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Olivier & Justin Poussart – Paul Santens uit Chimay – overclass the national middle distance races

20 Feb 2020

The tandem Poussart-Santens out of the Walloon city Chimay did very well in 2019 on the middle distance races. Olivier Poussart runs this colony together with his son Justin and Paul Santens who takes care of the necessary breeding material and the administration. They did very well on the short distance races, great middle distance was also good but the middle distance races were in one word superb. For those who missed out on the 18th of May when Fay-au-Loges was flown (288km) with 2,638 competing pigeons. They won 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,11,12,… or on the 13th of July Bourges semi national against 3,885 old birds 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,14,20,27,28,29,32,… or Bourges II National beginning of August against 10,401 year birds 3,4,8,43,47,… It doesn’t matter whether it is 300km, 400km or National Bourges. These pigeons can take it all and placed the real icing on the cake on Chimay. They became 1st National Champion Middle distance 1+2 KBDB 2019 with the lowest coefficient ever and next to this also 3 National ace birds within the top 4 at the KBDB championships. You can say that there season was a success with 30 pure 1st prizes !!! 

Championships 2019

1 Nat Champion MD old + yearling KBDB 
3 Nat Ace bird MD old KBDB 
3 Nat Ace bird Short Distance old KBDB 
3 Nat Ace bird GMD yearling 2019 ( 6 KBDB races )
4 Nat Ace bird MD yearling KBDB 

TOP 10 Interprovincial 2019

1         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            5,832 old
1         I.Prov Bourges                       3,885 old
1         I.Prov Bourges                       2,070 yl
1         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,851 yl
1         I.Prov Gien                              1,514 old
1         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,135 old
2         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges             5,832 old 
2         I.Prov Bourges                       3,885 old
2         I.Prov Bourges                       2,070 yl
2         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,851 yl
2         I.Prov Bourges                      1,841 yl
2         I.Prov Gien                             1,540 old
2         I.Prov Gien                             1,514 old
2         I.Prov Argenton                    1,319 old
3         I.Prov Bourges                      3,885 old
3         I.Prov Bourges                      2,070 yl
3         I.Prov Bourges                      1,841 yl
3         I.Prov Gien                             1,540 old
4         I.Prov Bourges                      3,885 old   
4         I.Prov Bourges                      2,070 yl
4         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,851 yl
4         I.Prov Gien                             1,812 old
4         I.Prov Issoudun                     1,714 yl
4         I.Prov Gien                             1,514 old
5         I.Prov Bourges                      3,885 old
5         I.Prov Bourges                      2,070 yl 
5         I.Prov Issoudun                     1,714 yl
5         I.Prov Gien                              1,514 old 
6         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges             1,851 yl
6         I.Prov Gien                              1,812 old
6         I.Prov Gien                              1,514 old
7         I.Prov Bourges                       3,885 old
7         I.Prov Bourges                       2,070 yl
7         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges             1,851 yl
8         I.Prov Bourges                       3,885 old
8         I.Prov Chateauroux               2,873 old
8         I.Prov Bourges                        2,070 yl
8         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,851 yl
8         I.Prov Chateauroux              1,023 youngsters
9         I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,851 yl
9         I.Prov Bourges                       1,841 yl
10       I.Prov Fay-Au-Loges            1,851 yl
10       I.Prov Gien                              1,812 old

Both cocks as hens have to work over here

The racing team 2019 existed out of 36 widow cocks and 24 hens ( in 2020 it’ll be 30 hens as the best once over here are mostly the hens). They are all being raced on the classic widowhood system with home staying partners. During the Winter period the widow cocks are being coupled together with the breeders as they have to breed out their eggs and raise the youngsters. The ladies get rest until March as everything will be coupled again to breed during 4 days and then the real game can start off.

Do you like early trainings during Spring or not?  

We prefer to let the pigeons out 1 to twice a week in February, not full speed but to sharper the base condition a bit. When March approaches they come out each day and then there is one full month to be able to get them at full speed at the start of the season. As Olivier goes out working during day time, the pigeons can only train in the evening. But they train hard, one to one and a half hour isn’t an exception. 

Do the pigeon have to race each week or do they get some rest once in a while ? 

The hens don’t get any rest, a shorter race in between is possible but this doesn’t happen often. The cocks have a rule that they get a week off after a bad race. 

How are the hens housed during the week and what kind of motivation do you use?  

During the week the hens are being locked up in a cupboard and get food and drinks. Once they have to race they don’t get this last thing anymore but remain locked up to keep a firm hand on them so they won’t start pairing up amongst each other. 

The hens are being darkened from the 1st of March until maximum the 15th of May. The goal is that the most race until Bourges II beginning of August. Some of them do race Argenton afterwards but still on widowhood. 

In a matter of motivation we have a fixed rule, we give all pigeons their partner and after about 5 to 10 minutes we start to take away the first pigeons. The last once can stay together for about 15 to 20 minutes but we don’t see an influence of that on the results. 

In April when they get home from a race, they can stay together for maximum 4 hours. From the moment they go to the middle distance races they stay together until the evening and after a bad race we like to give them a bit of confidence and let them stay together during the entire night. 

Top hens of the season 2019

BE 18-2009022 De 022 Blue hen
4 Nat Ace bird MD year birds KBDB 2019
Direct Michel Bommerez

  1       Fay Aux Loges          5,832b          
  1       Fay Aux Loges          1,135b          
  1       Saint Soupplets        1,062b          
  3       Saint Soupplets        1,580b                      
  3       Gien                            1,514b          
  3       Trelou                            371b           
  5       S.Nat Bourges          3,825b          
  7       Gien                              138b           
10       Gien                           1,812b          
10       Trelou                           226b
18       Sens                             847b           
39       S.Nat Vierzon          1,795b
46       Saint Soupplets         972b           

Father BE 16-6128801 Bazooka – Rik Hermans 

Gr.F. BE 09-6369643 Son Kanon – Danny Van Dijck
            Son to “112/09” Kanon 1 Asduif Europa Cup M.D. 2010 - 4 Nat Ace bird
            M.D. KBDB 2009 – Father to 1 + 7 Nat Ace bird MD KBDB 2013 x “023/04" Blue
Gr.M. NL 09-1425539 Valkje – Rik Hermans 
            Daughter to “975/08”Con Amora Koopman x “828/07” Last One 

Mother BE 14-4033220 The Nanny – Annick Goeteyn

Gr.F. BE 13-3056198 G-Boy – Gaby Vandenabeele
            Brother “New Bliksem” 1 Nat Tulle
            Son to “Rudy” x “Kiana”
Gr.M. BE 12-4177711 Blue Nancy – G Van Renterghem
            Daughter to “877/04” Zoon Bliksem G Vandenabeele x “698/03” Blue Nancy Leo De Jonghe 

BE 17-1072611 Tiam Blue hen
3 Nat Ace bird MD old KBDB 2019
Full sister 1 Nat Bourges 19,885b 2016 – 2 Nat Argenton 11,233b 2015 – 8 Nat Tulle 8,621b 2015

 1       Soissons                     1,777b
  1       Sens                              988b
  1       Saint Soupplets           521b           
  1       Trelou                             505b
  1       Reims                             314b
  1       Trelou                             251b
  1       Trelou                             109b
  2       Gien                            1,514b          
  2       Fay Aux Loges          1,135b          
  2       Sezanne                     1,000b
  2       Gien                               182b           
  2       Reims                            173b
  2       Dizy                               129b
  3       Trelou                            328b
  6       Trelou                         1,250b
  8       Fay Aux Loges          5,832b          
15       S.Nat Bourges           3,885b          
15       Gien                            1,812b

Father BE 12-4179930 Parzival

Gr.F. NL 03-1076578 Kamikaze – L.Boers
            Son to “755/03” Sprinter 755 x “783/02” 1 Nat Chantilly 12,108b
Gr.M. UK 10-8883 Raisa – Mark Evans
            Daughter “009/02” Home Alone x “715/05” Lady Boss

Mother BE 11-4235169 Astrid 

Gr.F. NL 08-1952397 The Cardinal – Geert Munnik
            Son to “389/05” Johnny Boy 5 Olympiad bird Cat.A 2007 x “386/05” Sprinter mother to 8 x 1st 
Gr.M. BE 09-4273940 Surprise – 100% Gaby Vandenabeele
            Daughter to “525/07” Michael x “397/07” Beauty 

BE 18-5074587 Athena  Hen
3 Nat Ace bird Short distance old KBDB 2019

1         Saint Soupplets          585b           
1         Saint Soupplets          392b           
1         Saint Soupplets          107b           
2         Saint Soupplets        1,949b          
2         Saint Soupplets        1,580b          
2         Saint Soupplets        1,062b          
2         Saint Soupplets          226b           
2         Saint Soupplets          213b           
4         Saint Soupplets          944b           
5         Reims                           867b
6         Sezanne                       711b
8         Trelou                           544b
10       Melun                        2,955b          
10       Trelou                           728b
14       Trelou                        1,037b
25       Sens                              847b           

Father BE 06-5032852

Gr.M. BE 99-5178723 Gebr.Vuerstaek 
            Daughter top “090/94” 7 Prov Narbonne x “063/95” Daughter Fierke

Mother BE 12-5081181 Pluimpoot – Alex Vluggen

Gr.F. NL 00-2396064 Blue – Huub Hermans
            Son to “513/99” Blauwe 513 x “888/92” Blauw 888
Gr.M. NL 05-1816747 Mooi Geschelpt – Jo & Florian Hendriks
            Daughter to “675/05” Wout Smeulders x “607/03” Krasje 607

BE 18-4094826 Hen
3 Nat Ace bird GMD yearling 2019 ( 6 KBDB races )

3         Gien                                        1,812p
3         Trelou                                     1,037p
4         NAT    Bourges                   10,442p       
4         Saint Soupplets                   1,580p
4         Prov Chateauroux                  519p         
5         Gien                                       1,812p
7         Saint Soupplets                      972p
12       Nat (z) Argenton                  1,878p        
13       Issoudun                                  871p         
14       Reims                                       402p
26       Prov Montlucon                   1,146p        
29       S.Nat Fay Aux Loges          5,832p        
29       Bourges                                 1,260p
42       S.Nat Vierzon                       1,795p
65       S.Nat Bourges                      3,885p        
329    Nat Chateauroux                  6,377p

Father UK 07-21511 Brandy 

Gr.F. UK 00-73340 Brother Band of Gold
            Son to “132/95” Benetton Gaby Vandenabeele x “356/03” Blue
Gr.M. UK 03-90356 Blue
            Daughter “321/95” National Fideel Gaby Vandenabeele x “308/95”  Belle Gaby Vandenabeele

Mother BE 15-4152566 Amanda
Full sister “Tiam” 3 Nat Ace bird MD old BDB 2019
Full sister 1 Nat Bourges 19,885b 2016 – 2 Nat Argenton 11,233b 2015 – 8 Nat Tulle 8,621b 2015

Gr.F. BE 12-4179930 Parzival
            Son to “578/03” Kamikaze – L.Boers x “883/10” Raisa – Mark Evans
Gr.M. BE 11-4235169 Astrid 
            Daughter to “397/08” The Cardinal – Geert Munnik x “940/09” Surprise – 
            100% Gaby Vandenabeele

System youngsters 

On a yearly base about 80 to 90 youngsters are being raced. This group exists out of a 1st and 2nd round that make 8 to 10 races until 300km and afterwards mostly 1 national race ( this year it was the last Chateauroux race) to get some experience. The 3rd round only races a few races until Melun (220km). They are being darkened from March until mid of June and enlightend from the 2nd week of July until the end of the season. 

They train once a day on a daily base and aren’t being tossed too much before their first race, when they train really hard we toss them 3 to 4 times before their first race. From then on they are being placed on the sliding doors system until the end of the season. 

After the season a selection is being made based on results, second on brothers and sisters from the best pigeons that are being kept and if there might be something else on the loft with a very good pedigree of a proven pigeon, this one will get a chance to proof itself the next season. 


We have full confidence in the Beyers Galaxy mixtures. During the season it is Light, Sport, Energy and Moult. We only add the last 2 to 3 days before a race a large portion of candy and peanuts. We like to work on a fast recuperation after the race and use here for especially the products of Schroeder Tollisan with Tolyamin Forte, Immunol and Quick. Towards basketing we don’t like to add anything on the food as we prefer they have enough food to go with. 

In a medical way we visit Vincent Schroeder once a year and cure every fortnight with Tricho Green and every month we give them individually something against coccidiosis. We try to give as less as possible anything against airway diseases, only when the results lack. 

Also in a matter of vaccination we don’t leave anything to the coincidence and we give in Autumn a cure + vaccination against paratyphoid and in Spring against paramyxo, herpes and small pocks to all the racing pigeons. 

Top results National 2015-2019


1         Nat     Bourges                    19,885b
            Fastest against                  39,620b
2         Nat     Argenton                  11,215b
3         Nat     Bourges                    10,401b
4         Nat     Bourges                    10,401b
4         Nat     Argenton                    3,322b
8         Nat     Argenton                  11,215b
8         Nat     Bourges                    10,401b
8         Nat     Tulle                             8,621b
9         Nat     Bourges                      5,831b
11       Nat     Chateauroux             2,858b

Olivier, Justin and Paul, a big congratulation on these marvellous results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

Buelens Kim