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Nouwen – Paesen, Peer ( New generation 2.0 )

12 Jan 2022

The long distance and extreme long distance blood of the tandem Nouwen – Paesen goes on for many years, for 50 years to be more exact. Now it is especially son Dirk that takes care of everything in a matter of care and training and father Jaak criticizes the best pigeons due to his years of experience. But they are still convinced that you have to keep your best racers on the extreme long distance and put them on the breeding loft. This is what Jaak already did from the very beginning with pigeons that could be used for 4 to 5 generations at the top. After their big sale they went on with a young team where you can state that a new generation 2.0 is ready to take over. The thread is still the base breeder “BE 05-5171083” Favorit 083. He was himself 3rd Ace bird Primus Inter Pares Barcelona and his children and grandchildren do even better than him. A perfect example is “Super 48” who won 6,23 and 175 National Barcelona. This topper moved to England where he already gave 3 different national winners. 

For those who want to get some of that golden extreme long distance blood, you have now your change until next  next Thursday, January 13 at 2 pm with pearls of youngsters out of the best of the best of their new generation 2.0. 

Current toppers of the racing loft

BE 17-5096096 “Red Ace”
1 Prov Ace Pigeon Limburg Long Distance Club 2019
2 Nat Ace bird Montelimar 2019-2020

Son of “Barcelona Crack” Henri Van NesteSuper racer from Narbonne and Barcelona who was now coupled to “Daughter of the Narbonne Couple”. This is the line of “Super 48” – “Favorit 083” and “Cleopathra”

In this internet sale there are 2 children of "Red Ace" present
BE 21-5095602 “Son Red Ace 602” N°1 for sale
BE 21-5095572 “Ace Lady 572” N°2 for sale


The Narbonne Couple
The super couple that has already bred real top racers in several generations is again the line of “Super 48” – “Favorit 083” and “Cleopathra”.In this auction Dirk separated the couple and coupled the "Narbonne Doffer" to "Daughter Super 48". This became mother of 2nd National Valence against 7,975 pigeons and is therefore pure inbred to “Super 48”.

BE 21-5095583 “Narbonne 583” N°3 for sale

BE 16-2196414 “Super 14”
This topcock became 2nd Prov Ace bird Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 2019.

He himself is a half-brother of “Super 48” and was coupled here to a proven racing hen that shone in Narbonne and Barcelona. She is also a granddaughter of “Favorit 083” and “Cleopathra”.


BE 21-5095445 “Super 445” N°6 for sale


Toppers of the current season 2021

BE 20-5045208 “Speedy Narbonne” Hen 
11th National Narbonne 5,972b ( 24 I.Nat 13,693b )

Father BE 14-2144954 Son Super 48
Double grandson “Favorit 083” 

Mother BE 17-5096656 Granddaughter Harry Jan Hooymans x Heremans Ceusters 

BE 19-5094695 “Perpi 95” Cock
6 Prov Perpignan 499b ( 26 Nat 3,901b )

Father BE 14-2144958 ½ brother Super 48 & Super 14 and son Favorit 083 

Mother BE 13-2174645 Top hen L & K Haesen
Won herself 14 Nat Barcelona 7,693b and 39 Nat Agen 3,180b

These 2 proven racing pigeons were coupled to each other especially for this auction. 

BE 21-5095597 “Perpi Lady 597” N°4 for sale

Be sure to take a look at the auction to see what gems are offered here that have received very high ratings and come from the best of the best from this top colony.