different top pigeons: 
BE 14-2312094 “De 094” won 33rd Nat Narbonne 3,506b – 65th Nat Barcelona 7,301b
BE 14-2322246 “Willy” won 8th Nat Perpignan 4,620b – 55th Nat Valence 7,884b
BE 17-2028003 “Francis” 55th Nat Barcelona 6,178b
BE 18-2138814 92nd Nat Marseille 2,102b 
BE 19-2086118 “Landry” 55th Nat Narbonne 4,120b

Now anno 2021 the breeding loft has been reinforced with pigeons from Dieter Ballman, Herbots Gebroeders, Janssens – Hausoul.  

Top 100 National results 2015-2020

  8       NAT    Perpignan         4,620p        926km
10       NAT    Narbonne         4,120p        867km
18       NAT    Perpignan        3,966p        926km
20       NAT    Aurillac             3,584p        683km
25       I.Nat   Perpignan      14,851p       926km
25       NAT    Barcelona        7,874p        1076km
25       NAT(z)Cahors             1,532p        749km
33       NAT    Narbonne        3,506p        867km
39       NAT(z)Cahors             1,296p        749km
40       I.Nat   Perpignan      12,349p       926km
49       NAT    Valence            7,682p        656km
55       NAT    Valence            7,884p        656km
55       Nat     Barcelona        6,178p        1100km
55       Nat     Narbonne        4,120p        867km
61       Nat     Barcelona        6,178p        1100km
65       Nat     Barcelona        7,301p        1076km
73       Nat     Marseille          2,239p        840km
83       I.Nat   Barcelona     14,851p       1076km
86       NAT    Narbonne        3,506p        867km
92       NAT    Barcelona        7,438p        1076km
92       Nat     Marseille          2,102p        840km
97       NAT    Pau                   2,581p        925km

Best racers of the past years

2322604/2014 Den Vos Chequered Cock
13 Nat Ace Barcelona Belgium 2017-2018

    1                 Barcelona ’17             469p
    2     Prov                                         606p
  25     Nat                                       7,874p
  83     I.Nat                                  14,851p
    1                 Perpignan ’18            120p
  18    Nat                                        3,966p
  12                 Barcelona ’18            345p
209    Nat                                        7,438p
502    I.Nat                                   15,700p
  20     Prov   Perpignan ’17            201p
490    Nat                                       4,620p
  27                 Valence ’18               290p
359    Nat     Narbonne ’16         4,113p
853    I.Nat                                  10,836p

In 2020 he became grandfather to“BE 19-2086118” who won 55th Nat Narbonne 4,120p

Father 2090322/2008 Brother Roger
Brother to 31 I.Nat St.Vincent

Gr.F. 409712/2004 Son Barca Jac Steketee
Gr.M. 2309281/2003 Daughter 603 Steketee – 6 x TOP 100 National

Mother 1029530/2012 Daughter Red Barcelona Dieter Ballman

Gr.F. 1037563/2003 Red Barcelona won 3th National Barcelona ‘07
Gr.M. 709133/2007 Sister Jana – Jana won 2nd National Barcelona ‘11

In this auction you can find 2 direct children to this unique top pigeon.
You can find these in Lot n°1 and Lot n°2 in the auction
BE 20-2139261 and BE 20-2048536 

2028003/2017 Francis Cock
Won in 2020 55th National Barcelona 6,178p 1076km

Full brother to “De Willy” 8 Nat Perpignan 4,620p – 55 Nat Valence 7,884p - 116 Nat Narbonne 4,113p – 280 Nat Barcelona 7,874p

Father 2182036/2012 Son Gaston
“Gaston” won 2 Prov Ace Marathon KBDB 

Mother 1028589/2011 ½ sister D’Artagnan Dieter Ballman
D’Artagnan won 4 + 64 National Perpignan 

In this auction you can find 2 children to “Francis” in Lot n° 8 & 9 
BE 20-2141841 and BE 20-2141842 

2086200/2019 Jari Cock

     1                Narbonne ’20           288p           867km
     3    Prov                                       773p
   10    Nat                                     4,120p
   18    I.Nat                                   8,492p

Father 2195066/2010 Superbreeder 66
Father to “Doku” 61 Nat Barcelona ’20 6,178p 
Father to “Nestbrother Doku” 73 Nat Marseille ’20 2,239p

Gr.F. 409712/2004 Son Barca Jac Steketee
Gr.M. 2293248/2004 Daughter 603 Steketee – 6 x TOP 100 National

Mother NL 1359462/2018 Black – Janssen Hausoul
½ sister 64 Nat Narbonne 

Gr.F. NL 1503828/2015 ½ brother 76 Nat Barcelona - W v Houten
Gr.M. NL 1358189/2014 Black - Janssen Hausoul
                        Sister 6 Nat Agen 

In this auction you can find a full sister to “Jari” and a son from him in Lot n° 4 & 5. 
BE 20-2141810 and BE 20-2141840