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Niels Broeckx, Oud-Turnhout, win 1st National Zone Chateauroux Old

09 Aug 2021

The season at the Broeckx family is running as a train, top results and a very high prize percentage follow each other really quickly week after week. 

The past weekend they had Chateauroux national planned and Jan & Marleen basketed 22 old pigeons who had to do the journey of 555km to their loft. They win the 1st National Zone Chateauroux (20th National 5,140b and 4th Provincial 676b) but also the rest of the team did well and won on a zonal level the underneath results : 

1 – 4 – 15 – 20 – 21 – 30 – 18 – 64 – 75 – 96 – 139 – 237 (12/22)

1st National Z Chateauroux : BE19-6066058 ‘Chateauroux Runner’ 

The pigeon that gave them the gold medal on Chateauroux zone is a two-year old hen named ‘Chateauroux Runner’, as in the ‘Runner’ family out of the golden breeding couple who are the parents to ‘Olympic 306’ke’. So she is once again, as most of their top pigeons, a breeding result out of a full brother to ‘Olympic 306’ke’ namely ‘Don Runner’.  On mothers’ side she is a daughter to a hen from that other top loft in Oud-Turnhout namely Bart & Nance Van Oeckel. BE14-6049636 is a granddaughter to super breeder ‘Schone Kris’, a direct hen from Kris Cleirbaut out of 2007 who already made beautiful weather on the lofts in Oud-Turnhout in combination with the Van Oeckel strains. This is how he became ao. grandfather to ‘Lady Gaston Jr’ 1st National Chateauroux 4,631 pigeons (fastest against 24,783 pigeons) at Van Oeckel.

She already won before:

62   Sermaises                  1,088b 392km
72   Vierzon                       2,195b 504km
398 Bourges                     8,410b 501km
401 Vierzon                      4,019b 504km
564 Chateauroux          22,476b 555km  

Father: BE17-6056254 ‘Don Runner’
Full brother to ‘Olympic 306’ke’ 1 Olympiad pigeon Cat. C Brussels 2017 – 9th National Ace bird GMD GHF KBDB ’15 – Best Chateauroux pigeon 2015 – 2016 over 4 races 

G.F. BE10-6031825 ‘Van De Wouwer Runner’ Direct Gaston Van de Wouwer
Father to ao ‘Olympic 306’ke’ (see above)

G.M. BE11- 6125831 ‘Runner’ Direct Paul Voeten
Mother to ao. ‘Olympic 306’ke’ (see above)

The best results out of this family is to be found on the ‘Racing to 2021’ page

Mother: BE14-6049636 Direct Bart & Nance Van Oeckel

Super breeding hen!
Mother to ao. ‘Chateauroux Runner’ BE19-6066058 (see results above)
BE17-132 winner to: 2/768b – 6/501b – 75/2,096b – 102/1,641b - ..
BE19-057 winner to: 10/265b – 39/2,752b – 51/1,822b - …

12x TOP 100 National Season 2021

Also on national level it is going really smoothly as they have until now (until the weekend of 07/08/2021) no less than 12x Top 100 national and we are convinced that this list will be longer the coming weeks..

84 National Chateauroux 24,617b (21 zonal 2,777b – 38 provincial 3,171b)

16 National Argenton 21,282b (7 zonal 2,461b – 9 provincial 3,495b)

42 National La Souterraine 8,383 old (14 zonal 1,135b – 10 provincial 941b)
44 National La Souterraine 14,037 yl (7 zonal 1,443b – 11 provincial 1,904b)

17 National Issoudun 9,777b (5 zonal 1,548b – 10 provincial 1,286b)

32 National Chateauroux 7,099b (4 zonal 826b – 5 provincial 779b)

27 National Bourges 8,410 old (4 zonal 1,413b – 7 provincial 1,003b)
28 National Bourges 8,410 old (5 zonal 1,413b – 8 provincial 1,003b)
59 National Bourges 8,410 old (13 zonal 1,413b – 16 provincial 1,003b)
44 National Bourges 11,952 yl.  (8 zonal 1,823b– 11 provincial 2,082b)

20 National Chateauroux 5,140 old (1 zonal 990b – 4 provincial 676b)
56 National Chateauroux 5,140 old (4 zonal 990b – 10 provincial 676b)

Jan, Marleen and Niels, a big congratulation on these nice results and let’s hope that you can add a few the coming weeks ! Good luck !