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Norbert De Vuyst, a classy colony from a classy man

24 Dec 2019

FRIDAY December 27th 2019
Auction-room De Kat Ophasselt
Exposition starts at 12h00 – auction at 14h00

In the month of October, Norbert De Vuyst contacted me. Norbert was sick and in the hospital for some months, he had cancer … he asked for my help, we knew each other since his national victory from Cahors in 2005. 

I went to visit Norbert, and he already made his decision. For some time lnow, his birds were taken care of by his good friend Tom Van Nieuwenhuyze and Norbert knows very well that it’s impossible to keep counting on Tom’s help. His decision: a strong selection and those pigeons that are left, had to be sold. The colony had been selected, those pigeons that are presented in this auction are pure quality. The people that knew Norbert, know that all he ever wanted was the very best, and that’s what he wanted for the future owners too. 
Unfortunately, Norbert passed away a few days ago... We will sure miss him and send our condolences to his family and friends.

In 2015, Norbert won the national victory from Cahors against 9270 pigeons, this at a speed of 1075 mpm. His winner was the Rode Pater BE03-4430679, which had been learned till Quiévrain (90 km), as a young bird. This victory is typical for the De Vuyst Ghyssens pigeons; the harder the circomstances, the better they score.

Besides this, these pigeons are able to score till they reach a rather old age.  It’s like wine, the older it gets, the better it becomes.

Take a good look at the auction-program and you’ll notice that these pigeons continue to score in the top 100, for 5, 6 and 7 years, and they prefer the  international races ! This can only be done by the very best! 

The fact that his Saturnus is no exception with his 7 x Agen, has been proved with his BE89-4393155; the Mandarijn. In the period of 1992-1998, he was classified 7 x from Barcelona !!! 

Even nowadays, Norbert still used this method. His young birds had to grow in their year of birth, no compassion but selecting by health. As a yearling, they already had to show their capacities, they had to participate to minimum one international race. As a yearling, this cock won several prizes per 10 among which 5 Dourdan 377 p - 773 Nat Bourges 19606 p - 160 I.P. Châteauroux 4485 p - 31 I.P. Châteauroux 3933 p. Before his national victory from Cahors, he also won 181 Prov Brive 3430 p…..

Sire : BE97-4572875 the Rode Luc, direct Luc Van Coppennolle, half-brother of the 9 I.Nat. Perpignan. 

Gr.S : BE89-4608001, Son Senna, R.De Meester. The Senna won 1 Nat. Marseille'89 and at the time, he was paired to the Lourdes hen, daughter of the 1 I.Nat. Lourdes '83 

Gr. D :  BE91-4565340 Daughter Primus , out of the Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 

Dam : BE98-4526896 the Plastron hen, a dark white feather hen, own breed 

Gr. S : BE88-4551230 the Maradonna, a top LD-racer with Norbert, he won among others 67 Nat. Narbonne and comes out of the old base of the Cobut-pigeons 

Gr. D : BE96-3306626 the Ginette I, direct Emiel Denys, Tielt – daughter of the famous Black Diamond, son Diamond with 50 Nat. Barcelona'90 , also the strain of the 12 Nat. Barcelona Hens - 98 Nat. Barcelona'94 Mother of Ginette is sister Clousseau wpen, which won 83 Nat. Pau 

As I already mentioned before, Norbert and I got in contact when he won 1° national Cahors.  Afterwards, there was a kind of friendship between us. During winter, we often met each other on several celebrations of champions, where we always like to talk about our passion; the pigeon sport. When you know Norbert, you know he’s a very correct and honest person. He likes “honesty” and “pigeon sport”. The last years, he prefered the hard work and the races of the Rhône Valley and he always participated with only a few pigeons. He has not very much space here in the centre of Lokeren, in the Nijverheidslaan. Although, because of his passion for the sport and the pigeons since he was 12, he used all space at his disposal. There is a small widowers loft, just besides the railway and behind the loft, there are electricity wires, but because of the winner’s mentality of Norbert, he never had problesm with it. On this compartment, we find 30 widowers, LD-cracks. Norbert wants to participate every week and so on each race, he puts about 3 pigeons in the basket. The base of this colony: not many but good ones.  He’s not happy when he only clocks one bird but he prefers to go for 100%. It’s typical for the person, he’s a winner, somebody who does a lot for his colony and tries to get out all that’s possible. 

Small but brave 

That’s how we can describe this colony. For someone who wants to participate to all LD-races, who owns only 13 breeding pairs and a maximum of 40 widowers; about 20 old and 20 yearlings. So we can talk about a small LD-colony but one of great class.  On the breeding loft, we find several blood strains of national winners and top pigeons.

There’s the old base of the Cobut pigeons (which is at the base of the Croyonée Dax - 5 Nat Ace Heavy LD KBDB), the strain of the Dromer, pigeons of the Derweduwen loft, Luc Van Coppenolle  (the Rode Luc), which we find often throughout the colony, the Cahors (blood of the National Marseille-winner and a Primus I.Pares Barcelona).  There’s also the cross breed of the pigeons of the LD-master Emiel Denys, Tielt that  gave top successes. Besides this, many pigeons that go back to the base of Chris Hebberecht. A son of his Santos, is a very important basic cock, is father of the Saturnus. An exceptional LD-racer of 2012, which won 12 prizes on the international races till and with 2019.  Seven years in a row, we find his ringnumber on the national and international resultst from Agen!!!! 6 x per 10 !!! Pure LD-class!!!

A punctual care taking has always been at the base to keep them in good health.

The food is always a mix of three different firms and Norbert always tried to use a mixture of good quality. When they don’t eat as they should, he just skipped a meal (by advice of Gaston Devooght). When a pigeon doesn’t want to eat, you don’t have to give him food. All pigeons are fed all together on the floor and after half an hour or an hour, it’s taken away.  Sometimes, he gives them a grip of food in their boxes but to feed them well for about 30 minutes, is what he prefers. The drinking pots are cleaned every day, then dried and he only uses them again after three days.

For years now, Norbert scores at the top on the INTERNATIONAL races and this with a SMALL BASKET. Every year, he rings a maximum of 40 youngsters and this says it all.

But still, this colony is successful on the international heavy long distance.

IN THIS CASE YOU NEED TO OWN SUPER PIGEONS, otherwise this isn’t possible.

The last 3 years, Champion Heavy LD, Lokeren - won 2x1 National Zone Bourges - 1 national CAHORS – the last 4 years, he can be found among the National Champions Heavy LD KBDB ….

13 NAT CHAMPION LD old birds KBDB 2016
1 NAT LD & Heavy LD Champion IFC4000’16
3° Flandrien du Rhône 2018

9 of the 61 pigeons presented, scored with minimum 1 top 100 prize on their prize list.

In this auction, top pigeons like: 

N°1)  BE12-4283797 de SATURNUS 797-12, ( he scored 7 years in a row from Agen International, with 3 x top 100 National (11 - 59 - 97) 2 x top 100 International : 25 - 84 International !!! On his prize list 12 Internationals  ! 

12 International races on his prize list !!!
No doubt, he’s the best AGEN-racer of Belgium !!!
11 NAT Agen’13 5283 p
59 NAT Agen’17 4405 p
97 NAT. Agen’19 3935 p
101 NAT Agen’15 3524 p
115 NAT Agen’16 3648 p
250 NAT Agen’14 3928 p
990 NAT. Agen’18 4477 p

N°2)   BE12-4302059 , CROYONNE TOM, a little blue cock with on his pirze list 43 NAT AGEN +  62 NAT NARBONNE

17 NAT ACE Heavy LD KBDB’18
43 NAT Agen’18      4477 p
62 NAT Narbonne’18        3506 p
102 NAT Montélimar’16    4000 p
116 NAT Narbonne’17      4272 p
150 NAT Valence’17          6834 p
252 NAT Agen’17               4405 p
266 NAT Narbonne’19      3873 p
465 NAT Brive’13               6842 p
633 NAT Tulle’13               6972 p

N°11) BE12-4310090  The Asduif

1 Ace-pigeon Heavy LD IPV Public Services 2013
2 Ace-pigeon Heavy LD Lokerse Fondclub 2013
90 NAT. Pau’19 2797 p
126 NAT. St.Vincent’18 2758 p
131 NAT. Agen’13 5283 p
184 NAT. St.Vincent’19 2949 p
209 NAT. Pau’18 2581 p
245 NAT. Montauban’16 4327 p
313 NAT Montauban’15 3990 p
388 NAT. Narbonne’13 3942 p
415 NAT. Limoges’14 18390 p


N°12) BE14-4260827 donkere LIBOURNE 

86 NAT. Libourne’17         3927 p
111 NAT. Cahors’18          6356 p
396 NAT Cahors’16           6164 p
570 NAT Libourne’15        5892 p
585 NAT Cahors’17           5639 p
1053 NAT Limoges’16      13493 p
Son 1° As Pau 2012-2014
47 Nat. Pau 1989 p 
52 Nat. Pau 2025 p 
57 Nat. Narbonne 7156 p

N°20) BE14-4260825   “JONGE AS”

14 NAT ACE Heavy LD KBDB’19
20 NAT ST VINCENT’19 2949 p
50 NAT PAU’19 2797 p

N°26) BE10-4006925 , Oude Bordeauxman

31 NAT BORDEAUX’11     6215 p
27 NAT CAHORS’12          8348 p

N°46) BE16-4252420 , donkere Agen 

56 NAT AGEN 4477 p

N°52) BE15-4261625 The Perpignan

49 NAT PERPIGNAN’19 3915 p 


For many years, he was one of the best !

For many years now, the colony of Norbert de Vuyst Ghyssens is one of the best. Whern you read this auction program, you’ll often find some excellent pigeons. Each one of them are true top pigeons that scored with super results in Lokeren. Before we start with the auction program, it’s nice to take a look at the “foundations”.

The Brive BE91-4535543, 1° W.European Ace Pau over the periode 1994-98.  Among others, he won in 1995 : 9 Nat - 29 I.Nat Pau 6783 p 

The Maradonna BE88-4551230, a basic cock, which we often meet.  He won top results on the LD-races like: 67 NAT Narbonne’89 - 2481 p - 116 NAT Pau’92 - 1955 p - 20 NAT Perpignan’91 - 5217 p - ….

A very important basic cock of the last few years is 

CROYONEE DAX  BE03-4430677 he became 5 NAT Ace Heavy LD KBDB’07 with a super prize list: 

       1          Prov. Pau’07                  430 p

       2            NAT.                            2159 p

       1          DAX’06                            104 p

       4            Prov.                             944 p

     12            NAT                             5189 p

     20            IN.NAT                      11517 p

       3          IRUN’07                           175 p

     30            Nat Z                           2527 p

     45            NAT                             5252 p

     47          Prov. BEZIERS’04       1062 p

  250            NAT                             6191 p

     87          Prov. CAHORS’05       1665 p

  279            NAT                             9275 p

He was sold to Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht, where he became an extra breeder. 

He became father of BE15-4013609, Mr. Narbonne - (20 Nat Narbonne 3187 p - 53 I.Nat. 7811 p) – Grandfather of the BE17-4063011, which wins 3 NAT Perpignan’19 3915 p - 28 I.Nat 12770 p

The blood of the Croyonée Dax and his parents still runs through this colony as a red wire.


This is an auction of an exceptional class. Only the very best could stay and are presented now to give you pleasure for many years and to enjoy the international classics!

There are no active bids at the moment.